Top 9 Hotels Around The World Checking In Ghostly Guests

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Published 30 October 2014


All Hallows' Eve is upon us and what better way to celebrate than to scare ourselves with the prospect of a spooky stay at one of the world's most haunted hotels? From luxury resorts to cruise ships, each of these unique hotels are reported hot spots for the otherworldly. Some spirits are friendly, some are famous and some are a bit strange, but all are sure to test your nerve on a chance encounter during your next stay.

Queen Mary: Long Beach, California

 Inside of the Queen Mary ship
The infamous door 13 in the Queen Mary Engine Room

Once considered the only way to travel the Atlantic, the Queen Mary is now touted as one of the most haunted places in America. She offers up no less than 150 known spirits, with the first and second class pools being especially active areas. Guests have reported hearing phantom giggles and splashing before spotting wet footprints walking across the pool decks.

Chillingham Castle: Northumberland, England

 Chillingham castle at night time
An ominous entrance to Chillingham Castle

Aptly named Chillingham Castle, this former English fortress is a focal point for the paranormal. Phantom touches, eerie sounds and infamous figures have been reported throughout the castle. Perhaps one of the most famous spirits is the White Pantry Ghost – a frail looking woman who pleads guests for water before disappearing.

Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel: Hollywood, California

 Outside shot of the Roosevelt hotel at night
The Hollywood Roosevelt by night

The glamour of the Hollywood Roosevelt is so palpable that some guests have simply refused to leave. Marilyn Monroe herself reportedly dances in the ballroom. Others have seen her apparition in a full length mirror that used to occupy her poolside suite. Montgomery Clift has also been seen pacing the halls on the ninth floor, rehearsing lines and playing a trumpet in room 928.

Monte Cristo Homestead: Junee, New South Wales

Beautiful and colorful Monte Carlo Homestead
The Monte Cristo Homestead has been dubbed Australia's most haunted house

The Monte Cristo Homestead has a tragic history of loss, which has no doubt contributed to its current status as Australia's most haunted house. Originally owned by the Crawley family, the spirit of Mrs Crawley is often seen throughout the house. Disembodied footsteps and voices, mysterious glowing lights and unseen forces have all been reported by guests in the home.

The Langham Hotel: London, England

 Luxurious Langham Hotel at night
Welcome to the Langham London (image: The Langham London website)

Built in 1864, the Langham Hotel is known as one of London's first luxury hotels. It is also known for the supernatural hijinks of room 333. This infamous room has been subject to everything from a shaking bed to a floating orb that transforms into a man, moving toward guests with outstretched arms. It is thought to be a Victorian doctor that murdered his wife before taking his own life.

Stanley Hotel: Estes Park, Colorado

 Stanley hotel with the view of trees and the mountain behind it
Meet the many spirits of the Stanley Hotel

Acting as the inspiration for Stephen King's The Shining, the Stanley Hotel has a long history of the unexplained. Guests have reported children playing and giggling through the hallways, blankets removed in the night and neatly folded and lights turning on and off. The ghost of a small child has also been seeing crying for his nanny in room 217.

The Russell Hotel: Sydney, New South Wales

 Outside view of the Russell Hotel
Can you handle room 8 at the Russell Hotel?

As one of Sydney's oldest buildings, the Russell Hotel acted as a safe haven through the colonial period and a hospital through the small pox and bubonic plagues. It now serves as a quaint bed and breakfast with a ghostly guest in room eight. He is a seaman dressed in Colonial uniform that appears to guests, sometimes startling them awake by staring at them while they sleep.

Chelsea Hotel: Manhattan, New York

 Shot of Chelsea hotel in the morning
The Chelsea Hotel's famous facade

Immortalised in story and song, the Chelsea Hotel has counted the likes of Bob Dylan and Mark Twain among its guests. While most ultimately check out, there are a few famous faces that continue to hang around. Thomas Wolfe's spirit has been seen wandering the eighth floor, while Dylan Thomas reportedly appears in mirrors. Sid Vicious has also been seen near the elevators of the first floor.

Karosta Prison Hotel: Liepaja, Latvia

 Lights behind bars
Behind bars in the Karosta Prison Hotel (image: KarostasCietums website)

The Karosta Prison Hotel acted as a former Nazi and Soviet military prison. It is now a themed hotel where guests are treated as inmates and subjected to communist-era conditions. 'Prisoners' can also stay overnight in the cells and await the possibility of the paranormal. There have been reports of skeletal apparitions, gates opening of their own accord and the sounds of rattling chains.

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