Seasonal Guide To London

5 May 2015
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London - the epicentre for British history and culture that effortlessly spans the line between old world charm and ultra-modern sophistication. It's no surprise that London is one of the top five destinations to visit for Australian travellers worldwide.

But when is the best time to fly to London? Here is a seasonal flight price guide to help you plan for when the lowest fares are available and when the peak and shoulder seasons are.





Low Season

Low season is during the months of February and March and outside of the Christmas holiday period. Fares are at their lowest during these times of the year when the weather is cooler.

Shoulder Season

This is generally spring (March to May) and late autumn (October to November). This time of year is outside of school holidays but when the weather has moved away from the cooler winter months.

High Season

London has two high season peaks; during the summer months when the weather is at its best and throughout the December and January Christmas holiday season. Fares are higher during this time to match the demand of travel.

 How the seasons and the fares change


Winter In London

Don't write off London in winter as the weather may be cool but Londoners are just starting to turn up the heat, especially during the Christmas period.

Winter and Christmas festivals are always a favourite and stunning countryside driving trips are popular as tourists hibernate.

Five reasons to travel to London during winter

  1. Roasting chestnuts
  2. Open fires with hot chocolate
  3. Snow capped buildings & countryside
  4. Christmas lights & decorations
  5. Mulled wine in Covent Garden
 City in the snow (Image: Getty)


Summer In London

It may be the peak travel time but it's also when the sun has the best chance of shining and Londoners are out and about en masse. The UK comes alive with festivals, historic pubs overflow with punters while picnics in the parks and castle gardens are popular.

Five things to do while in London during summer

  1. Thames river cruising
  2. Bottoms up in beer gardens
  3. Food & drink festivals
  4. Wimbledon tennis championships
  5. Punting in Richmond
 A summer cruise on the Thames (Image: Getty)


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Spring In London

The UK comes alive in spring with longer days and incredible flower and garden shows. Festivals come to life, outdoor furniture starts to appear in cafes and pubs and Londoners are starting to escape to the outdoors, shaking off their winter cabin fever. It's a  picturesque time of year to explore London and the UK.

Five reasons to explore London during spring

  1. Blooming gardens & parks
  2. Chelsea Flower show
  3. London coffee festival
  4. FA cup final
  5. Canal boat drifting
 Spring in London means the Chelsea Flower Show (Image: Getty)


Autumn In London

Autumn is the perfect time for seeing England's wildlife and parks in all their glory. Easy day trips are available from London where the countryside bursts into colours of red, gold and auburn and where leafy parks and gardens are dusted with crunchy leaves. Food and drink festivals make for the perfect time to visit.

Five London must-dos during autumn

  1. Uncover autumn garden colours
  2. Explore historic castles
  3. Rugby World Cup (Sept. 2015)
  4. Greenwich comedy festival
  5. Picnic in beautiful parks & gardens

 London's parks are perfect in autumn (Image: Getty)

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