Dual SIM Smartphones Are Perfect For Frequent Travellers

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Published 26 February 2018


Whether you're a frequent traveller for the sake of business or just for fun, a dual SIM mobile phone can come in super handy when you're a regular jet-setter. The obvious benefit of having a mobile phone capable of operating from two different SIMS is of course the ease of having two different phone numbers going to the same phone – without having to carry around two different devices.

Here are a few more reasons why a dual SIM smartphone could be just what you need:

When Overseas

– If you want to keep using an Australian SIM when travelling overseas for things like texting but also get a local SIM at your destination for data usage.

– Frequent travellers to a certain country can benefit from having a SIM card for their home country and destination country always working.

– Travellers visiting several countries can keep their original SIM while swapping the other SIM depending on where they go. 

When in Australia

– To have backup coverage if you’re travelling into rural areas where reception may be sporadic.

– If you want a second SIM for making international calls at a cheaper rate than on your main plan.

– If one SIM runs out of money, you’ll still have the other!

– To keep bills, numbers and other information separate – plus separate ringtones so you know automatically which line is ringing!

Things To Consider

If you do decide that dual SIM is better, for all the extra capabilities it offers, there are still a few things to consider and do a little research on:

– When you’re using two SIM cards simultaneously, you’ll be up for two phone bills (unless of course, one is a business SIM and work covers the costs).

– You'll have to buy the phone outright (so far, Australian telcos don't sell dual SIM smartphones on a contract).

– If you’re travelling overseas and want to use foreign SIM cards, you’ll need to ensure the phone is unlocked.

– Often you will have to choose between using the second SIM slot for a your SIM or a microSD card – not both.

– Be sure to do your research to find out how/if the battery life of your dual SIM device will be affected by using two SIMs.

Dual SIMS in Australia

The most common dual SIM setup in Australia is a 4G / 3G dual standby configuration – which means only one SIM can connect to the 4G network, while the other is on 3G.

There are a few difference options for dual SIM phones, from manufacturers including OPPO, Huawei, and Motorola.

– Moto G5S and Moto G5S Plus

– Moto Z2 Play

– OPPO A73

– Huawei Nova 2i

– Huawei Mate 9-10

– LG V30+

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