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10 Best Spas In Bali

When it comes to spa treatments, there is perhaps no better place to pamper tired muscles than Bali. Home of the traditional Balinese massage, the spa industry has come a long way from the simple beachside treatments offered to the island’s first wave of tourists in the 1950s. Having now established itself as one of the world's best destinations for relaxation and luxury, Bali upholds its fame with an assortment of quality spas. We've compiled a list of our 10 favourites. Now your only ... Continue Reading

Airline Review – Spotlight On Qantas Airlines

Qantas is one of the veterans of the sky and first started flying international passengers in 1935. Nicknamed 'The Flying Kangaroo', Qantas is Australia's flag carrier and largest airline now recognised throughout the world for quality service and an outstanding safety record. Every Qantas aircraft has been given a name, whether inspired by Greek gods, celebrities, Australian birds or Australian aviation pioneers. After enjoying a successful fleet of Boeing 747s, the airline plans to replace ... Continue Reading

7 Must-Do Activities For The Ultimate Malaysia Holiday

With its rich fusion of Malay, Chinese, Indian and European influences, high-tech cities, ancient temples and wild jungles, Malaysia is one of Asia's most diverse holiday destinations. Whether you're exploring the peninsula, trekking through wild Borneo or heading out to coral-fringed islands, you'll never be short of tours and activities highlighting the best of Malaysia's natural and cultural surrounds. For nature lovers, there’s plenty to see and do in Malaysia. The clear waters of ... Continue Reading

Vikings Storm Beaches Of Lakeside Canadian Town

Swords and battle axes drawn, shields up, combatants thrust and parry in a stunning recreation of Viking battles at the Icelandic Festival of Manitoba in Canada's midwest. The annual Gimli summer festival dates back 126 years to the colonisation of the south shore of Lake Winnipeg by Icelandic immigrants. The small town, 75 kilometres north of Winnipeg, is home to the largest concentration of residents with Icelandic ancestry outside Iceland and during four days every August hosts a ... Continue Reading

Foodie’s Guide To Eating Through Singapore

Singapore's ethnic melting pot is reflected in its cooking pots. Centuries of Chinese, Malay, Indian and European influences have produced one of the most diverse national cuisines in Malaysia, and more recent immigration has added even more ingredients to the mix. Singapore's eclectic menus don't just include the best of other countries, but also signature dishes that originated here. Try the spicy rojak and fish head curry for an authentic Singaporean experience, or pull up a chair at a ... Continue Reading

Airline Review – Spotlight On Emirates Airlines

Emirates might not be the oldest carrier in the world, but the UAE's largest airline is clearly in it for the long-haul. Operating more than 3,300 flights per week to 144-plus cities, Emirates also provides four of the world's longest non-stop commercial flights and is expected to break the world's longest flight record with a service from Dubai to Panama City in February 2016. This award-winning airline has steadily made a name for itself when it comes to service, growth, excellence and ... Continue Reading

Hunting The Blue Yeti Of Bhutan

On a clear day, the entire Jomolhari Range – including Bhutan’s second highest peak and one of the country’s most sacred places – should be visible from where I was standing. But on that cold and gloomy June afternoon, all I could see were a blinding mist and grey skies. I was on the 3,780-metre Chele La mountain pass in west Bhutan, and despite the ominous monsoon weather, my guide Raj Lama sent me hiking up yet another trail to try to get a better view. I was not impressed, and ... Continue Reading

9 Hotels In Santa Monica That Ooze LA Style

Santa Monica is one of Los Angeles, California’s most popular beachside cities and home to one of the most visited piers in North America. This stretch of sand is dotted with eclectic restaurants, lively bars and trendy shops – not to mention the Ferris wheel on its famed pier – lending it a perpetually hip vibe. Think rollerblades, food trucks and cocktails in bikinis. Accommodation in Santa Monica runs the gamut, from budget bungalows to regal, five-star resorts, all within a few ... Continue Reading

Airline Review – Spotlight On Etihad Airways

Etihad has been flying passengers around the world since 2003 and now provides more than 1,000 flights per week to 120-plus destinations. With an aircraft fleet in excess of 120 planes and close to 200 more to be added in the future, Etihad clearly has plans to cement its position as the UAE's second-largest airline and perhaps even surpass the current leader, Emirates. With the addition of the Airbus A380, Etihad initiated a new level of luxury while flying. The Residence is the first of ... Continue Reading

10 Best New York Foodie Experiences

The Capital of the World, to borrow from former mayor Rudy Giuliani, is also the champion of all things flavourful. If you’re the epicurious sort, New York has all the fixin’s for tasty travel, from hot-dog carts and haute dining, to Eastern cuisine and the delicious lovechild of a doughnut and croissant. Try these top 10 must-eats in the city’s districts for a nom-nom New York experience. 1. Pizza In Brooklyn Pizza and Brooklyn – you can’t have one without the ... Continue Reading

