Mindful Travelling: Strategies For Maintaining Mental Wellness On The Road

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Published 13 September 2023


It’s 10pm. You’re propped up at the hotel bar, and you’re on something like your fifth Martini. You had a cheese pizza for dinner, and potato chips for dessert. You didn’t have time for the gym, because of the early flight. Which was then delayed in transit. For four hours. Your check in luggage has checked out to another part of the country. And you’re still working on your presentation to a business lead that you’re meeting for the first time tomorrow...

Stressed, much?


Such can be the life of the business traveller if you’re not careful. It’s easy to fall into bad habits when on the road, or fall victim to unpredictable delays or unforeseen changes. And the more you travel, the greater the problem can be. All of which can have a hugely negative impact on mental health.

Stress not only affects personal wellbeing, but it also affects productivity, neither of which are acceptable outcomes. Clearly, it’s essential for travellers and businesses alike to consider ways in which stress can be alleviated when travelling for work.


At Flight Centre Business Travel, we’ve done our fair share of time in the skies and in hotels, so we know a few ways that a trip can be made healthier for mind and body. Here’s a few of our top tips!

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Tips for businesses:


  • Give your Travel Policy a health check – our Travel Manager’s can work closely with you to develop tailored travel policies that prioritise employee well-being. This can include ensuring preferred hotels have access to healthy food options and a gym, yoga facility or spa; avoiding undesirable conditions such as red eye flights; and mandating time for exercise.


  • Stress less bookings – we can also help with stress busting ideas when it comes to booking your travel for work, such as selecting convenient flight times, booking hotels in safe and well-connected areas, and arranging for reliable transportation options.


  • Pre trip preparation – the more information your travellers have before they travel, the better. This can include details on local customs if travelling internationally, emergency contacts, medical facilities, travel insurance, visa assistance, and language translation apps.


  • Conduct regular check ins with travellers – maintain open channels of communication with travelling employees, providing them with support and guidance throughout their journeys.


  • Set reasonable workload expectations – getting the balance right between go time and down time is never easy, but make sure you give your team a chance to rest and recuperate.
business traveller on plane
business traveller on plane
business traveller on plane

Tips for travellers:


  • Sleep well – try getting the full 8 hours, your mind and body will thank you for it.


  • Prepare some of your own meals, even if it’s just breakfast or lunch. This is easier if you have a kitchenette, but it cuts out the temptation to go for something greasy.


  • Keep moving – get some exercise every day, even if it’s just smashing out some crunches in your room before a shower or walking to your meeting.


  • Drink water – carry your favourite reusable water bottle with you everywhere and aim to drink plenty.


  • Stay connected – stay in touch with family and friends at home.


  • Meditate – what’s that old saying? If you don’t have time to meditate, you need to meditate!


Maintaining good mental and physical health when travelling takes a little effort and commitment, but it’s not hard. And - it’s totally worth it! Plus, our Travel Managers can help put the right steps in place to assist with ensuring mental wellness while travelling for work.

Be proactive, make the change, and reap the rewards.

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