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Kindness All Around In Myanmar

The 77-year-old man didn't speak a word of English and my Burmese vocabulary was limited to thank you. Somehow, though, we were able to connect over an open fire in his tiny home in the mountains outside Pindaya, Myanmar. I'd just finished trekking through the nearby jungle when my local guide ... Continue Reading

British Singer Joss Stone Talks Travel

She’s the queen of British soul. Long before the likes of Amy Winehouse and Adele there was Joss Stone. A musical trendsetter, she released her debut album, “The Soul Sessions” at the tender age of 16, an album that went on to become a multimillion-selling transatlantic success transform... Continue Reading

Top 10 Hotels For A Hong Kong Holiday

Hong Kong is a vibrant city of varied islands, teetering skyscrapers, endless cultural festivals, intriguing flavours and bustling streetscapes. A truly diverse international metropolis, Hong Kong combines the seeming contradictions of a stunning natural landscape of bushland and a glimmering ... Continue Reading

Halloween Hijinks At Universal Studios Japan

It’s Halloween, but not as you know it at Universal Studios Japan. One of only two Universal Studios theme parks in Asia (the other is in Singapore), Universal Studios Japan in Osaka goes all out for the spooky holiday. While you would expect a US-based fun park to celebrate Halloween in a big ... Continue Reading

A Berlin Bike Ride Through History

“I can’t believe it’s already been 25 years.” That’s what every American over 40 told me, like a mantra, before I left to cycle where the infamous Berlin Wall once stood. The biggest story of one generation was already just a chapter in the history books of the next. But that’s ... Continue Reading

Quiz: Who’s Your Celebrity Travel Twin?

Do you travel chillin’ in economy or insist on private jet all the way? Like to sun yourself in Hawaii or do you prefer the food and culture in Spain? Dress down for travel or never take off the stilettos? Instagram your every move or take the opportunity for a digital detox? From what you like ... Continue Reading

Riding The Trans-Mongolian Railway

Beijing to Ulaan Bataar. Just saying it out loud sounds thrilling, mysterious, exotic. This is one of the great train journeys of the world, mainly because it passes through some of the most amazing landscape on the planet. You start in one of this century's most powerful countries and finish ... Continue Reading

Ireland’s Land Of Fertile Rock

I'll admit, I was sceptical. Over the last decade or so, publications such as Food & Wine and the New York Times have expounded on Ireland's exciting new food scene, revelling in the capital’s locally sourced ingredients and highlighting new chef talents along the country's southern coast. ... Continue Reading

13 Unique Things To Do In Europe

Seen one too many photos of the Eiffel Tower? Jaded by the queues at the Colosseum? Skip the obvious tourist haunts with these 13 unique things to do in Europe for a holiday with a difference. 1. Turkey: Ride in a hot air balloon over Cappadocia See the topographical oddities of fairy ... Continue Reading

Family Holiday In Namibia: Digital Detox In The Sand Dunes

There was a moment, as we came in to land at Windhoek airport and gazed out of the window at mile after mile of nothing stretching to the horizon, when I wondered what on earth we were doing there. Namibia is a long way away, nobody flies there direct from London and it’s a very big country ... Continue Reading

Tracking Primates In Uganda

Our van trundles along the sun-baked track into Kibale National Park, passing through clouds of butterflies that flit around the verge and disappear into the dense forest. Once we arrive at Kibale Primate Lodge, I'm told the butterflies signify the arrival of the dry season. This is good news ... Continue Reading

8 Apps Every Traveller Should Use

"There's an app for that." This might be the most infuriating sentence of the 21st century. Of course there's an app. That doesn't mean I want to use it or even know it exists. Maybe I prefer unnecessary tribulations. Sarcasm. Does it work in writing? I'm not convinced, but there's ... Continue Reading

An Endless Summer In New Caledonia

“Don't bother to get off the ship,” a couple of my fellow frequent cruisers counselled. “Wait for the island stops.” It wasn't the most auspicious introduction to the New Caledonia capital, but I wasn't deterred.  I’d left Sydney Harbour on a chilly 17-degree August day and sailed ... Continue Reading

Fishing For Compliments In Samoa

Anthony, my guide, was like a chunk of granite in flip-flops. There seemed to be a great many chunks of granite flip-flopping their way through the streets of the capital, Apia. I could have thrown a rope with my eyes shut and lassoed somebody more than capable of pushing a grand piano up a ... Continue Reading

What’s New For Skiing In North America?

The (literally) biggest North American news is the linking of Park City and Canyons in Utah to form the largest ski area in America, with over 2,050 hectares of skiable terrain. Park City Mountain Resort knocks Big Sky, Montana (2,350 hectares) off the number-one spot it had only held since ... Continue Reading

Rio’s Downtown Retains Forgotten History

For most visitors to Rio de Janeiro, and even for many residents, the city's historic centre is a blur, a canyonland of office towers punctuated by the odd colonial-era church — all to be glimpsed through cab windows en route to the beach. But the downtown area, known in Portuguese as "Centr... Continue Reading

Celebrity Traveller: Hockeyroos’ Goalkeeper Rachael Lynch

Rachael Lynch is Australia’s star goalkeeper for the Hockeyroos. After making her debut in 2006 at the Champions Trophy tournament in the Netherlands, Lynch has become a regular feature in the Hockeyroos side. The Aussie 'gatekeeper' was instrumental in helping her team through to the World ... Continue Reading

African Escapes: Madagascar & Mauritius

Africa's appeal reaches from the mainland across the Indian Ocean to the expansive island of Madagascar and the petite Mauritius. Those who explore the region deeper are likely to encounter even more incredible sights and experiences. If you're seeking shipwreck diving, beachside luxury, ... Continue Reading

How To Visit The Real Morocco With Children

"Only seven?” queried my daughter, astonished. “Yes, Fatima,” confirmed our guide Halifa, using the nickname my daughter had acquired. “Seven a day is all you need, that’s how the Berbers survive in the desert.” I looked away sheepishly. Not only had we already exceeded our daily ... Continue Reading

Is Tiree A Surfer’s Paradise?

The solitude was almost eerie as I paddled further into the clear water. A breeze whipped my hair and the sea lapped gently against my board. Then I spotted a whiskered old boy bobbing around, watching me from just a few feet away. His bald head, half-submerged in the ripples, glinted in the ... Continue Reading