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Mind Your Bubbles And Nudes At The Moulin Rouge

Of course you've heard about the legendary Moulin Rouge in Paris. You just don't know if anyone actually goes there. They do, it turns out. Every night. Before you make your way to the red light district for yourself, here's what you need to know. POP! go the Champagne bottles — all night long — at the Moulin Rouge. As a lover of musicals and of all things Parisian, I could not turn down the opportunity to visit the Montmartre location of Satine and Christian's epic love story as ... Continue Reading

6 Reasons To Hightail It To Brisbane Festival This September

This year's Brisbane Festival program is arguably the sassiest, sexiest, most shoulder-wiggling, hip-swivelling fiesta the Queensland capital has ever seen. At just six years old, the big-hitting Brisbane Festival attracts around one million arty types each year. Hundreds of performances take place around every bend of the Brisbane River, culminating with a bang – literally – when Sunsuper Riverfire sets the night sky alight in a fireworks spectacular that rivals New Year's Eve. Bri... Continue Reading

Pick Your Peace On A Quebec River

The St Lawrence River in Quebec is like a pastoral painting along most of its length, wild in so many places, gently settled in others — a sea of tranquility for the spirit no matter how rough the waters or dark the sky. You can pick your peace here. The choices are endless, from the outskirts of Montreal to Land's End in the Gaspe Peninsula (about 960 kilometres). Which side of the river is better? Which, on official lists of Quebec's most beautiful villages, is fairest of them all? ... Continue Reading

Patagonia’s La Trochita: The Old Patagonian Express

The train had been pootling along at less than 32 kilometres an hour when it stopped completely. There had been no warning, and there was no explanation. When it remained stationary for 10 minutes, there were no complaints. Instead, many of us stepped down through a gale into high grass to enjoy a view towards sun-brushed hills and snow-capped peaks, to photograph the train in the landscape or to have ourselves photographed in the cab while the crew were busy elsewhere. “What’s going ... Continue Reading

Sean Scott’s Cook Islands Photo Diary

The Cook Islands are without a doubt heaven on earth with lush jungles and palm-fringed beaches that overlook breathtaking turquoise waters. Aussie photographer and instagrammer Sean Scott and fellow instagrammer Sjana Earp recently visited the beautiful Cook Islands to experience island life for 10 wonderful days and we're lucky enough to offer a sneak peek into how they spent their time, from sunrise to sunset, through Sean's lens. Continue Reading

Adventures At El Questro Wilderness Park In The Kimberley

The Kimberley region of Western Australia is often described as one of the world’s last unspoilt frontiers. After a two-hour drive into the back of beyond, along the rough and dusty Gibb River Road, there was still no evidence of life.  You couldn’t get any more Outback if you tried. The Gibb River Road is a 660-kilometre,  unsealed and unforgiving dirt track, with deep river crossings, and the 4WD option of two routes that pass through the heart of the remote Kimberley region, ... Continue Reading

Celebrate 4th Of July With The Most American Things In America

Light those sparklers and don your red, white and blue because the good old U S of A is celebrating another year of independence! It's a time of BBQs, baseball, picnics, family reunions and celebrating by listing out the most American things to check out in America. So, without further ado ... Happy birthday, America! Old Glory An eternal symbol of the United States, you'd be hard pressed to find an American that doesn't own a flag in one form or another. Its 13 red and white stripes ... Continue Reading

Goldie on Phuket, Thailand

English DJ, musician, artist and actor Goldie – aka Clifford Price – moved to Phuket about six months ago and hasn't looked back. Here he talks art, music, yoga and the high notes of this beautiful island in the Andaman Sea, which is home to some of Thailand's most popular beaches. Me and my wife, Mika, were married in Cherngtalay temple on Phuket island eight years ago. We used to come back every year and eventually thought, why don’t we live here? So now we do! We built a wonder... Continue Reading

Diocletian’s Palace And Other Reasons To Linger In Split

Like Old Towns the world over, Split's historical heart is a fine place to get lost. Along its meandering marble streets, you'll find smart boutiques and restaurants jostling for space, as music plays, starlings swoop and washing lines cut through the sky above. With so many riches to recommend it, Croatia's second city deserves greater recognition and, thanks to the many new flights from the UK, it's sure to get it. Among the new links is a BA service from Heathrow, and easyJet routes from ... Continue Reading

3 Iconic Journeys Through India

Bedazzling in its diversity of landscapes and cultures, India is a travel experience where your mode of transport and en-route intrigues can be just as exotic as the destination itself. Melissa Rimac recalls three iconic journeys, from rural backroads to floating houseboats and heading for the hills. A Royal Revelation Picture this. You’re cruising through Rajasthan’s painterly desert, cocooned in a black Ambassador that’s pure 1950s. Every mirror is garlanded with marigolds and a ... Continue Reading

Quiz: Which Beach Break Is Best For You?

