Taste Test: Seven Mickey Mouse Foods To Eat At Disney Parks

 Big Bite pretzel molded as the mickey mouse face

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Published 16 June 2015


Disney diehards will no doubt be aware of the 'Hidden Mickeys' subtly emblazoned on attractions and locations across the Disney parks. Combine that whimsical mystery with a spoonful of sugar and you've got a magical menu of Mickey Mouse-shaped eats.

This is probably the only time it's acceptable to play with your food, so live it up. If you're planning a trip to one of the Disney parks, see how many Mickey-shaped foods you can tick off – and yes, they're as tasty as they are adorable (the waffles might even be better).

Mickey Pretzel

 Big Bite pretzel molded as the mickey mouse face
Enjoying a Mickey Pretzel at Hollywood Studios (IG: @ashtonrigg)

The granddaddy of Mickey Mouse treats, the Mickey pretzel is famed across the lands – you know, Tomorrowland and Fantasyland – for its warm, bready, yeasty goodness. They come in plain, jalapeno and even cheese-filled varieties and are available at all Disney parks. These Mickey pretzels are makin' me thirsty.

Mickey Ice Cream

Mickey mouse Chocolate ice cream bought in Disneyland
Cooling off with a Mickey ice cream in Fantasyland (IG: @ashtonrigg)

Nothing satisfies on a hot day at a Disney park like a Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bar from a street vendor. Aussies familiar with Peters Hava Heart ice cream will get a big dose of nostalgia when they bite into this chocolate-coated, vanilla-centred bad boy. If you're lactose intolerant, you can fake it with a Mickey Ice Cream-scented car air freshener.

Mickey Waffles

 A tasty dessert with a mickey mouse design
Mickey Waffles at the Grand Floridian Hotel (IG: @ashtonrigg)

Start your day the Mickey way with a serve of Mickey waffles. A common feature at most Character Breakfast buffets and on room service menus, Mickey waffles are arguably the most popular Mickey-shaped food across the Disney kingdom – and for good reason!

Malted or multigrain waffles come in small and large (large is pictured here) and generally include crispy bacon or sausage as a complimentary side. Fruit, however, tends to cost extra. You can even buy your own Mickey Waffle Maker to take the magic home.

Mickey Candy Apple

Sweet Chocolate apple with mickey mouse design
There's an apple in there somewhere (IG: @ashtonrigg)

When the festive season arrives, you may be lucky enough to find Halloween Minnie Apples and Santa Mickey Apples. At the moment, it's all about the white-chocolate Cinderella carriage apples. You can watch these creative desserts being made at most confectionery shops and bakeries, including Downtown Disney.

This is a bit of a weighty treat, so consider buying one at the end of the day, having it sliced up and taking it back to your Disney resort for a sneaky midnight snack.

Mickey Cake Pop

Lady holding a Cakepop in Mickey mouse design
A post-lunch cake pop treat at Downtown Disney, Florida (IG: @ashtonrigg)

These petite treats are perfectly sized and come in an assortment of flavours and fashions. The gooey, cake-and-frosting centres include red velvet (featured), chocolate, vanilla and marble, topped with marshmallow ears.

Cakes are dipped in a chocolate or candy coating and drizzled with contrasting chocolate or sparkly sugar sprinkles. If you've had cake pops before, you'll know the texture is a little different, kind of like raw cookie dough. It's fantastic.

Mickey Rice Krispie Treat

Mouth watering Chocolate Rice Krispy in a mickey mouse shape
Snacking on a Mickey Rice Krispie (IG: @ashtonrigg)

This Disney dessert is one of the easiest to tote around the park, perfect for nibbling away on as you wait in line for Splash Mountain. It's an easy one to recreate yourself at home, too, using Rice Bubbles and melted marshmallow. You can even buy a giant Mickey Rice Krispie that is about the size of a human head. Go big or go home. Or do both.

Mickey Cookies

Mickey mouse themed cookies
All that's missing is a glass of milk (IG: @ashtonrigg)

The best Mickey cookies are large, soft gingerbread cookies with chocolate-dipped ears and vanilla sugar cookies with thick royal icing. You can find them baked fresh by cast members and sold at park confectionery stores, where you'll also be able to grab a few take-home boxes of Minnie's Bake Shop character cookies.

If you're a bit of a kitchen whiz, you might consider adding a Mickey-shaped cookie cutter to your souvenir pile. It will go perfectly with your Mickey glove-shaped oven mitts, your Minnie Mouse apron and your Mickey measuring cups.

NOT FEATURED: Mickey ice cream sandwich, Mickey sprinkles, Mickey lollipops, Mickey coconut patties, Mickey corn dog, Mickey Dole Whip, Mickey churro, Mickey pepperoni pizza, Mickey burger bun, Mickey turkey leg, Mickey arancini, Mickey pasta, Mickey pancakes, Mickey watermelons (seriously), Mickey cucumber salad, Mickey beignets, Mickey chocolate truffles, Mickey chocolate covered pretzels (chocolatears), Mickey sour candy, Mickey cheddar crackers, Mickey sugar cubes.

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