Apr 26 2015

City Scoop: Cairns

Flight Centre

Grab the scoop on Cairns, the unofficial capital of Tropical North Queensland. Located close to Queensland’s most-northern tip, Cairns is a source of stunning Queensland wildlife, adventure and culture. With the world-famous Great Barrier Reef just offshore and plenty of daytime and nightly activities … Continue reading

Apr 25 2015

The Travelling Life With Viggo Mortensen

Nick McGrath

Nick McGrath recently had the opportunity to chat one-on-one with actor Viggo Mortensen, best known for his role as Aragorn in The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Viggo Mortensen, an avid traveller, had plenty of tales to share including breakdowns in Patagonia, sleepless nights in Lapland, … Continue reading

Apr 25 2015

Bookmark These Upcoming Literary Festivals

AFP Relaxnews

Next month, the 28th annual Hay Festival will welcome its usual star-studded mix of authors, readers, thinkers and entertainers for 11 days of talks, readings and shows. Famously dubbed ‘the Woodstock of the mind’ by former US president Bill Clinton, it is one of … Continue reading

Apr 25 2015

New York’s Best Cocktail Bars

Richard Grant

Before jazz, automobiles, Hollywood films or cheeseburgers, America gave the world cocktails. Bold, glamorous but slightly vulgar, like the nation itself, these concoctions of spirits, sugar, bitters and ice emerged in the mid-19th century. The Prince of Wales, the explorer Sir Richard Burton and … Continue reading

Apr 25 2015

Commentator Greg Clark Looks Back To The Future For Rugby World Cup 2015

Greg Clark

Friends often say that they’d love to have my job, and while I try to convince them that there’s a lot of work that goes into the preparation for my Rugby commentaries, they don’t believe me. To them, it looks like a junket. Travelling … Continue reading

Apr 25 2015

What The Celebs REALLY Think About Queensland

Flight Centre

Queensland stuns any way you look and these celebs know it. From world-famous model Miranda Kerr to professional golfer Greg Norman, Queensland has produced its fair share of international names who’ve never lost touch with why they love the Sunshine State. Read about what … Continue reading

Apr 24 2015

Grab Your Bib: Top 10 American Food Festivals

Chris Leadbeater

Few countries know how to do food or festivals bigger than the US. Combine the two and you find yourself surrounded by delicious smells, tantalising cuisine and classic American culture. From food trucks in Las Vegas and a chocoholic’s dream, to lobster in Maine … Continue reading

Apr 24 2015

Pippa Middleton Travels To Norway

Pippa Middleton

The mad bustle of Gatwick, with its shopping malls, restaurants and crowds, felt a million miles away as we stood waiting for our luggage and ski gear to appear on the single carousel at Alesund airport. This small provincial airport, just two and a … Continue reading

Apr 24 2015

The Ultimate Gadget Pack For Travellers

Alex Kidman

Travel can broaden your horizons, but it can also leave you stressed out, disconnected and uncomfortable, even when things are going well. Now that most airlines have lifted restrictions on in-flight electronics it’s easier than ever to pack gadgets to make your trip a … Continue reading

Apr 24 2015

Tacky Souvenirs That Are Probably Best Left In The Giftshop

Ashton Rigg

Buried deep in the backs of all our cupboards are dusty relics of holidays. But not of our holidays. There’s the dancing hula girl from Uncle Phil’s trip to Hawaii, the bulky Texas belt buckle from your sister’s road trip, the three-sizes-too-big ‘I Heart … Continue reading

Apr 24 2015

Red Robin Supper Truck: The Newest Member in Brisbane’s Food Truck Flock

Rachel Surgeoner

The food truck scene is booming in Brisbane, growing from two to over 20 trucks in less than 24 months. Maybe it’s got something to do with the Sunshine State’s perennial good weather? We suspect it’s also got something to do with the city’s … Continue reading

Apr 24 2015

Lauren From ‘Gypsea Lust’ Shares Her Slice Of Paradise In TNQ

Flight Centre's Guest Bloggers

“The past six months have been nothing but a big adventure; the region is certainly ideal for those with a great sense of adventure,” says Lauren Bullen, who moved from Northern New South Wales to Tropical North Queensland after falling in love with the … Continue reading

Apr 23 2015

Altitude Festival Recap: 6 Things We Learned

Lucy Aspden

Altitude is a far cry from a stereotypical summer festival of large, browning fields jam-packed with crowds of youngsters playing Drink All The Drinks in search of cheap and easy thrills. Here in Mayrhofen, I was, at 23, one of the younger festival goers … Continue reading

Apr 23 2015

Your Ticket To Unlocking The World

Jason Dutton-Smith

When you are planning your overseas trip, don’t forget there are options beyond flying from your home port straight to your destination. One way to turn a great trip into a dream trip comes with the multiple stops offered by a ticket around the … Continue reading

Apr 23 2015

Mad Men Lives On With Exhibit In Washington, D.C.

Brett Zongker

Don Draper is making his exit with Mad Men this year, but his image as a 1960s advertising man will live on at the Smithsonian Institution. Jon Hamm, who plays Draper on the AMC drama about a New York ad agency, joined cast members … Continue reading

Apr 23 2015

The Lowdown On Aircraft Cabin Classes

David Flynn

In few aspects of life does the axiom “you get what you pay for” hold more true than in air travel. From the cheapest, most heavily discounted economy ticket to a full price private suite in first class, every part of your experience comes … Continue reading

Apr 23 2015

My Love Affair With Dubai International Airport

Kamila Shamsie

I have never had a fear of flying, but for many years I had a dread of airports. During the 90s, while a university student in America, I would fly back and forth between Karachi and the east coast twice a year, on an … Continue reading

Apr 23 2015

Life Is A Highway: Road Tripping Tropical North Queensland

Lee Mylne

A flock of magpie geese skims the water, settles on the surface and turns its attention to what lies below. A single white heron dips its head, unconcerned by their arrival or by ours as we settle quietly into the bird hide to watch. … Continue reading

Apr 22 2015

Experience Anzac Day in Gallipoli

Joanne Heggie

Spending Anzac Day in Gallipoli is a event that every Australian should experience.  Not only to learn about our history and fellow countrymen’s contribution to World War I, but it has become part of our Australia culture to comprehend what the term Anzac truly means … Continue reading

Apr 22 2015

Paris’ Louvre Still Most Popular Art Museum

AFP Relaxnews

Paris‘ Louvre remains the world’s most visited art museum according to a 2014 ranking, while London’s National Gallery and Seoul’s National Museum also had a year to celebrate. Two shows in particular were credited with helping the National Gallery increase its numbers, Veronese and … Continue reading