The Top 10 Benefits Of A Short Break

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Published 6 December 2016

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Everyone knows holidays are good for us. I’m sure too, if you asked a room full of people who would like to holiday more often, every hand would shoot up. Well there is a way to do this. The answer is more short breaks. Sure it’s nice to spend a month trekking through the jungle in South America or cruising through the heart of Europe on a river boat, but it’s not nice to use all of your annual leave in one chunk and have zero holidays for the rest of the year. Taking mini breaks, whether it’s a simple weekend away or four day adventure, is good for you, mentally, physically, emotionally. If you need more convincing why to plan holidays more frequently, keep reading. 

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Planning a trip and seeing more places both have a positive impact on your health and happiness. (Image: Getty)

See More Places Each Year

A week or two in one destination certainly is a great way to get to know the place well – or to reach far flung places not possible in a short flight. Taking short breaks, like a long weekend away, however, allow you to explore more destinations. Taking one weekend away each month means you can see 12 new and different destinations each year, over one or two with a longer trip to one destination.

Jam-Packed Short Breaks Feel A Lot Longer Than They Are

Taking three or four days in a new destination, we are more likely to pack our time with activities and adventures, making it feel like a longer holiday than it really is. When we are in one destination for a week or more, we’re conversely likely to take things more slowly, making the days roll into one. When we get back to work, this can mean the holiday feels a lot shorter than it actually was. This is why sometimes after a weekend away we feel much more refreshed and energised than we do are a relaxing week long sojourn on a tropical beach.

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Carry-on luggage is the fastest way through the airport - just ensure you know the airline's baggage limits. (Image: Getty)

Carry-On Luggage Only

No one likes wasting precious holiday time waiting for their luggage in the arrivals hall. Short breaks usually mean you can fit everything you need into a carry-on, so stepping off the plane you can step right into holiday mode.

The Process Of Planning The Holiday Has Benefits Too

The anticipation and planning of a holiday away from your regular day to day life is proven to give us a mental boost. It’s also good for motivating us to set reasonable, short term goals. This in turn means when we complete them we feel a sense of achievement, further boosting our sense of self. So the short story is, plan mini breaks more often.

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It's important to give your mind a break when on holiday - if only to enjoy the scenery! (Image: Getty)

It’s Easier To Completely Switch Off

For those who find it difficult to disconnect from the office usually benefit more from a short break because the stress of leaving the office isn’t as prolonged. This also means you’re more likely to succumb to switching your phone off because you know it won’t be for too long.

Frequent Holiday Makers Are More Productive

Short mental breaks, like leaving your desk to eat lunch or exercising after work, are proven to increase productivity and focus. This works for short weekend breaks too. Removing you from the pressures of daily life and your regular environment gives you separation and space to feel more refreshed on the return.

Easy On The Wallet

Short breaks are, understandably, cheaper than longer holidays because you’re paying for less nights accommodation. Short breaks also mean you probably don’t go as far afield, making flights cheaper, or even better if you drive to your destination you won’t pay for flights at all.

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It can be hard to leave your furry friends when going on holiday, but short breaks make finding a sitter much easier. (Image: Getty)

Pet Sitters Are Easier To Get For A Short Weekend Away

There are a bunch of pet sitting websites and apps, like petcloud, you can use to find suitable sitters for your furry friends. While it can be difficult to find a sitter willing to take on your pet for weeks, when it’s only for a weekend there are many more options usually available, even last minute.

Time To Think Makes For Better Decisions And Ideas

Getting away from your desk and your screens allows mental space for creativity and clearer decision making. The more often you take mini breaks, particularly to new destinations where you’re met with new experiences and stimuli, the more your brain is challenged and in turn refreshed. It’s a good idea too, to take a notebook or your Smartphone to jot down any ideas you have while you’re away. This frees up your mind while on holiday for more ideas and relaxation, but they’re written down for you to action when you return home.

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Take a break when you really need it for maximum benefits and to see the places you really want to. (Image: Getty)

Go When You Want To

Planning a long holiday can be a headache – working around annual leave, social and family commitments. Short breaks on the contrary, often mean you don’t need to do this, so when you want to tick that destination off your list, you can simply pack your bags and go.

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Flight Centre Author


Vicki Fletcher

Head of Content and Social Media


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