Myth Busting - The Reasons Some SMEs Say They Don’t Need a Travel Manager

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Published 9 November 2023


In our recent blog article, we investigated if having a personal Travel Manager was right for you and your business. At Flight Centre Business Travel, there’s plenty of reasons why we think it’s a great idea (of course!) but we also understand not everyone is ready to make the commitment right away.  

So, we’ve done a little myth busting to tackle a few of the possible hesitancies, and we’ve pinpointed the potential drawbacks of not having a dedicated Travel Manager on your team.  

Simple Travel Itineraries:

Reason: Some businesses may think their travel itineraries are simple and can be easily booked online. 
Drawback: Even simple travel arrangements can have hidden complexities. A travel manager ensures a smoother travel experience, including handling unexpected changes and emergencies that can arise. 

An SME with a lean travel team:

Reason: Small to medium businesses with only a few employees who travel think it’s easier to do it themselves 
Drawback: Despite its size, an SME can capitalize on cost-saving strategies and enhanced risk management through the expertise of a dedicated travel manager. 

No need for a Travel Policy:

Reason: New businesses or companies new to business travel may feel they don’t need a travel policy 
Drawback: Not having a travel policy can lead to inefficiencies and time wasting. Travel policies remove the guesswork and ensure cost savings, consistency, fairness, traveller safety and transparency. Business managers and owners retain control while giving travellers more freedom and autonomy. 

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Experienced Travellers:

Reason: Experienced travellers believe they can handle their own travel arrangements effectively. 
Drawback: An experienced traveller can make bookings, but a travel manager can secure preferred rates, help with disruptions, keep track of loyalty programs and more. 

In-House Travel Expertise:

Reason: Employees with good travel knowledge feel they can manage travel effectively in-house. 
Drawback: Asking a manager in your business to handle travel arrangements is like asking the pilot to hand out the refreshments. Having a travel manager frees you and your people up to focus on what matters most - your business. In-house expertise is an asset, but it’s always better when teamed with a travel manager. They bring an extensive network, industry insights, and the ability to secure exclusive deals and perks. 

Preference for Online Booking Tools:

Reason: Some businesses may prefer to use online booking tools. 
Drawback: Whilst these tools enhance some efficiencies, they lack the personal touch and negotiation skills of a travel manager. Additionally, they may not save time; users still handle search and booking. A quick email or call to a Travel Manager can often be more efficient.

Businesses on a Tight Budget:

Reason: Businesses with budget constraints can see the cost of a travel manager as prohibitive. 
Drawback: Managing your travel spend is critical. However, the potential long-term savings and benefits that a travel manager provides can easily balance out the upfront expense. 

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