When In Rome, Eat Off The Street

3 May 2016
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With more than 50 museums and over 3,000 years of architectural wonder, Rome can be an expensive place for those wanting to make the most of their visit.

Rather than digging into your wallet for yet another tourist-packed restaurant, the best way to experience Rome can come cheaply with local street food.

Enticing even the most discerning foodie, here's the best street food in Italy’s capital. Bring your appetite; drooling guaranteed!

Crunchy Suppli

At the top of the list of must-eat food in Rome, you really can’t pass the unofficial dish of Italy’s capital: suppli. Known around the world as 'fried risotto balls' or 'arancini', no one does it better than the street vendors of Rome.

Roman suppli makers have perfected these crunchy fried balls of rice filled with oozy mozzarella in the centre. The food has become so popular around the city that even delis, pizzerias and upscale restaurants have their own variety.

Cheese oozing out of a suppli A classic street-food delicacy in Rome (Image: Getty)

Where To Get It:

  • Supplizio in Centro Storico also has a killer potato croquette.
  • Local favourite, Suppli is a simple takeaway shop, but has some of the best suppli in town.
  • Try Arcangelo and opt for the offal stuffed suppli.
  • In Testaccio, be sure to stop by 00100 Pizza for a slice and famous suppli.

The New Pizza

Pizza king, Stefano Callegari, invented Trapizzino in 2008 and has since had a loyal following from both locals and tourists alike.

Similar to other famous food hybrids, the triangular shape of the popular tramezzino sandwich is a glorified pizza with delicious fillings like oxtail, chicken and tripe. Cheap and filling, Trapizzino is a great on-the-go lunch for the budget-conscious.

Three trapizzino lined up with the Colosseum in the background An old Roman tradition meets a new one (Image: Trapizzino)

Where To Get It:

  • The suppli at Trapizzino is equally as popular, but definitely grab a Trapizzino to eat on the street with the locals.
  • Soprasso is a wine bar and restaurant with great Trapizzino on the menu, so be sure to find this spot if you want to rest your feet.

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If you're more of a meat eater, porchetta is the street food for you. The nearby towns of Ariccia and Marino are famous for roasted pork belly, but Rome definitely has some great spots for pigging out.

Slow-cooked pork belly and loin are succulent, moist and full of flavor with the old roasting technique no longer a lost art in the Eternal City.

Two roasted porchettas in a baking tray Porchetta is a meat-eater's dream (Image: Getty)

Where To Get It:

  • Panificio is the best in the cit,y but you may have to visit more than twice to get a taste since they don’t make it every day.
  • Er Buchetto is a safe bet and sells porchetta by the plate or in a sandwich.
  • If you find yourself across the river in Pratio, check out Birra e Porchetta and get the pizza con la porchetta.

But Of Course … Pizza

Even though pizza is regarded as a Southern Italian staple, you can’t visit Rome without grabbing a slice or two.

Sold as pizza by the slice (pizza al taglio) there are some affordable spots around the capital selling spectacular pizza to boot.

Two adults eating pizza outside of a cafe Italian pizza always brings out the smiles (Image: Getty)

Where To Get It:

  • Pizzarium is busy but worth the wait.
  • Anitco Forno Roscioli is well-known for their breads, sandwiches and pizza. Get the pizza co’la mortazza for a more substantial snack.

The Next Big Thing?

The most innovative street food at the moment comes out of truck. Mozao has caused quite a stir in the foodie community with sweet and savory tigelles and fried gnocchi around Rome.

Considered an English-muffin crossed with a pancake, tigelle is surprisingly delicious, crispy on the outside and super soft inside.

Mozao caters to adventurous eaters looking for a flavor explosion. Try the ruspante tigelle with ciauscolo. You're welcome.

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