Aug 22 2014

Local Love: 5 New South Wales Sights to Savour

Flight Centre's Guest Bloggers

Are you loving our Local Love series? After seeing some Victorian highlights from the eyes of a local Melbournite, this time we venture north to New South Wales to glimpse the state as seen by Sydney-based photographer Taylah Nilsson. From the iconic sails of … Continue reading

Aug 21 2014

Less Predictable Italian Summer Holidays

Rachel Surgeoner

When my friends and I arrived in Polignano a Mare for an Italian summer holiday, we found ourselves living the dream in a charming sleepy seaside village where Italians come to holiday – not pale English tourists! Every deli, restaurant and gelataria was surprised … Continue reading

Aug 20 2014

3-Day Guides For Your Next Long Weekend

Ashton Rigg

The second half of our calendar year may not be teeming with public holidays, but there are still a few golden opportunities to take an RDO. Australian’s favourite holiday hubs are more than ready to keep you busy for a few days at a … Continue reading

Aug 19 2014

Say ‘Bonjour’ To Montreal

Mike Tuckerman

With its picturesque location on the confluence of the Saint Lawrence and Ottawa rivers, you could be forgiven for thinking that Montreal is a pretty riverfront city just like any other. Yet this prominent Canadian city is especially distinctive for another reason – it’s … Continue reading

Aug 18 2014

See The Top End The James Bond Way With Outback Wrangler Matt Wright

Rachel Surgeoner

A hoard of ‘Flighties’ (Flight Centre employees) were recently let loose on the Northern Territory to explore the wonders of our sunburnt land. One of the unanimous highlights for many was spending half a day at Matt Wright’s Outback Floatplane Adventures. You might recognise … Continue reading

Aug 17 2014

A Practical Guide To Canada’s 10 Provinces

Rowena Ryan

As the second-largest country in the world, Canada is incredibly diverse. Its landscape ranges from dramatic mountains to the flats of the prairies, so how do you know where to go when there’s so much choice? Here is a practical guide to Canada’s 10 … Continue reading

Aug 16 2014

What’s On The Horizon For P&O Cruises In 2015?

Lucy Sutton

If your bucket list includes setting sail on a luxurious cruise (and whose doesn’t?), P&O Cruises’ 2015-16 season is well worth a look. Whether you have a few weeks to spare or just a few days, there’s bound to be a P&O cruise that’s … Continue reading

Aug 15 2014

Fairytale Locations: 5 Places That Helped Inspire Disney Movies

Ben Stower

The magic of Disney and Disney-Pixar films has been felt across generations, but where do these incredibly creative people source some of the inspiration for their movies? From the world’s equally majestic natural and man-made places, of course. Travelling the world to seek out … Continue reading

Aug 14 2014

What You Need To Know About Travel Insurance

Kellie Carty

Snowboarding, skiing and scooter-ing are just a few of the most common accidents that can result in hefty medical bills and hit your back pocket without the proper insurance coverage. Across the board at Cover-More, medical expenses are the most common and most expensive … Continue reading

Aug 13 2014

A First Timer’s Guide To Malaysia

Annisa Dharma

Malaysia is a world of dualities – contemporary urban skyscrapers and traditional longhouse villages, concrete playgrounds and wild rainforests, colourful jungle tribes and vibrant city folk, mountainous granite peaks and clear blue beaches. It is two countries in one, split in half by the … Continue reading

Aug 12 2014

Local Love: Top 5 Melbourne Must-Visits

Flight Centre's Guest Bloggers

Local Melbournite and self-confessed suburb wanderer Tom Wuthipol Uj has spent a lot of time scouring the city and its surrounds, curating images for his project “Melbourne Brought Me Here”. Tom’s photographic journey showcases all the best bits of Melbourne, including those off the … Continue reading

Aug 11 2014

Double Your Fun With A Double Dip Holiday

Rachel Surgeoner

Everybody loves a 2-for-1, and we here at Flight Centre are no different. That’s why we’re bringing you our almost-too-good-to-be-true Double Dip Holiday deal: two destinations in the one holiday without doubling the cost! With our Double Dip Holidays, accommodation is included in the … Continue reading

Aug 10 2014

Hong Kong’s Moonlit Mid-Autumn Magic

Kasey Clark

A trip to lively, multicultural Hong Kong is a festival in itself, but when Asia’s so-called World City stages its annual Mid-Autumn Festival, it’s truly something special. This vibrant celebration – held this year on September 8 – is a veritable feast for the … Continue reading

Aug 9 2014

All-Season Alberta – Amazing On And Off The Slopes

Lucy Sutton

Ski bunnies from all over the world flock to the Canadian Rockies for around nine metres of fresh powder, which falls from November to May each year. But that’s not all Alberta has to offer. Arguably one of the most beautiful places on earth, … Continue reading

Aug 8 2014

The Edinburgh Festival Takes Centre Stage

Mike Tuckerman

Ask visitors to name Edinburgh’s most popular tourist attraction and chances are they’ll suggest Edinburgh Castle. At the very least, names such as Holyrood Palace, the Princes Street Gardens and Calton Hill will feature close to the top of most lists. Yet Edinburgh’s most … Continue reading

Aug 7 2014

How To See The Northern Lights In The Yukon

Annisa Dharma

There is something watching the skies, especially when they’re draped with dancing lights and vivid colours. A glimpse of the majestic Aurora Borealis is sure to give anyone tingles of excitement. Canada’s Yukon territory has some of the most spectacular Northern Lights in the … Continue reading

Aug 6 2014

Explore Beautiful Koh Rong Before The World Beats You To It

Flight Centre's Guest Bloggers

After weeks of sipping mojitos in Thailand, Flight Centre’s guest blogger Nicolle was in desperate need of a reprieve from the party lifestyle and the hordes of tourists overrunning the islands. In the search for peace and quiet on a piece of beach she … Continue reading

Aug 5 2014

Shopping In Macau, Where All That Glitters Is Gucci

Ashton Rigg

Money can’t buy happiness, but it can spoil you with a fabulous fuchsia Kate Spade clutch – and that’s pretty close. With shiny new carry-bags in hand and a purse that’s now a little lighter, the weight of the world melts off your shoulders. … Continue reading

Aug 4 2014

Group Travel Survival Guide – Five Steps To Success

Flight Centre's Guest Bloggers

Travelling with a group of friends or family can be one of the most rewarding experiences in the world. Sharing the thrills, the adventure, and making memories with those you love is priceless. While group travel can create and strengthen ties that last a … Continue reading

Aug 3 2014

Hong Kong: Top Pick Day Trips

Kasey Clark

A trip to lively and colourful Hong Kong – with its sparkling Victoria Harbour, modern metropolitan skyline and vibrant multiculturalism – promises a truly unforgettable experience. But the outskirts and outlying islands of Asia’s World City hold promise of their own. Make your Hong … Continue reading