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Recent weeks have been tough on so many local people and businesses here in Australia, ourselves at Flight Centre Travel Group included. Our Australian community is the heart and soul of what we do. Recently we've seen those we love grounded, but we won't let our people, our community and our customers lose hope.

As Australia's largest travel retailer, we've had the privilege of helping to make thousands of Aussie travel dreams come true over our 38 years, and we are still committed to providing expert advice and service during these tough times. We want you to know that you can still fly high and dream.

Our Actions

Our nationwide network of travel agents have been working around the clock to support our customers. We're also working with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) in navigating border closures and reduced airline capabilities, to help customers who are still overseas to return home.

We're helping customers keep their travel dreams alive by keeping the full amount of their booking (less any supplier fees) on file with Flight Centre to spend on future travel.

Our virtual doors are always open. Our nationwide network of experienced agents are set up to help you online, over the phone, and while it's still safe to do so, in a number of stores across Australia. You can find the store nearest to you here.

When the world is a safer place and you're ready to travel once again, we will be here for you.

Your Questions Answered

If you have a future booking or credit with us you can find more information on this on our Coronavirus FAQs page.

Your Support and Mateship

We're lucky to be in the business of making Aussies' holiday dreams come true (even if they have to be postponed for a little while).

Not only do Antipodeans have a lust for travel and discovery stronger than many other nationalities, they're also a bloody resilient bunch, bound by a shared value of mateship in the face of adversity. That understanding means that no matter where you are overseas, if you hear that all too familiar, 'G'day mate,' you know you're in the company of a friend.

We'd like to pay tribute to our customers (our mates) who have taken the time to reach out to us and share their stories and appreciation. For a dose of that familiar kinship, adaptability and positivity, here are some kind words from our customers that have made each day a little brighter, during these tough times:

A message left by a customer at the front of a Flightcentre store in Townsville
A beautiful message left by a customer at the front of a Flight Centre store in Townsville

"So lucky we have booked [through] Flight Centre at Forestway, NSW. We were stuck in America; now coming home with the help of the wonderful staff at Flight Centre. Thank you!"
Sharon Bowers on Facebook

"I can't imagine the stress you are all under. At the end of the day you are mere humans just like us. You have feelings and stress over our holidays and face stresses for your own personal lives, just like us. As crazy as this all is, please just be kind to our flight centre crew. They're doing their best for us [while] others have dumped clients. Thanks guys, you're fabulous. Big shout out to Annabelle and team, flight centre Queen Street. You've all been wonderful to us over the years. Love you all ️"
Denise Brooks on Facebook

"You guys are doing an amazing job helping travellers with this dreadful situation. I hope the public are being kind to you"
@jamesmaree on Instagram

"As an agent that is loving all the positive shout outs to their agents, I'm wanting to shout out to all of the customers who are showing care, love and appreciation to your agents! it's heartwarming!"
Matt Celeste on Facebook

"Flight Centre is a true Australian company."
Michael West on Facebook

"Huge shout out to Kerri-Anne and Sandy Eade from the Settlement City Flight Centre in Port Macquarie for dealing with me in a mad panic and getting us new flights home! we aren't there yet but we're organised at least. I feel very sorry for all of the travel agents having to deal with this unprecedented crisis and still remaining calm and professional."
Sarah wood on Facebook

"Stay strong guys in this terrible time for the travel industry keep up the good work"
@rebekagligoroska on Instagram

"Stuck in the UK after many flight cancellations... But would like to call out Chris, Laura and Josie from Concord Flight Centre for working as a true team... and then Chris for working tirelessly to get us home!!! THANK YOU!!!!! So wonderful to have people at home we can trust and depend on in times like these!!! Much appreciated!!"
Lisa Garbutt on Facebook

"Thank you so much to Matt Sternes at FC for helping me get my parents on a flight home so quickly. I was on hold for about 5 minutes only and he was so helpful during a stressful situation. This can't be a good time for you guys, sending all the luck in the world!"
Juanita Scudds on Facebook

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