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Published 17 April 2023


Our sustainability partnership with Trees4Travel gives you the opportunity to achieve your business' sustainability goals and plant new trees in our very own Flight Centre Travel Group Forest, based in Nepal and managed by Eden Reforestation Projects.  

Situated along the Babai River in western Nepal, this reforestation site surrounds the national park, which is home to spectacular wildlife, including wild elephants, the greater one-horned rhinoceros and Bengal tigers.

Nepal is one of the least developed countries in the world. Today, less than 30% of its original forests remain due to over-harvesting, forest fires and agriculture. Deforestation of this area has led to a host of environmental issues, including increased risk of flooding, as well as socio-economic impacts to local communities due to topsoil erosion, low agricultural productivity, and in some cases, complete farm failure.  

Through the employment of local villagers and the planting of native trees, our planting partners will work to help restore their environment while lifting local communities out of extreme poverty. Before joining the reforestation projects, many Nepalese women would stay at home, solely dependent on their husband’s income. Many women were also married at a very young age, unable to complete a formal education.  

4 themes in 1 picture shows 5 gender equality, 15 life on land, good health and well-being and affordable and clean energy
4 themes in 1 picture shows 5 gender equality, 15 life on land, good health and well-being and affordable and clean energy
4 themes in 1 picture shows 5 gender equality, 15 life on land, good health and well-being and affordable and clean energy

Today, the local leadership team in Nepal is comprised entirely of women. Half of the nursery and planting staff at the site are women, and for many, it is their first opportunity for consistent employment, helping to overcome gender inequality. By becoming Nursery Managers for example, they develop leadership skills and earn a consistent income, allowing them to support themselves and their family’s daily necessities.  

Our FCTG Forest reforestation project has been carefully selected to ensure we help communities through the dignity of employment, empowering them to sustainably grow their own food and restore their local environment, so enabling local villagers to enjoy the results of their labour.  

Our FCTG Forest supports up to 13 of the 17 United Nations Sustainability Development Goals - including 3. good health and well-being5. gender equality, and 15. life on land. Given that every tree planted in our forest is backed up with a share of an investment into renewable energy projects, we are able to remove emissions and support developing communities NOW, plus invest into the FUTURE - supporting UN Sustainability Development Goal 7. affordable and clear energy

The Trees4Travel tree planting ethos is based on these key objectives: 

  • Working closely with verified tree planting organisations in developing countries who are experts in their local environments, with the full engagement and consent of indigenous people and local communities in a way that respects their cultural and ecological rights 

  • Planting a variety of tree special that are native to a region to maximise biodiversity and restore natural ecosystems, whilst maintaining those forests, supporting nature and people together. Trees4Travel will never invest in monoculture plantations, where all the same species are grown on a plot of land 

  • Only investing in reforestation projects – reforestation is the natural or intentional restocking of existing forests and woodlands that have been depleted, usually through deforestation, but also after clearcutting 

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