Rugby World Cup 2011 - Interesting Facts

9 August 2011
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There are only 31 days until New Zealand and Tonga kick off of the Rugby World Cup 2011 in Auckland. The team at Flight Centre (and the rest of the country no doubt) are getting pretty excited with hope that we might see our loved Wallabies tackle their way to become the first team to win three RWC championships!


As an excuse to be trawling the Rugby World Cup website I decided to put together five interesting RWC facts that I found on their site.

1) The first Rugby World Cup series was hosted by both Australia and New Zealand in 1987. There have been a total of six series, 2011 will be the seventh.

2) Australia and South Africa have both won two RWC championships

3) In 2007 profits were equal to nearly AUD$278 million

4) In 1987 the total television broadcast hours for the series totalled 103. The last series in 2007 total television broadcast hours hit about 8,500!

5) Over 5,000 volunteers will be required for the running of the events

Sam Locke

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