Asking Are You *Really* Ok? Don't Be Afraid To Speak Up!

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Published 7 September 2021


Thursday 9 September is R U OK DAY – this year the day asks the question, are you really ok? Do you know how the people in your world are really going?  

Tips to keep up morale at home or around the office! 

1. Create a mood-lifting playlist!

2. Bring the Teams chat to life

3. Mimic the office at home

4. Fresh air and vitamin D

5. Mimic the commute



Read on for more tips! 

We asked our community of Co-Captains (in-store and in HQ) how they’ve checked in with each other during another tough year for the travel industry. 
Here’s our mood-boosting tips & unique ways to check in with your peeps!   


1. Create a mood-lifting playlist!

FC Ballarat have a "South Strengthening" playlist that they've curated of songs that make them feel strong, resilient and happy. Perfect for playing whether you're working remote at home or together in store/office!


2. Bring the Teams chat to life

Katherine, store manager at FC Ballarat likes to share jokes, memes and quotes to put a smile on the team's faces and lift the spirits when they need it. Sharing this responsibility encourages involvement from each team member too.  


3. Mimic the office at home!

If you're working remote, why not try keeping your team video meeting open all day to mimic being in the office together? 


4. Fresh air and vitamin D

HQ Content Team Leader Vicki says “it sounds simple but checking in and making sure everyone in your team goes outside for even 10 minutes a day can make a big difference. 



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5. Mimic the commute

If you're working from home and it's safe to do so, go for a walk around your block before and after work each day to give yourself mental separation between work and after hours.  


6. Set a small personal goal each day

Whether it's reading a page of a book, listening to a podcast, trying a new recipe, doing some exercise - and share these with your team to keep each other accountable. 

7. Send random nice words

Whether an email or text message, if you see something that makes you laugh, you find interesting, or something new you learn, share it with your team or friends to encourage communication and stay connected even when you can't be together. 


8. Create a video date with your mates

Do a video check-in for 15 minutes each day at the same time to create routine and share how your day was - this is particularly important for those who live or work alone."  


9. Social Media for the win

Cait from FC HQ says “TikTok got me through the first big 'Locky D'. My mental health was suffering and instead of doom scrolling on Insta and FB, I spent [a fair bit] of time getting into TikTok which I find a more positive platform, I legit laugh out loud. ⁠



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10. Watch a comfort show or movie

I watch The Office all the time, especially when I am not feeling great. There's actual science as to why people go back to the same show/movie or music especially if they have anxiety or depression. 


11. Don't try to do it all

Try to avoid suddenly picking up a bunch of hobbies you have never done before. Don't necessarily listen to that meme that says that you should pick up a new skill - lockdown is traumatic and mentally exhausting- if all you can do today is exist - you're doing well!” 

Disclaimer: We're Travel Experts, not Mental Health Experts - these are just some tips that helped us out this year. If you need immediate support, please seek assistance by contacting your trusted healthcare professional or calling Lifeline on 13 11 14.

If you are concerned for your safety or the safety of others, seek immediate assistance by calling Triple Zero (000).
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