Top 5 Best Beaches in Bali - Let the Fun and Relaxation Begin

4 November 2013
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Bali continues to be one of the top destinations for Australians and it's easy to see why.  Beautiful beaches, affordable accommodation and exotic Asian settings all come together to create a magical getaway. And while a Bali beach holiday is still about the dazzling sun, surf and sand it can also be a unique cultural experience where the vibrant beach life and daily village life easily co-mingle. High rise hotels and resorts add to the mix and offer gorgeous beach settings and nonstop adventure and nightlife.

Here we compare the top five Bali beaches and what they have to offer.

Balangan Beach

Located on the south western shore on the Bukit Peninsula near South Kuta, Balangan Beach is one of the most popular beaches for surfers.  The surfer scene might be big here but it is also a popular stretch with sun worshippers looking to catch some afternoon rays or maybe a swim at high tide. The strikingly beautiful location is also the perfect spot to relax with a good book or the latest downloaded music on your portable device. When you're ready to come in for a break from the sun and surf, nearby restaurants serve up the best in local cuisine.

 Balangan Beach

Nusa Dua

On the eastern shore of the Bukit Peninsula is Nusa Dua. The long stretch of Nusa Dua beach is known for its luxury hotels and beautiful resorts with quiet, uninterrupted stretches of white sand beaches. The gentle rolling waves are excellent for swimming and snorkelling and many of the hotels along the water offer water based activities.  A paved walkway runs along a section of the beach and is an enjoyable walking link between the many resorts.

 Nusa Dua Beach

Bias Tugal

The beautiful beach of Bias Tugalis a secluded, remote stretch of coastline near Padang Bai. Accessible only by a rocky path that is nearly a half a kilometre long, the beach's hidden quality is its charm. While the surf may be too strong for swimming it is a surfer's delight and the secluded atmosphere is perfect for a relaxing beachside getaway.

 Bias Tugal Beach

Geger Beach

Much like nearby Nusa Dua Beach, Geger Beach is popular with swimmers and sunbathers due to its clear shallow waters and mild waves.  Beach vendors are found making their rounds among the tourists but it is a much more tame approach when compared to the bothersome intrusion of the tourist mega hub of Kuta beach. Luxury resorts offer their own private sections of the beach and deck chairs are available for rent in the public area.

Tanjung Benoa

Located north of Nusa Dua Beach, this is a prime recreation area for jetskiers, boaters, parasailing and other water activities. Clear waters and calm currents are a big draw for families and tourists of all ages and the many resorts cater to all tastes. The main road that fronts the resorts is lined with many restaurants and cafes for a quick and inexpensive snack any time of day.

 Tanjung Benoa Beach

The beaches of Bali are inviting and just waiting to be explored. Be prepared for a beach holiday like no other where Balinese culture and hospitality draw visitors back time and again.

Todd Sturm

I currently live in Brisbane, Australia. No matter where my travels take me, I enjoy experiencing each destination from the perspective of the locals. Some of my favourite attractions include historic sites, national parks and architectural landmarks.