How To Cruise Around The World

8 May 2016
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Want to swap peak-hour commuting and slaving in the kitchen for lavish galas, chance meeting with celebs and visits to faraway lands? It sounds like a fantasy, but it's actually possible when you choose to cruise around the world.

Book your place on the international cruise of your choosing! But first, here are some valuable tips and information.

Tips For First-Timers

You don’t have to be an experienced cruiser to take a long voyage, but it does help to love cruising; committing to months at sea without knowing if you’ll enjoy the experience is a big gamble.

Seasoned world cruisers tend to be repeat customers, often booking the same ship and cabin year after year, and creating lifelong friendships with crew and fellow passengers.

Woman on balcony of cruise ship Make sure you love the sea life before committing to a world cruise (Image: Getty)


As a new cruiser, it’s a good idea to get a feel for life at sea by taking two or three short cruises with a couple of different cruise lines. That way, you’ll not just find out if you like cruising, you’ll also learn what style of cruising you prefer.

Aboard a new ship on a long-haul itinerary is not the time or place to experiment with something new, only to discover you’ve made a less-than-ideal choice.

A Home Away From Home

You should take into consideration the size and style of the ship. The variety of ships offering comprehensive world cruises was once limited, but today choices include everything from small ultra-luxe ships like those in Silversea’s fleet to giant iconic ships such as Cunard’s Queen Mary 2.

Small ships have their advantages, offering a more personalised service and the ability to fit into small ports. So if you’re well travelled, a small ship with a more exotic itinerary might be more suitable than a journey on a large liner.

Still, it’s worth noting that small ships are also more prone to the whims of the ocean and offer less-varied facilities, restaurants and entertainment.

Splurge on the biggest and best cabin you can afford. This space will be your home for some time, and a balcony can be a blessing if you want some private time outdoors.

At any rate, it pays to decide early – the best deals and cabins on world cruises sell fast, often soon after bookings open, which is usually about 18 months in advance.

Man reading newspaper in cruise ship cabin Don't make the mistake of spending 100-plus days in a cabin you don't love (Image: Getty)


Take Your Time

Most world cruises travel for more than 100 days and give you plenty of opportunities to go ashore. Some lines even offer hotel stays and extended touring at certain ports.

Of course, you’ll spend numerous days at sea – the ship has a lot of ocean to cover! – so make sure you’re comfortable spending that much time away from land.

Sea days provide an opportunity to brush up on your skills and interests by attending expert lectures and participating in onboard activities. And if you’re looking to relax, you can indulge in spa treatments or just curl up on deck with a good book.

A world cruise has another important bonus: you can disembark for in-depth, multi-night excursions, either during an overnight call or by rejoining the ship at its next port.

Yes, these trips can be expensive, but they enrich the experience and offer an interesting break from onboard routine. If you’re looking for such options, check the itinerary.

Cruise ship docked in bay If you want plenty of shore excursions, make sure your choice of cruise will provide (Image: Getty)


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Long Voyages

Several round-the-world cruises offer voyages you can join for just a sector or two. Lines often divide their global cruises into sectors that range anywhere from two weeks to a month or more. This flexibility is a great way to dip your toes into the world-cruise experience, particularly if time and money are issues.

The ‘boomerang cruise’, a recent development, combines two ship journeys in the one trip. For example, Queen Mary 2 would go from Southampton to Sydney, then Queen Elizabeth would do the return trip.

Sometimes the two ships will be in port together, so you transfer on the same day; at other times, the cruise line accommodates guests for a few days until the second ship arrives.

What To Wear

After choosing a ship, an itinerary and a cabin, packing has to be the most difficult task facing today’s circumnavigators.

Sea voyages demand clothes for warm, cold and wet weather, and evenings call for formal, semi-formal and smart-casual wear, all of which will need to last months.

Happily, travel usually involves shopping, so sailing the world can see a whole new wardrobe sail into your closet.

A somewhat less-happy fact is that many people gain weight on a cruise, especially during months at sea – but that does make for a good excuse to buy new outfits!

Cruise passengers enjoying dinner in formal wear There will be times you need to dress up, so make sure you pack the appropriate clothing (Image: Getty)


3 Round-The-World Offerings In 2017

A world cruise is the best holiday at sea – you’ll spend months away from home to circumnavigate the globe, crew members will wait on you hand and foot, and you’ll stop off at exciting and exotic destinations along the way. So what are you waiting for?

1. Sea Princess

Princess CruisesSea Princess departs Sydney on 20 May for its signature 104-night Round World Cruise, returning to Sydney on 2 September.

With 39 ports of call, this cruise covers the South Pacific, South America, the Mediterranean, northern Europe and North America.

There are eight new ports plus overnight stays in Venice, New York and Lima, along with more time ashore, including the opportunity to visit Peru’s Machu Picchu.

Round-trip options from Fremantle and Auckland are available, as is embarkation at Melbourne and disembarkation at Brisbane.

Cruise ship off the coast of Greece Visit the Mediterranean and beyond on a round-the-world cruise! (Image: Getty)


2. Golden Princess

For the first time, Princess Cruises’ Golden Princess voyages to Asia, North America and the South Pacific on a 75-night Circle Pacific cruise, which departs Sydney on 19 May.

The cruise features 29 destinations across the Pacific, including Papua New Guinea, the Philippines, China, Korea, Japan and Tahiti.

Enjoy longer stays at North American destinations such as Alaska, the West Coast and Hawaii, and overnight in Vancouver on Canada Day and in San Francisco on Independence Day.

Round-trip options from Brisbane and disembarkation at Auckland are also available.

3. Queen Elizabeth

Join a sector of Cunard’s 2017 World Voyage program aboard the iconic Queen Elizabeth when she departs Sydney on 26 February for South Africa’s Cape Town via Japan, China, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, the Seychelles and Mauritius.

There’s also a 120-night round-trip voyage from Southampton on Queen Victoria, taking in Bermuda, Barbados, Brazil, Argentina and Bora Bora, which arrives in Sydney on 10 March before sailing to New Zealand then on to the USA.

Visit your local Flight Centre store or call 131 600 for more advice and the latest cruise holiday deals.

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