Oct 22 2014

Why We Think Tassie Is A Winner For 2015

Ashton Rigg

Lonely Planet has declared Tasmania to be the apple (isle) of travellers’ eyes in 2015. Our southernmost state won a coveted spot on Lonely Planet’s ‘top 10 regions for 2015′ list, and we’re inclined to agree with the decision! In honour of Tassie’s prestigious fourth … Continue reading

Oct 22 2014

Forever Young: Cruising with P&O at 21

Rachel Surgeoner

As a child, Brisbane local Helen Collyer, experienced the joys of cruising while on holidays with her family, however her latest cruise experience on Pacific Dawn to the South Pacific was her maiden P&O voyage as an adult. Travelling with one of her best mates, … Continue reading

Oct 21 2014

How To Spend 24 Hours In Athens

Neha Kale

If you think Athens is just an entrée to sun-splashed Santorini, you may want to reconsider. In the past few years, the dusty Greek capital – famous as much for around-the-clock crowds as archaeological grandeur – has come into its own. A wave of … Continue reading

Oct 20 2014

‘Travel Correspondent’ Katina Feels The Beat Of Australia’s Red Heart

Flight Centre's Guest Bloggers

Travelling to Uluru is an adventure many Australians pass on in favour of exploring faraway lands, but not for NT journo Katina Vangopoulos. As one of five Flight Centre ‘travel correspondents’, Katina decided to give herself and her mum Julie a travel education on the Red Centre … Continue reading

Oct 19 2014

Queensland’s Best Beaches As Voted By You

Jason Dutton-Smith

With summer fast approaching it’s time to dust off the swimming cosy,  unfurl the beach umbrella and  set the summer beach plans in motion.  There’s no doubt, it’s shaping up to be a hot summer. But with so many gorgeous beaches to choose from … Continue reading

Oct 18 2014

6 Romantic European Honeymoon Destinations

Tracy Fitzgerald

There’s nothing more romantic than walking hand-in-hand at dusk down tiny cobbled streets, past rows of candlelit restaurants. And there’s nowhere quite like Europe when it comes to scenes just like that. Europe has some of the best honeymoon destinations loved-up, post-wedding couples could … Continue reading

Oct 17 2014

Opposites Attract: FC Cruising Consultant Kirsten Ball Cruises The North & South Poles

Tara Young

Want to partake in a different kind of cruising where you can feel like you’re living a David Attenborough documentary, or perhaps discover the legacy of legendary explorers Scott and Shackleton in Antarctica, or Amundsen in the Arctic? Then adventure cruising at either the … Continue reading

Oct 17 2014

Embrace Malta For A Warm Winter In Europe

Ben Stower

After five days trudging through record snowfall in Rome and one melancholy evening in rainy and cold Bari, I found sunshine and warmth on the island country of Malta. Within a few hours Winter’s cold cavity had been replaced with a bright Mediterranean splendour … Continue reading

Oct 16 2014

The Top 10 Cathedrals In Europe

Tracy Fitzgerald

Journeying across Europe is popular with a wide array of travellers. The romantics have picture-perfect settings and the foodies have endless cuisines to choose from. Art lovers have museums and galleries, while religious adherents and historians alike can marvel at some of the world’s … Continue reading

Oct 15 2014

Brisbane Launches NEXT Generation Of Hotels

Ashton Rigg

You’ve just landed in Brisbane and been given the all-clear to use your mobile phone. You jump onto the NEXT Hotel app, check-in, choose your room and order a bottle of bubbly for your arrival (because why not?). You make your way to the heart … Continue reading

Oct 15 2014

On The Road In North And South Dakota

Mike Tuckerman

It is not advisable to miss a flight to North Dakota. I discovered this when I failed to board an Airbus A319 bound for Bismarck Municipal Airport, thus spending a restless night in Denver contemplating how a boarding time of 7.15 sounds much like … Continue reading

Oct 14 2014

Budapest’s Best 5: From Ruin Pubs To Thermal Baths

Sophie Cattana

Dubbed the ‘Pearl of the Danube’, the enchanting city of Budapest has more than 1,000 years of history. Today, the city is renowned for its pulsating nightlife and abundance of thermal springs. Unkown to some, Budapest is divided into two parts by Europe’s second … Continue reading

Oct 13 2014

‘Travel Correspondent’ Richard Colman Wines & Dines In Perth

Gemma Cleveland

Over the October long weekend, five lucky Aussies got the chance to channel their inner travel correspondent for Flight Centre. One of them was Richard Colman – a professional wheelchair athlete who travels the world competing on the track. At the 2014 Commonwealth Games … Continue reading

Oct 12 2014

Discover These 5 Lesser Known Cruise Destinations

Neha Kale

Whether you’re unwinding on the deck in the mid-morning sun or spending an afternoon exploring a far-flung port, cruises rank high when it comes to soul-affirming travel experiences. However, taking a cruise doesn’t have to mean trading in adventure for luxury – it’s also … Continue reading

Oct 11 2014

Spain Or Portugal – Which Would You Choose?

Annisa Dharma

Choosing between a holiday to Spain or Portugal is no easy feat – they’re both amazingly beautiful, rooted in vibrant historic culture and packed with oodles of good times. If you’re still having trouble picking one, keep in mind that they’re only a hop, … Continue reading

Oct 10 2014

Where To Ski Off The Beaten Track In Europe

Danny Venzin

Not rich? Not famous? No worries! You can still ski like someone that is. If just the price of a ski holiday normally makes you feel feint, take a deep breath and read about these off-the-beaten-track ski destinations in Europe that are sure to … Continue reading

Oct 9 2014

Yes We Can-Can! The Moulin Rouge Turns 125

Ashton Rigg

Legendary cabaret house the Moulin Rouge has reached an extraordinary milestone. This week, the grand old dame turns 125. Like fellow Parisians Coco Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent, the iconic Moulin Rouge oozes style, sophistication, and a certain je ne sai quois. More than simply a hub of … Continue reading

Oct 9 2014

Exploring London’s Canals By Bike

Rachel Surgeoner

I spent 24 months living and working in London and the thing I miss the most – aside from the after work pub shenanigans, ample market offerings, and new and exciting eateries – is the unique kind of freedom found on two wheels. London … Continue reading

Oct 8 2014

Colour Me Happy: Holi Festival Comes To Melbourne

Ashton Rigg

The countdown to colour is on. In one month to the date, Melbourne will be all but lost beneath a plume of powdery, pastel haze. The Victorian capital has the honour of hosting Australia’s first instalment of the Holi Festival of Colours – a … Continue reading

Oct 7 2014

Done Germany? Tried France? Check Out Belgium!

Mike Tuckerman

A holiday in Europe means many things to many people. For me, it usually offers the chance to not only explore a different part of the world, but also to catch up with some old friends and try some new beers. One place I … Continue reading