Travel Q&A With Fitness Expert 'The Commando' Steve Willis

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Published 21 December 2015


He’s a former army heavy-hitter whose military training has led to countless Aussies winning their battle against the bulge. Steve 'The Commando' Willis has carved out a stellar media career since leaving his role as a team commander within the Australian Special Forces behind him.

Utilising his training - and obvious physical appeal - the buff Sydney-based star has gone on to become one of the most recognisable faces in the country after joining Channel 10’s Australia’s Biggest Loser.

Nine seasons later, the 39-year-old has launched his own gym, written a successful book and has found a love match made in heaven with fellow fitness personality, Michelle Bridges.

And when it comes to travel, exercise is on the agenda even when it’s a holiday. The trainer sat down with Flight Centre to talk on-the-go training and why the 'Big Apple' is his favourite city in the world.

Steve 'The Commando' Willis

What’s your favourite holiday?

Greece. I love getting out onto the islands, enjoying the sunshine and the relaxed atmosphere and environment.

What’s your carry-on essential?

A good book. Both to help pass the time and to learn new things - upping your knowledge is great, even when you’re 12,000 metres in the air.

How do you beat jet lag?

Unfortunately, I don't think you can beat it! You just have to do your best to minimise its effects by drinking lots of water, catching up on sleep and - if you can - fit in a training session or two.

It’s something I always like to do at either end of a long flight, so I’m tired out and can sleep.

What’s your favourite city?

My favourite city is New York. There is so much on offer: training, shopping, amazing restaurants, sightseeing and just enjoying the hustle and bustle of the Big Apple.

Where was your most favourite meal?

Definitely in Greece. I adore Greek food and one of the traditional dishes, such as lamb, horta (which is steamed greens with fresh lemon and olive oil), spanakopita and octopus. The cuisine is so simple, but it’s done so well - I think it’s amazing.

Greek food is a strong favourite

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Adventure or luxury?

I love adventure. I can't go on a holiday without getting my training done - I need to exercise every day, whether it’s hitting a gym or going for a swim and a paddle board. And wherever I go, I try to immerse myself in the culture of the destination and find out as much as I can.

What’s the essential ingredient for a good trip?

Good company and being organised.

What’s your top travel tip?

To not overbook yourself with too many things. Being on holiday, you need to get into the flow and rhythm, which will ultimately help you relax and unwind.

What’s your biggest packing mistake?

Like lots of people, I guess it’s overpacking. I always think I need more than I actually do and then end up regretting it while I’m trying to get through multiple airports and get all of your luggage in and out of a hire car. That's a pain in the backside.

The Canadian Rockies is where Steve wants to be next

Where do you want to go next?

For my next trip, I’d love to get over to Canada and check out the Rocky Mountains. There’s so much to explore in that area and the scenery looks amazing.

Steve has launched a unique online training program GetCommandoFit. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram (@CommandoSteve).

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