Welcome Home: 9 Airport Greetings Deserving Of An Award

Darth Vada and storm trooper dress up in the airport

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Published 8 April 2015


The opening montage of Love Actually showed us all the love and affection that exists outside airport arrival gates. Yet not even the creative minds behind one of the greatest romcoms can compete with the following welcome-home gestures.

From funny signs and costumes, to romantic acts that will have you reaching for the tissue box, here are nine award-winning airport greetings.

1. The "Embarrassing Face" Award

 people holding signs in the airport
I could probably recognise Mokie better than my own mother now (image: imgur.com)

Nothing shows how much you missed your brother like blowing up that embarrassing face he made once and carrying it around the airport like some goofy idol. At least he won't find it hard to spot you/himself in the crowd. No one else at the airport will either.

2. The "Welcome To Margaritaville" Award

 Man preparing a margarita in the airport
Welcome to Margaritaville: Population one and counting (image: imgur.com)

There's a time and there's a place for margarita, and celebrating National Margarita Day in an airport ticks one of those boxes. Oh what the heck, I'll give him both because he arrived with a bottle the size of a roast chicken and plenty of glasses to go round.

He even remembered the limes. Bless you chief.

3. The "Word Play" Award

Couple kissing holding sign
The best welcome home a soldier could ask for (image: totalfratmove.com)

As a writer I can't help but direct an impressed nod of approval towards this woman's play on words. Clearly not one for over-the-top gestures, she's gone with simple and witty, surely bringing a smile to her man's face.

4. The "Character Commitment" Award

 Darth Vada and storm trooper dress up in the airport
The Vader Boys are coming and everybody's running (image: techeblog.com)

With friends like these who needs the dark side of the Force? Darth Vader is either taken aback by the dedication of his Storm Troopers, or he's attempting to choke everyone at once with his powers. Only one question remains: Was the Sith Lord flying economy?

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5. The "Insert Face Here" Award

 Airport sign
I've always been a fan of block lettering (image: Inga Christensen)

No one could possibly question this lad's excitement or commitment; not when he's willing to include his own face in his greeting sign. Four thumbs up for you sir.

6. The "Carly Rae Baby" Award

 Airport sign next to babies pram
I know what song they'll be playing on the way home (image: totalfratmove.com)

This new mum surprised her soldier husband on his return from a tour of duty by bringing their baby girl to the airport to meet him for the first time. Tissues please. Her sign is quite possibly the best use of a Carly Rae Jepsen song ever.

7. The "Flash Mob" Award

Your friends may not know them, they may not even want them, but deliver a flash mob at the arrival gate and they won't soon forget the time you picked them up. Customise the song, add in a rose or some choreographed dancing and you've got yourself a welcome home parade.

8. The "Cuddly Canines" Award

 Young girl being licked by black dog
A friendly dog is all you need to forget about airplane food and not enough leg room (image: SFO)

Although you'd be hard-pressed to bring your own pet into the airport, San Francisco International Airport (SFO) has made this a moot point by running a program called the 'Wag Brigade'. Trained dogs with vests reading "Pet Me!" are brought into the arrivals area for passengers to pet and cuddle after a long flight.

9. The "Outrageously Aussie" Award

Today's Karl Stefanovic set a personal best for patriotic airport welcomes, staging an elaborate greeting for brother Pete at the airport when he returned from a 7-year-plus stint overseas.

Although Karl couldn't be there himself, he did organise for a group of cheering strangers in Surf Life Saver outfits and a marching band to greet Pete at the gate.

This might stretch most budgets, but if you're ever greeting me, showing up with a packet of Tim Tams will be more than enough.

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