Crease Proof: 6 Ways To Remove Wrinkles Without An Iron

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Published 24 February 2016


Words by Ben Stower

I can never roll or fold my clothes right to keep them unwrinkled. Even when I watch the YouTube tutorials, even when they're only packed for a few hours, every item comes out marred with lumps and indents.

I learned where to find the iron soon after I started travelling for business. I also learned that I couldn't always rely on having an iron close at hand.

But I'll go down swinging before I attend a meeting in wrinkled clothes. My weapon? These six iron-less techniques for removing irritating creases.


White wrinkled shirt

Sick of opening your hotel closet to this? (Image: Getty)

1. Dryer With An Ice Cube

Chances are if you can't access an iron, you won't be able to find a clothes dryer. But if the opportunity does arise, you only need an ice cube to return your clothing back to a publically acceptable state.

Select the dryer's medium setting, toss in an ice cube with the item of clothing and sit back. The ice will melt, turning to steam that will help remove the creases.

2. In The Shower

Another steam-focussed method, this one requires a little more poise. Essentially you just need to blast your shower's hot water and let the steam work its magic.

However, you need to hang your clothing as close as possible to the water to achieve the desired result. I love this method when I'm short on time, because I can take a shower while waiting.



Combine ironing with a shower (Image: Getty)

3. Wrinkle-Removing Spray

A rather underutilised tool in Australia, wrinkle-removing sprays are very popular in North America. It's a two-step method: spray and hang. You'll need to give it a little time to dry and although it's not as effective as an ironing board, you'll notice a significant difference.

If time is of the essence, you can also throw your clothing in the dryer for about 10 minutes after spraying. You can also make your own wrinkle remover by adding one part vinegar and three parts water to a spray bottle.

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4. Call The Pot An Iron

Tap into your inner MacGyver and you'll realise a household pot or pan can also be used as an iron.

Use a stovetop to heat the underside of the pot to an appropriate temperature – less is more in this situation, as it's better to have a few wrinkles than a black burn mark – and apply it to your clothes as you would an iron.


Open drawer with pots and pans

Who needs an iron when you have pots and pans (Image: Getty)

5. Flatten With A Damp Towel

If you find yourself in dire straits with barely a touch of civilization around you, it may be of some comfort to know all you need is a towel and source of running water to unwrinkle your shirt.

Hot water works better than cold, but ultimately finding a clean, solid surface on which to flatten your clothing is key.

Place the damp towel over the wrinkled clothing and gently press down while smoothing out the creases with your hands.

6. Hair Straightener

Although not as effective on large garment sections, hair straighteners are fantastic at flattening out collars or a hem.

Make sure you clean the straightener before using it, in case there's any hair product left over on the heating plates.


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