Jetstar Cutting Baggage Allowance - What You Need To Know

21 November 2014
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Budget airline Jetstar has cut the weight of its carry-on baggage allowance from 10 kilos per person to 7 kilos per person effective Tuesday 25 November.

The new rules carry a hefty penalty for bags that exceed these new limits. Overweight fees for domestic flights will attract a $50AUD penalty while international travellers will face a $160AUD charge at the gate per over-weight bag.

 New Jetstar Economy Class baggage allowances.

Jetstar will have new 'Cabin Baggage Officers' in place who will police the gate areas prior to departure of all flights to enforce the new carry-on policy.

Flights booked prior to 28 Oct 14 OR travel prior to 25 Nov 14

If you made a flight booking prior to 28 October 2014 or travelling prior to 25 November 2014 , the 10kg baggage allowance is still applicable.

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Business Class travellers have not escaped the changes or penalties and they will also be subject to the new 7kg carry-on rules. Business Class passengers are still able to bring two pieces of cabin baggage per person, each with a maximum weight of 7kg per bag. The same penalties apply over this allowance.

 New Jetstar Business Class baggage allowances.

Jetstar said the reason for the move to lower cabin baggage allowances is to ensure the availability of overhead locker space and to speed up the boarding process. The tough new rules Jetstar said  should translate to fewer delays.

"To address this we are reducing the amount of baggage that customers can bring on board, which will align us with other carriers in Australia and across the Asia-Pacific region," the airline said.

"This change will help speed up the boarding process, enable more flights to depart on time and ensure all customers get their fair share of overhead locker space."

 Jetstar carry-on baggage allowance dimensions.
 Jetstar carry-on baggage fee table.

For more information speak with your local travel consultant.

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