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101 Must-Dos In Europe In 2016

Creating a definite list of must-see sights and things to do in Europe is no easy task. There's 51 independent countries for starters, however the compact nature of the continent means it's easy to cross borders and explore Europe via rail, car, coach, plane or boat. Whether you concentrate your time in one country or loop through multiple destinations, no two trips will be the same. And if you need inspiration, here's our list of 101 must-dos in Europe next year. How many are on your list? ... Continue Reading

The Best UK Holiday Treehouses

For many of us, childhood included that unrelenting dream to live in a treehouse in our own abode above the rest of the world. It seems that desire was not lost on a few creative souls who have built some of the most luxurious and comfortable treehouse hotels around the United Kingdom. If you still harbour a similar ambition or simply want to escape to nature for a while, you might want to investigate one or more of the following holiday treehouses, considered the best in the UK. Brockloch ... Continue Reading

3 Memorable USA Driving Holidays

Do-it-yourself driving holidays come with the flexibility many travellers desire. Get more out of your USA self-drive holiday with our top three route suggestions and traveller’s tips. If you're considering a self-drive holiday in the US you’re not alone. More and more travellers are choosing to experience the magic and beauty of the American landscape from behind the wheel. A self-drive tour enables you to choose your own accommodation and spend as long or as short a time as you like ... Continue Reading

Ladies, This Is The One Travel Accessory You Can’t Live Without

If it's been a while since your last international sojourn, you might have forgotten about the one major annoyance that sneaks up on you at the airport security check point. I'm talking, of course, about gathering up all your carry-on toiletries and transferring them from your well-packed cosmetics bag into the sort of zip-lock contraption more commonly used to protect sandwiches in school bags. You've got your laptop in one hand – out of its sleeve and into its own security tray, ... Continue Reading

Rotorua & Lake Taupo – Top 6 For Kids

New Zealand has adventure travel pretty much sewn up, and Rotorua is possibly the adventure capital of New Zealand with its steaming, bubbling geothermal pools and adrenaline-packed activities. Here are a few recommendations from the locals – junior travel guides from Bound Round, the travel app for kids, by kids. 1. Agrodome Ever wanted to milk a cow, feed a lamb, cuddle a rabbit or pat a bull? All this is possible at Agrodome, a 140-hectare farm on the outskirts of Rotorua, ... Continue Reading

Where To See Tigers In The Wild Ethically

According to WWF, approximately 3,200 tigers exist in the wild, and of those only 300 are Sumatran, 450 are Amur or Siberian tigers (the largest sub-species in size), and Bengal tigers number under 2,500, with Indochinese and Malayan tigers even rarer to spot. Liz Bellward, ex-tiger handler and founder of Karma Cats, an Australian-based charity dedicated to raising funds to support animal conservation programs worldwide, says it’s important for travellers wanting to see tigers in the wild ... Continue Reading

Catherine Britt’s Daydream Holiday Comes True

I had a recent diagnosis of breast cancer at the age of 30 and it was one of those things that scares the life out of you but, funnily enough, also scares the life into you. It’s things like a health scare that make you realise life is so precious and can be taken away from you so quickly and you can never take your health for granted. So, in good health still, before all the treatment started I decided to do something I had been dreaming about doing since I first heard about it as a ... Continue Reading

See More South America In 2016 With Globus

With the buzz building around the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics, South America is most definitely the place to be next year. To help you make the most of your time in South America, Globus has just released its first-ever Latin America brochure, showcasing the highlights and must-see sights from Costa Rica to the tip of Argentina through new tours and expanded itineraries in the region. There will even be Brazil tours timed both before and after the Olympics so you can experience all the excitement ... Continue Reading

The Surfer Town Of Byron Bay: A Swell Place To Hang Out

Australian surfing legend Stephanie Gilmore, six-time women's world champion, shares her knowledge and experiences of Byron Bay, one of Australia's most popular destinations. Of course there's great surfing to be had, she says, but Byron offers much more from the beach scene to fashion to favourite eateries and places to hear great music. Here's what she has to say: When I was a kid, Byron was all about packing the tent and surfboards into our VW Combi vans and setting up at First Sun ... Continue Reading

10 Best Walks In New York

Make your personal trainer proud and explore the depths of New York by the merit of your own two feet. The city is perfectly designed for on-foot journeys with fascinating sights in every corner. NYC is like an iceberg – there’s so much more beneath its shiny surface – so stroll those sidewalks, take a detour, learn the lay of the laneways and see the city from a more intimate perspective by trying out these top 10 self-guided New York walks. 1. Treading The Brooklyn ... Continue Reading

