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8 New York Boutiques With Hidden Coffee Shops

So you arrive in New York and the first thing you decide to do is hit the shops, but before that ... is coffee. Don’t be fooled into thinking that ‘real’ New York Starbucks is something to write home about. It’s not. Instead save your tastebuds for the good stuff and even then it can be ... Continue Reading

Bali Flights Resume After Volcanic Activity

Travellers to and from Bali have been disrupted by volcanic activity from Indonesia’s Mt Rinjani overnight but flights have resumed today. Virgin Australia, Jetstar and Tigerair have announced they are resuming flights to and from Bali, but some delays may be expected. Under advice from the ... Continue Reading

Double Your Fun On An #AvGeek Holiday

There are those among us for whom the destination matters less than the journey. And by the journey, we mean, of course, flight. Happily, we have compiled a list of destinations to thrill even the geekiest of #AvGeeks so they can have their cake and eat it, too. Air Hollywood, USA Chances are ... Continue Reading

Oktoberfest Like A Local

Did you know that Oktoberfest actually starts in September, and it's already well underway in Munich? Lasting 16 to 18 days, this famous German folk festival originated around 1811. Today, the festival draws more than 6 million revellers of all ages from around the world to gather together, drink ... Continue Reading

Escape The City: The Best Last Minute Long Weekend Getaways Around Aus

Finally, the October long weekend is here! Forgotten to plan ahead? Don’t worry, just because you didn’t book a flying weekend getaway to Fiji or New Zealand doesn’t mean you can’t get out of the city for a few days. Here are a bunch of things you can do fairly close to home this weekend.... Continue Reading

5 Reasons To Fall For Lake Tahoe In Autumn

The shoulder season between North Lake Tahoe’s summer and winter is described by many as the best time of year to explore this beautiful region in America's Sierra Nevada mountain range. There are still plenty of exciting events going on, the water of Lake Tahoe, which straddles the California... Continue Reading

Italy On Show

“Whenever I travel, I go with no expectations; I go with my eyes open wide and ready to experience anything that is thrown at me.” Flight Centre Bendigo Travel Expert Renee admits she thought she might feel hindered by the group travel experience on a recent trip to Europe, but Trafalgar’s ... Continue Reading

Border Force Strike Action To Disrupt Travel For 2 Weeks

Two weeks of strike action are set to begin today at Australia’s international airports, cruise ship terminals and cargo facilities. The rolling stoppages by Australian Immigration and Border Force workers will occur in 30-minute blocks, but where and when has not been revealed. Passe... Continue Reading

Fiji For Lovers – 7 Amazing Resorts NOT To Bring The Kids To

Fiji is renowned for being family friendly, but seriously, what could be more romantic than a palm-fringed tropical island, with white sandy beaches and someone nearby to serve you chilled champagne as you watch the sunset? If you want a little more romance in your holiday life, why not leave ... Continue Reading

New York with Kids: Conquering The Big Apple Is Child’s Play

New York doesn’t have to be daunting when contemplating things to do for the younger members of your travelling group. Here is a list of fabulous things for kids to see and do (and for those of us who are still a kid-at-heart) that are easy to accomplish over one to two or three days (summer ... Continue Reading

Discover Berlin’s Alternative Art Scene

The fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 was the catalyst for a ballooning art scene that gained Berlin a new kind of reputation – alternative and cool. Hundreds of decrepit and abandoned buildings became havens for money-poor, time-rich artists seeking out cheap rents, considerable government grants ... Continue Reading

Under A Southern Sky

Casting your eyes to the sky to spot constellations has to be one of life’s greatest pleasures. However, city living isn’t exactly favourable to stargazing with an increasing amount of light pollution cloaking the bedazzled night sky. Fortunately Australia is a vast and sparsely populated ... Continue Reading

Dining Districts of San Francisco

Eating is a valid pastime in San Francisco, which boasts more restaurants per capita than any other North American city. The cuisine is varied and authentic, and the atmosphere ranges from upper-class bistros through to lively gastro pubs that spill out on to the street. Wandering in search of a ... Continue Reading

Smart Sailing: Enrichment Programs On The High Seas

For many of us, no matter at what age, life’s journey is all about learning, and what better opportunity on those long sea days is there than to use the time to develop a different skill set or learn something new. This approach has been well and truly embraced with gusto by cruising companies, ... Continue Reading

Recreate A Grand Tour Of The Continent

A couple of hundred years ago, a visit to Europe was considered an educational rite of passage for young men – and later young women – of means. This Grand Tour of the Continent, which was popular from the 17th to the 19th centuries, was immortalised in such books as E.M. Forster’s A Room ... Continue Reading

Travel Back In Time To See Old Hollywood

There are those that will tell you that the Golden Age of Hollywood is gone. And they’re probably right. Movie stars have given way to reality stars, and success is measured by the pack of paparazzi in chase. It's a far cry from the days of Sinatra and Monroe, but there's just something about ... Continue Reading

Local’s Guide to Eating In Rio

When it comes to food, Rio De Janeiro really does have it all. A vibrant mix of Asian, African and Portuguese cultures shapes a cuisine highlighting local seafood, meats and abundant fruit and vegetables from the Amazon. Food is a treasured part of Carioca life and shouldn’t be missed in a hotel ... Continue Reading

Hiking Hawaii: 5 Top Locations

Hawaii has one of the most dramatic volcanic landscapes on the planet: all set within tropical rainforest and plunging coastlines beside the heaving Pacific Ocean. While most tourists come to Hawaii to lie on its beaches, Hawaii’s hiking credentials are too often overlooked by visitors. Hawaii ... Continue Reading

Self Drive: Spots to Stop on the South Island

Nowhere else begs to be explored with two hands on the wheel, rolling along the winding tarmac, quite like New Zealand’s South Island. Around every turn a new Insta-worthy spectacle appears: snow-capped peaks jutting into the clouds, pristine lakes fringed by colourful wildflowers, beachfront ... Continue Reading

Insta-Adventure: Follow Jason & Emilie Through Europe

Flight Centre is getting pretty excited about Europe! So much so that we are sending two of our favourite Instagrammers – Jason Charles Hill (@jasoncharleshill) and Emilie Ristevski (@helloemilie) – on a whirlwind tour of London, Italy and France, and points in between. They’ll be packing ... Continue Reading