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Sun Peaks: How To Create A Designer Ski Resort

9 May 2017
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What’s your favourite mountain?

If you’ve shredded a few, then you’re bound to have a preference. Perhaps you’re all about après, or you’re particular about grooming. Maybe it’s the off-piste activities that claim your heart, or there’s one run you can’t get enough of.

Then there’s the occasional unicorn that everyone loves to ride - a ski hill that ticks so many boxes that it deserves a designer label. Here are 11 ways that Sun Peaks ensures everyone wants a piece of their designer ski experience.  

1. Offer three for the price of one

Three mountains on one lift ticket is fantastic bang for your buck. The Sun Peaks Village Base is nestled between Mount Tod, Sundance Mountain and Mount Morrissey, so if you’re not feeling one peak just slip on over to another.

2. Remember: size does matter

“This ski resort is too big,” said no one ever. Exploring new runs is one of the best parts of a ski holiday. With 12 chairlifts servicing 4,270 acres of terrain, Sun Peaks is Canada’s second largest ski area after the combined monoliths of Whistler and Blackcomb.

Skier at Sun Peaks Resort, Canada Is that Morrisey looking fine in the background? Photo courtesy of Sun Peaks Resort

3. Get groovy with your runs

Mount Morrisey is the newest addition to Sun Peaks, and she’s a modern mountain babe. Instead of the usual bulldozed, straight-edged groomers, the runs were designed to play with the lay of the land. Comfortably wide runs are studded with pockets of trees, so everyone can brag that they’ve been shredding tree runs all day.

4. Create an adorable village

The village’s wide pedestrian walkway is lined with adorable Bavarian-themed buildings that are dying to be in your photos. Kitschy souvenir shops, edgy snowboard stores and irresistible cafes invite you to linger - allow time for browsing on every trip through the village! Our favourite stop is Bolacco Cafe, a family-run Polish cafe with a keilbasa sandwich to die for. 

5. Make it easy for families to ride together

Mum is dedicated to the green groomers, Dad prefers a cheeky blue, and the teenage kids are hellions who love a black diamond. Luckily they can all go their separate ways at the top of Burfield Chair and meet up again on glorious 5 Mile. This spacious, 8 km green run curves gracefully around the side of Mount Tod, with many advanced routes feeding onto it for a cruisey finish.

6. Tempt ratbags with an irresistible drinking challenge

What would you do if you knew you’d be on the chairlift for the next 23 minutes? Sun Peak locals have a suggestion.

The Burfield Six-Pack Challenge is as simple as it sounds; try and sink six tinnies before you make it to the top of the chair. We highly suggest you make it soft drink, but each to their own...

7. Give your ski instructors ninja knowledge

Massive shout out to Kamikaze Steve, our snowboard instructor/ Jedi master. As well as being hilarious and giving us the hot tip about the Burfield Six-Pack Challenge, Steve had highly technical info on the art of snowboarding.

The leg bones of a woman are arranged differently to that of a man, and our centre of gravity is a little lower. Obviously this affects the finer points of the turn, and Steve had all these biomechanical tips that are a part of standard Ski School training at Sun Peaks. And we thought we knew how to ride!

8. Open a school on the slopes

Sun Peaks is British Columbia’s fastest growing municipality, and the strong sense of community lends a refreshing feel to the usually transient ski resort experience.

There’s even a Sun Peaks Elementary School on the slopes. Every morning, more than 70 kids clip in and ride to school, because why walk when you can ski?

9. Serve your own beer

The Sun Peaks Brown Ale should be a go-to for every punter heading in from the slopes. Slightly sweetened with Kamloops honey, this hearty brew is served in a delightful brown jug that makes you feel like a mountain man.

10. Offer ballin’ rentals

Just say you’ve left your beloved board at home, and you trudge in to Sun Peaks’ Elevation rental expecting a plank. Instead you are presented with a gorgeous Jeremy Jones Twin Sister 2018, which is actually better than your own gear. Game changer.

11. Have killer off-piste activities

Sun Peaks’ Moonlight Snow Shoe Tour was about a thousand times better than expected. You set out by trudging up the slopes next to the cat, which is a treat in itself. Yes, there is uphill involved, but when you get to the top there is hot apple cider and unlimited s’mores waiting.

Our hosts Craig and Zac had an incredible amount of local information, and most of the tips here are thanks to them. 

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