The Exotic Cities Of Morocco

Criss-crossing culture and a handful of widely spoken languages make Morocco hard to pin down. This pocket of North Africa is beyond unique, backing onto the Western Sahara yet only an hour ferry trip to Spain. Beyond the mighty desert in the country's south are cities that resist definition, all at once ancient and modern, laidback and frantic. Rabat The urban ensemble of Rabat earns UNESCO status for its shared heritage as a modern capital and historic city – while there is a ... Continue Reading

The World’s 7 Spookiest Ghost Towns

Who knows if ghosts are real, but if they are, they're surely in residence in these spooky settings around the world. From towns abandoned post-war and old mining-boom communities now left deserted, to an island haunted by the spirit of a dead girl, your holiday won't lack adventure if you dare to explore one of these haunted sites. Here are seven of the most spine-tingling. Hashima Island, Japan This island off the coast of Nagasaki has been abandoned for over 30 years, since Mitsubishi ... Continue Reading

Airline Review – Spotlight On Cathay Pacific

Founded back in 1946 by an Australian and an American duo, Cathay Pacific has been in the air for almost 70 years and is now the largest airline of Hong Kong and the third largest airline in the world. Despite humble beginnings (both founders only had to front $HK1 each to register the airline), Cathay Pacific has achieved world-wide success winning the 'World's Best Airline' award four times and 'Airline of the Year' in 2014. Cathay Pacific has recently added the 'giant of the skies', ... Continue Reading

A Game-Changing South Of France Cruise With Scenic

It’s one of those moments that bring back an almost-forgotten child-like excitement.  No matter how many times you have packed for a trip, a holiday, or a global experience, booking your first big river cruise brings many exciting expectations. The Danube was first consideration, but there was that decade-ago declaration of a return to France and Paris to properly enjoy everything.  Cumulative research of the internet, some brochures, along with all-important recommendations from ... Continue Reading

Cryptid Legends: The World’s Most Mysterious Creatures

Ever come across a cryptid? If you had, you'd definitely remember and you'd probably be telling your tale to a crowd of laughing sceptics ready to label you a loony. Usually reserved for the murkiest depths of the darkest waters and the farthest reaches of the spookiest forests, these creatures are the ones that appear out of nowhere ... at the corner of your eye ... when you're by yourself ... at night. To put it more technically, crytpids are 'hidden animals', or those whose existence ... Continue Reading

Literary Inspired UK Holidays

From a land which gave rise to the modern English language, it's no surprise Britain's history and culture are inextricably linked to its leading literary lights. From Shakespearean English to the slang-riddled streets of Irvine Welsh's Edinburgh, the United Kingdom is a haven of literary landscapes ripe for exploration. Tread the boards in Southwark, take a tour of the Lake District or follow in the gritty footsteps of Inspector Rebus in a nation renowned for spawning some of the finest ... Continue Reading

Actor Jesse Metcalfe Talks Travel

American actor Jesse Metcalfe, best known for his role on the televeision show Desperate Housewives and his performance in the film John Tucker Must Die, recently sat down with Nick McGrath to discuss how travel complements his life as an actor. During the one-on-one he recalled the "magic" of Mumbai, bungee jumping off a mountain and the worst night's sleep he's ever had. He also revealed some of his favourite filming locations and a handy travel tip. How often do you travel? My ... Continue Reading

Fishing For All Anglers Along QLD’s Southern Great Barrier Reef

There's no indifference when it comes to fishing. You either love casting a line out or you'd rather do anything else. However, one effective way to drag the non-enthusiasts out of bed at sunup is the promise of the Southern Great Barrier Reef's (SGBR) scenic fishing spots and underwater spoils. And for the lovers? Well, the gorgeous surrounds and perfect catches are the best complement to an angler's day out, so long as there's something biting. Fortunately, the SGBR has plenty of hungry ... Continue Reading

South America’s Waterfall Wonderlands

South America is often called a fiery continent but this sprawling collection of countries also contains its share of spectacular waterfalls. The continent's snaking rivers and waterways start to swell when the Andean mountain snows begin their annual thaw, bursting free in an explosion of colour and condensation at the end of multiple major watercourses. So inspiring are many of South America's waterfalls that plenty of visitors head well off the beaten path just to witness their spell-bi... Continue Reading

When Travel Insurance Counts: The Nepal Earthquake

On 25 April 2015, a 7.8-magnitude earthquake struck near Kathmandu in Nepal. Almost immediately, Kathmandu's Tribhuvan International Airport was closed and reports surfaced of climbers stuck on the mountain and damage to Everest Base Camp. Over the next few days a grim picture emerged of a growing death toll, a series of avalanches damaging Base Camp and many travellers remaining unaccounted for. Back in Sydney on 27 April, Kylie Jacob, Team Leader at Flight Centre Marrickville Metro, ... Continue Reading