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Five Great Stop-Offs Aboard The Queen Of The Mississippi

Leonardo da Vinci once said: “When you put your hand in a flowing stream, you touch the last that has gone before and the first of what is still to come.” The mighty Mississippi River touches you right back with an endless stream of unforgettable history and incredibly fascinating places to stop off and discover between New Orleans and Memphis. Could there be a better way to discover this part of the world than a river cruise? A luxury boutique paddlewheeler, the Queen of ... Continue Reading

Top 5 Big Attractions In Australia

Since the Swinging Sixties, Big Things began popping up at the highway's edge all over the country. From bananas of gigantic proportions to a crocodile you wouldn't want to meet in the wild, imagination is let free when it comes to creating over-sized landmarks. Now something of a cultural institution, these novelty attractions provide perfect photo opportunities from state to state, allowing travellers to document their journey with a quirky touch. The Big Banana One of the first and ... Continue Reading

Lauren Bath Visits Japan’s Fox Village (aka Probably The Cutest Place On Earth)

We caught up with photographer and prolific instagramer Lauren Bath (@laurenepbath) about her whirlwind trip with Flight Centre to Japan earlier this year. A highlight of the trip for Lauren was definitely Zao Fox Village, touted as ‘probably cutest place on earth’. Only in Japan right, a ‘village’ for foxes? That’s right; six different types of foxes along with other furry friends, including bunny rabbits, make up the one hundred-plus animals that call this little patch of land ... Continue Reading

Disney Shines Bright Like A Diamond For 60th Anniversary Celebrations

Oh Mickey, you're so fine. Since his first appearance nearly 90 years ago, Mickey Mouse has become entrenched in our minds as the smiling face of the Disney brand. A brand that is now an empire. Who knew three circles would become so iconic? Maybe Walt did. He was never afraid to dream big. The magic of Mickey and the Walt Disney Company is eternal. From Pinocchio to Pluto, Simba to Sully, Disney's beloved characters have stuck with us well into our adult years until we get the ... Continue Reading

Essentials For Visiting Paris

The City of Light is not just one of Europe's most beautiful capitals. Because of its small size, just 8 kilometres from north to south, Paris is also perfect for exploring on foot. So walk round the winding cobbled streets of panoramic Montmartre or stroll through the historic Marais with its devastatingly chic fashion boutiques. And for budget-conscious foodies — forgo the world-class restaurants in favor of the local artisan shops where you can stock up on delightful cheeses and ... Continue Reading

Inside Guide To Singapore Nightlife

Singapore may not be the first name on lists of celebrated nightlife capitals, but what the Lion City lacks in scale it is rapidly making up in style. This cosmopolitan island nation is fast becoming one of the trendiest destinations for a drink in Asia. Boasting the world-renowned Zouk nightclub, several stunning rooftop bars and even an eponymous cocktail of its own – the colonial-era Singapore Sling – there’s no time like the present to sample Singapore’s booming nightlife ... Continue Reading

The Latest Airline News & Updates

The airline industry is constantly changing, so you've got to be on your toes to stay up to date with it all. Fortunately, we've made life easier by compiling all the latest and greatest airline industry news. From new lounges opening and updates to baggage, to reduced services and business-class changes, everything you need to know is right here. USA Growth The Federal Aviation Authority in the USA has forecast 50 per cent growth in the number of people flying on US airlines in the next 20 ... Continue Reading

Pedal Your Way Around Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia has long been a favourite travel destination. For many years a rising number of travellers have been eager to take advantage of the region's splendid scenery and the disposition of its friendly locals. Increasingly those travellers are turning to cycling tours as an astute way to explore the Southeast Asian countryside, with Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam all offering ideal landscapes and countless towns and villages to explore en route. Cycling In Cambodia Nestled in the heart ... Continue Reading

I’d Go Back To Hong Kong Just For Little Bao

You know when you come across a restaurant on your travels, and you have such amazing experience, you’d consider moving to said destination, just to be closer, to the food?  Hong Kong’s Little Bao is that place for me. This hipster-burger institution turns the concept of an American diner upside down with its modern Asian cuisine approach, using many fine dining concepts for seemingly casual fast food. The staff at Little Bao make preparing burgers look like an art form, one ... Continue Reading

Australia’s World-Class Wine Country

People from all corners of the globe have developed a taste for Australian wine, thanks to the country's status as one of the top five wine exporters in the world. Millions of litres of whites, reds and roses are produced (and consumed) every year, from the cool-climate valleys in the south to temperate coastal vineyards. Whether your palate is under-developed or perfectly balanced, a journey into wine country always comes with a side serve of spectacular scenery and delicious food. ....... Continue Reading