P&O Cruises & Luke Mangan: A Tasty Pairing

Take one part leading cruise provider and one part top Australian chef. Mix together and let simmer for five years and you've got yourself one heck of a recipe for success. P&O Cruises and Luke Mangan joined forces on the Gold Coast on 2 July 2015 to celebrate their partnership that brought the Salt grill aboard the Pacific Jewel in 2009. At the time it seemed like an unlikely pair, but it turned out to be revolutionary. I was lucky enough to join in on the celebration as well as pose ... Continue Reading

Get More Bang For Your Buck In New Zealand

Where in the world can you turn five beers into six or nine nights into 10? Why New Zealand of course. Thanks to a generous exchange rate and budget-friendly living there are so many ways to stretch your dollar amongst NZ's ski fields and gorgeous lakes. Jet over the Tasman for a snow holiday in New Zealand and you'll literally be travelling overseas for a remarkably cheap price. Check out our infographic, which highlights exactly how much more your dollar will give you while visiting our ... Continue Reading

All The Single Ladies: 10 Tips For Solo Female Travellers

Behold the rare and elusive solo female traveller. Note the well-worn backpack, the sensible walking shoes and that glisten in her eye. The solo female traveller's natural enemy is the barrage of criticisms she might attract before her adventure, but nothing fazes this sun warrior: she knows who run the world (girls). If you're an independent woman thinking about stepping out on your own, the first tip (not included in the following 10) as Miss Swift recently re-revolutionised, is to shake ... Continue Reading

Naturally Beautiful New Zealand

The Land of the Long White Cloud is incredibly easy on the eyes. In just one day you can visit monochrome beaches peppered with iron, ancient evergreen forests and opal-hued crater lakes. New Zealand is eternally photo-ready, showing off her good side to the furthest reaches of the North and South Islands. White-capped mountains juxtapose against patchwork farmland in Queenstown's backyard, Otago, while bubbling geysers back on to snaking rivers in geothermal Rotorua. Sprinkled off ... Continue Reading

15 Queensland Places To Free Your Inner Mermaid

Let's face it: most little girls (and I daresay a number of little boys) dream of sprouting scaly tails and becoming mermaids and mermen. Merpeople, if you will. But somewhere along the line, when imagination has to give way to more 'practical' thoughts of phone bills and health insurance, our dreams of living in giant clam shells are washed away. Deep down, though, those fantasies of brushing your hair with a starfish and befriending wise-cracking crustaceans never truly die, and the ... Continue Reading

Get To Know Bali’s Districts

The Indonesian archipelago may include more than 18,000 islands but most international visitors don't make it beyond Bali. There are lots of reasons why this small island commands such appeal for new and returning visitors, among them its sheer diversity. This mix reveals itself from the bustling streets and white-sand beaches of Kuta, Legian and Seminyak to the upscale resorts of Nusa Dua, the cultural charms of Ubud and the cool highlands of Bedugul. Wherever you're staying in Bali, you'll ... Continue Reading

Luxury Green Hotel Opening In New York

A new luxury, eco-friendly hotel about to open its doors near New York’s Central Park will offer yoga mats in every room, a lobby farmstand, even a sand timer that gently encourages guests to take short, five-minute showers. The new brand, 1 Hotels, is a big departure for parent company Starwood, whose portfolio includes opulent chains like W Hotels, the St. Regis and Le Meridien, for which sustainability is an after-thought behind luxurious guest experiences. When the 1 Hotels Central ... Continue Reading

Where To Find 5 Of Australia’s Best Gorges

Australia’s wide open spaces are home to spectacular natural sights that draw visitors from all around the world. Although there are plenty of native animals to see, today we're focusing on the natural landmarks created over millions of years. From Western Australia to Queensland, take a look at our country's spectacular gorges, which are all worth visiting if you love the outdoors. Here are five examples of what you can see and experience by venturing around the country. Hancock ... Continue Reading

Port Lympne: A Night At The Zoo

Gazing out over the rolling green landscape of coastal Kent, perhaps the very last thing one would expect to see is a black rhinoceros, that critically endangered, prehistoric-looking double-horned beast, trundling along in a field with its mate. And yet, just a stone’s throw from the deck of our lodge at the Port Lympne animal reserve, that was exactly the view we had. Spending a night at the zoo is a perennial childhood fantasy; many a popular children’s book features a lock-in with ... Continue Reading

Kids’ Choice – Top 6 Cairns Attractions

Up in Far North Queensland, Cairns is positively bursting at the seams with natural and man-made attractions, along with plenty of activities the kids will love. However, how can you be sure which ones are more likely to capture their attention? We've got the inside scoop. Here are a few recommendations from the young locals - junior travel guides from Bound Round, the travel app for kids, by kids. 1. Paronella Park About 1.5 hours south of Cairns you’ll find a real ... Continue Reading