Get Ready: 13 Destinations About To Open

13 September 2021
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Remember travel? Like, do you remember the last time you stepped foot on plane? For most of us, it’s been more than one trip around the sun. But we’re no longer here to lament – we're here to get excited because the whispers, roadmaps and plans are finally starting to reveal themselves, and international travel is very much on the horizon!  

13 Destinations About To Open

1. Singapore

2. Hong Kong 

3. Fiji 

4. Vanuatu 

5. Cook Islands 

6. Japan 

7. South Korea

8. Thailand 

9. Canada 

10. USA

11. UK

12. Bali

13. New Zealand

+ BONUS: Domestic Cruising 

Here’s our pick for the destinations we anticipate opening for Aussie travel in the not-too-distant future!  

Buckle up and get inspired with us! 


There are more things to do in Singapore than the city’s compact size would suggest. Head into the air-conditioned comfort of Orchard Rd’s endless shopping, or explore the spectacular array of galleries, theatres, and museums. Your next exciting activity is never far away in Singapore, and neither is your next delicious meal – don’t miss your chance to sample the world-famous hawker centres which offer a large variety of must-try cuisines, and don’t forget ‘The Lion City’ is home to a constellation of Michelin-starred restaurants. 

Marina Bay, Singapore

Hong Kong 

A hot spot of food, culture, and shopping makes Hong Kong one of Asia’s most perfect holiday destinations. Get lost in the city streets as you explore the myriad of shops and discover tantalising street food while you are engulfed in Asian and colonial history. Explore the city maze of Hong Kong Island, wander the markets and the arts and entertainment district in Kowloon, or head out on the water and explore the nearby peaceful islands on a day trip.   

View from The Peak, Hong Kong


Tropical island paradise less than a 5-hour flight from Australia? Yes please! Fiji has been a much sought-after destination for family holidays, big group birthday bashes and romantic honeymoons for decades. That big ‘Bula’ feeling is waiting to welcome you back – back to pristine waters and picture-perfect reefs, the wind in your hair as you sail island to island, relaxing spas, water sports, hikes, golf... The list goes on. Fiji is the fix your soul needs.

Snorkelling in Fiji


Palm-fringed islands, rainforests, remote villages, and rumbling volcanoes make for a lengthy list of enticing things to do in Vanuatu. The ultimate destination to chill out and bask on beautiful beaches, seek adventure or discover ancient traditions. From culture and arts to snorkelling, shopping and dining out – wherever you go and whatever you do, Vanuatu’s warm island hospitality follows.  

Champagne Beach, Vanuatu

Cook Islands 

This series of 15 small islands are set like jewels in the great blue waters of the Pacific. The largest, Rarotonga, is abuzz with activity, ranging from food and coffee spots to historic landmarks, while Aitutaki encourages relaxation among quieter shores. Regardless of where you spend your time, the Cook Island's unspoilt scenery seem like pages taken from your favourite glossy magazine. You'd be tempted to spend your entire holiday beneath palms along the beach, but colourful underwater reefs, scenic hiking paths and cultural enlightenment beckon! 

Beautiful Aitutaki island


Japan never ceases to amaze – the culture, the iconic cities, and landscapes have so much to offer! Whatever your plans are – see if you can slot-in a visit to iconic Mt Fuji, see how the Itsukushima Shrine ‘floats’ above water, try to count the torii gates of Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine, or discover why the Himeji Castle has been nicknamed after a bird. Go exploring the streets of Kyoto for a dose of history, or dive in head-first and experience Tokyo’s quirky pop culture. In spring, marvel at the cherry blossoms, and hit the ski slopes in winter.  

Onsen time in Japan snow

South Korea 

A slice of East Asia oft overlooked – the archipelagos of South Korea are emerald green with pine-clad mountains and verdant rice paddies studded with avant-garde urban cities. Head to the capital Seoul for fashion, food, history and nightlife – the perfect intro to the South Korean way of life. Beach please? Head to Busan, the country’s second largest city is set on the coast and home to one-of-a-kind temples, epic markets and incredible coastal views. 

Haeundae Beach, Busan


From picturesque coastlines, wild elephants, and ancient cities to beach parties, health retreats, and mouth-watering street food – Thailand has something on offer for everyone! Discover Thailand’s history in Bangkok and Ayutthaya. Visit beautiful temples that play a significant role in the Buddhist religion. Eat your way around the country with an array of tantilising street cuisine, relax with a Thai massage, or get out on the water and island hop from Phuket. What’s your Thailand style?  

Maya Bay, Thailand


The largest country in North America, Canada is a vast nation of pristine natural beauty dotted with bustling cities full of unique culture and mouthwatering regional cuisines. You’ll find breathtaking parks and wildlife reserves for days (weeks, months) – from world-class ski resorts to ice fishing excursions, canoeing or taking a luxury train ride through the Rocky Mountains.  

Lake Moraine, Canada


It’s been a big few years for our American friends. We won’t get into the politics, but we’re just glad the country is making a post-COVID comeback. West Coast vibes or East Coast beeline? Are you keen to see the heart of America or head for the bright lights of Los Angeles and New York City? Heck, maybe you’re more of a Chicago fan, or can’t wait to get to San Francsico, Seattle or Las Vegas, baby? There's a USA for everyone.  

Los Angeles, USA


Ol’ Blighty! We’ve missed you! The motherland for many, a home away from home for others and a place where missed rellies welcome you with tea and biccies and regale you about the weather. What’s not to love about a collection of countries where it rains more than it shines? Oh just the history, culture, stunning landscapes, cosy pubs, big cities, quaint villages, charming seasides, epic festivals... there’s a reason so many flock to these isles time and time again. 

Sightseeing in London


We don’t need to sell you on the allure of Bali – pretty sure more Aussie’s have been to Kuta than Kata Tjuta – but for anyone who hasn’t and those who are dying to get back, here’s just a few reasons to love Bali...  the hospitality of the locals; cocktails at sunset on the beach; cheeky monkeys at Uluwatu Temple; surfing and diving; wellness, relaxing and all the eat, pray, love things in general!  

Sunset at Seminyak

New Zealand 

Everyone’s favourite cousin! They’re effortlessly cool, they’ve got the dining, fashion, coffee, beer and wine thing down pat. Their nature froth is next level and adventure is their middle name - hike, ski, canoe, roadtrip, bike, bungee jump... is there nothing NZ can’t do? First dibs on getting over the ditch!  

Lake Ohau, NZ

Bonus: Domestic Cruising! 

Cruisers rejoice! Your sailing days are set to return! Once border closures are thing of the past, domestic cruise lines can make their merry voyages up and down the Aussie coastline like champions. We don’t need to tell you that cruises offer a stress-free way to take in the calming beauty of the sea and beyond, all in a neat package that combines your accommodation, dining, entertainment, activities, and sight-seeing into one seamless holiday experience. 

That cruise feeling!

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