Vivid Light 2015

A lot happens in Sydney over the Vivid light, music and ideas festival. Almost too much to sum up in just one article; so we’ll focus on one the most spectacular elements: the light shows! Vivid Light transforms Sydney into a wonderland of ‘light art’ sculptures, light installation and large-scale projections for the whole city to enjoy. All for free. Step out in Sydney between 22 May to June 8 and you’ll witness the world’s largest outdoor ‘art gallery’ through this fantastic ... Continue Reading

Queensland Holidays: Budget Vs Luxury

Adventure, relaxation and excitement awaits in Queensland. Whatever your travelling style, Australia's Sunshine State knows how to treat you to a memorable holiday. The only questions are where do you start and how much do you need? Whatever type of holiday you're looking for, there are plenty of budget options to choose from, while those who appreciate a luxury travel experience will certainly find what they're looking for (and more). Two Flight Centre consultants explored Queensland on ... Continue Reading

9 Best Places To Visit For Sci-Fi & Fantasy Fans

While sci-fi has often been more of a niche genre and was often mocked in the past for its more fantastical nature, it has finally achieved mainstream success and appeal. Sci-fi blockbusters now dominate cinemas from dystopian thrillers like The Hunger Games and Divergent to space adventures like Gravity and Interstellar to the Marvel adaptations like Guardians of the Galaxy and The Amazing Spider-Man, geek is finally chic. This year is set to be a big one for sci-fi with a raft of films ... Continue Reading

Wheels Up – Exciting New Flight Routes

Each month around the world airlines introduce exciting new destinations. This month we take a look at new flights with Rex, 787 updates for Air Canada and China Southern, as well as the end to Qantas turboprop operations in Perth and rumours of new North American destinations with Air New Zealand. Air NZ To Vancouver Air New Zealand has announced an increase in frequencies between Auckland and Vancouver to daily flights during the busy northern winter season in 2015/16. From December 21 ... Continue Reading

Britain’s 9 Most Mysterious Stone Circles

A stone circle in Dartmoor was recently discovered and is estimated to be as old as the world-famous Stonehenge. These two perplexing landmarks aren't the only ones to be found on a tour through Britain. We've amassed a list of the best stone circles to visit in the UK. Read on to find out which ones hit the mark when it comes to mystery and intrigue. .............................................................................................................................................. Continue Reading

Akubra On Tour In The Outback

The Flight Centre Content Team recently had the pleasure of embarking on the kind of adventure, that for many, is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity: a trip to Uluru. Murmurs soon began to fly around the office on what to pack in order to prepare for such a momentous destination. It soon became clear; the ultimate Outback fashion accessory is surely the Akubra. When buying an Akubra, you need to buy one size larger than your head size, as over time, the leather band inside hat will ... Continue Reading

City Scoop: Townsville

Get the need-to-know info if you're visiting Townsville, with these insider tips from bodybuilding champ Belinda Black. From its Italian food to groovy tunes and water views (not to mention the beaches and island getaways), don’t miss out on the hidden gems of this sunny North Queensland city. Food Frank’s Pizza Napoli, Mysterton – I was blessed to grow up around Italians and experience authentic Italian cuisine, so when I choose to wine and dine, this place is always my first ... Continue Reading

Lilly Singh Embarks On A Trip To Unicorn Island

She's not a bird and she probably only does a passable impression of a plane, but YouTube sensation Lilly Singh doesn't mind if you call her Superwoman. The Canadian-born comedian, rapper and bona fide internet celebrity has amassed a staggering 5.7 million subscribers on her YouTube channel, where she charms her audience with a mix of colourful parodies and incisive pieces-to-camera. Having long ago adopted the moniker of Superwoman, the 26-year-old is now set to embark on her first ... Continue Reading

15 Of The World’s Creepiest Abandoned Theme Parks

Theme parks that fall into disrepair seem to receive the same fate around the world: rusting roller coasters, overgrown swings and the eerie absence of children's laughter. From giant, decaying Gulliver statues to an overgrown yellow brick road, these are the theme parks left to the annals of time. A creepy experience awaits all who enter. ......................................................................................................................................................... Continue Reading

Please Ex-Plane – Flight Terms Covered

While travel can be a fun and exciting adventure, some flight terms and questions cause confusion. No longer will weight limits, turbulence and other air-travel occurrences go unexplained. Read on as we 'ex-plane' some common travel industry terminology and clear up any grey areas that might have left you baffled. Why does baggage have a weight limit? Airlines impose their own limits on baggage weight according to their fare rules. These vary between airlines and cabin class. In Austral... Continue Reading