We all love a beach holiday, but it’s important that your vacation destination is everything you want it to be. Whether you’re searching for a relaxing break, an active getaway or a fun-filled, week-long party, we’re here to help. Take our quiz to determine which fabulous beach break is for you! Continue Reading

Long Rode Home: Cycling Around The World

Fed up with living vicariously through other people’s travel adventures, last year Sarah Webb traded her journalism job for a two-wheeler to cycle the world with her boyfriend, Scott Daniel-Guiterrez, in tow, on an epic four-year, round-the-world trip dubbed the 'Long Rode Home'. Now one year into their cycling odyssey, I caught up with Sarah to find out about life on the road through Europe and North Africa. When we caught up last October, you were on your way through Germany – ... Continue Reading

Bali Volcano Eruption Affects Flights To And From Denpasar

Update: 03/07/15 at 2pm Jetstar has advised on its website that it will resume services to Bali. After consultation with the Volcanic Ash Advisory Centre (VAAC) this morning, the carrier has determined it was safe to fly to Denpasar again. The company will continue to monitor the volcanic activity from the eruption of Mount Ruang on July 2, 2o15 and let customers know of any changes to the flying schedule to and from Bali. -------------------------------------------------------------... Continue Reading

Natural Selection: Unparalleled Beauty In Western Canada

All roads lead to nature when travelling through Canada’s beyond-beautiful provinces of British Columbia and Alberta. Canada isn’t a country to simply fly in and out of. Its unfettered beauty is best experienced from ground level, where you can freely access the mountains of snow-flecked pine, spruce and fir and lakes of cool, blue beauty. Whether you choose to cruise, hit the road or ride the rails (or go for the trifecta and try all three with a company like APT) the greatest hits of ... Continue Reading

The Truth Is Out There On World UFO Day

The official World UFO Day website suggests one way of celebrating this most sacred of occasions is to 'talk with your friends about the possibility of UFOs or alien life'.  So here we are, friends, delving into the bizarre, the unexplained, the paranormal... the extraterrestrial. Whether you're a full-blown believer or a staunch sceptic, today is a timely reminder that alien life could well indeed be out there. Who knows? By 2050 we might be counting down the hottest inter-galactic ... Continue Reading

A Guide To The Melbourne Cup Carnival

Where else in the world has a horse race that created a public holiday? A fine and festive affair in Melbourne, the rest of the country also stops in its tracks, if only for a few minutes, on the first Tuesday of November for the Melbourne Cup. Melbourne Cup is as much about the celebration as it is about the horse racing. Hundreds of thousands pour through the gates of Flemington. The atmosphere on Cup Day is arguably the most festive – attracting the creme de la creme of society and even ... Continue Reading

Jumbo Jetsetter: Flying While Pregnant

A last minute 'babymoon' or flights home to see family before the imminent arrival ... there are many reasons to travel while pregnant, but knowing the guidelines will help you better plan your trip. If you're pregnant and planning on jetting off, here are the things you need to know. First and foremost, you should discuss your intended travel plans with your doctor well before you book your flight.  In most circumstances they'll need to give you medical clearance and provide you with a ... Continue Reading

Red Bay: A Corner Of Canada That Is Forever Basque

The clues are there for anyone to see – the piles of red rubble on the beaches, the big bones scattered along one section of shoreline – but nobody in the Canadian fishing village of Red Bay had thought to put them together. “As kids we’d find these little pebbles on the beach, what we thought were pebbles,” Alice Moores, a local woman, told me. “We’d use them like chalk, to draw on the rocks.” Red Bay, on the coast of Labrador, is a classic 'outport' of Atlantic Canada: ... Continue Reading

Why Mauritius Is A Dream Destination

Swaying palm trees, white sand beaches, turquoise lagoons – it’s little wonder Mauritius is considered a dream destination. The tropical island off the coast of Africa has a plethora of resorts catering to everyone, from budget-conscious families looking for all-inclusive packages to couples wanting the ultimate in luxury. Choose to lie by the pool sipping cocktails all day, or take part in the activities on offer, which may include waterskiing, kayaking, snorkelling, scuba diving, ... Continue Reading

10 Canadian Foods To Celebrate Canada Day

Happy Canada Day, folks! July 1 marks the uniting of three colonies into the country we know as Canada. A huge and hungry land (I may be paraphrasing from national anthem O Canada); those Canucks have brought the world so much more than Justin Bieber and Nickelback. We'll forgive them for crimes against the music industry for their contribution to gastronomy. We're commemorating the Canucks the best way we know how by taking a look at 10 of the most Canadian dishes. Because, don't all ... Continue Reading