How Much Does A Beer Cost Around The World?

7 June 2017
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There’s the coffee index (and the Starbucks index) to give globetrotting caffeine addicts an idea of the hip-pocket costs of buying your favourite beverage around the world, but what imbibers of the world really want to know is, where you can you get the most beer for your buck? Our mates at Travel Money Oz crunched the conversion rates in some of our favourite overseas destinations to find out how much a cold one will cost you*.

Cool down with a cold one in Singapore. (Image: Getty)

9. Singapore

A pint of the local lager will set you back a neat SD$10 (AUD$9.09), which tops the top end of our international beer index. Not a beer drinker? A signature Singapore Sling at Raffles Singapore will set you back around SD$30, although the crack-your-own peanuts are free.

Find the craic in Temple Bar. (Image: Getty)

8. Ireland

Irish eyes are smiling but Aussie travellers’ eyes might be smarting a bit at the cost of an ale in Ireland. At €6 per pint (AUD$8.41), a night spent bar-hopping in Dublin’s Temple Bar might be pricier than you think, to be sure! Don’t miss a visit to the Guinness Storehouse, where your entry also comes with a complimentary pint of the black stuff.

Take flight, a beer flight that is, in a craft brewery. (Image: Getty)

7. USA

What could be more all-American than beer?  A glass of draft beer is generally USD$5.85 (AUD$7.52), although parts of the US are now also on the map for their craft beers too. Check out San Diego, Portland, Denver and Anchorage for the cities with the most microbreweries, while Santa Rosa in California is currently America’s microbrew capital.

Aperitivo hour with a Venice view. (Image: Getty)

6. Italy

While known more for caffé and Chianti than beer, at €5.30 per pint (AUD$7.43) an European ale is cheaper in Italy than Ireland. Get acquainted with the Italian aperitivo – a pre-dinner drink with snacks in an atmospheric bar. Aperitivo drinks vary by region, usually with bitter liqueurs such as Aperol or Campari as a base. When in Rome…

Cheers big ears with pints in London. (Image: Getty)

5. UK

With more than 50,800 inns, taverns and pubs (according to the British Beer & Pub Association), a visit to an English, Scottish or Welsh pub is a must-do on your UK holiday. A pint of house lager will set you back £4 or AUD$6.51. Want to soak up some history? The oldest pub is said to be Ye Olde Fighting Cocks in St Albans, Hertfordshire in England.

Vancouver is known as the craft beer capital of North America if you fancy a bespoke beer. (Image: Getty)

4. Canada

Canada is a popular US alternative for Aussie travellers, with the Canadian dollar usually at parity with the AUD, and that includes the price of a pint! Expect to pay CAD$6 (AUD$5.49) for a pint of draft beer (patriotic Canucks like Molson Canadian and Kokanee), or sample a microbrew – Vancouver has been dubbed the craft beer capital of North America.

Singha or Chang? Why not both? (Image: Getty)

3. Thailand

Who hasn’t seen the Singha singlets and Chang tees worn by Aussies returning from their Thailand getaway? With a pint of beer costing around 120 baht (AUD$4.04), it’s no wonder Thailand’s most well-known beers make a suitable popular memento of travels here.

Tanah Lot Temple sunsets and beer for two. (Image: Getty)

2. Bali

Those souvenir Bintang singlets from Bali give their Thai counterparts a run for their money, especially with the cheaper price of a pint of beer at 27,000 Indonesian rupiah or a teeny tiny AUD$2.35. That’s less than a local meal of tasty nasi goreng, which goes for around AUD$2.62.

Cheap beer. Tropical island holiday. Done deal! (Image: Getty)

1. Fiji

To really get more beer for your buck, Fiji outpours them all. In this South Pacific paradise, a pint of the local lager will cost Australian holidaymakers just FJD$4 (AUD$2.32). Fiji Bitter may be the national beer, but it certainly won’t leave a sour aftertaste for travellers on a budget.

*Exchange rates correct as of June 2, 2017

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