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The Darker Side Of London

London boasts numerous historical landmarks. Buckingham Palace, St Paul's Cathedral, Westminster Abbey and Trafalgar Square are deeply ingrained in the fabric of the city. However, London also boasts a darker side. In a city that has borne witness to the plague, Jack the Ripper and royal beheadings, part of London's character is derived from its history as a place of death and destruction. Londoners are nothing if not entrepreneurial, though, and guided tours of some of the English ... Continue Reading

3 European Castles With A Dark Past

Whether you believe in the paranormal or not, many of Europe's old-world dwellings have a dark past grounded in historical significance and can ignite your mind as well as your sixth sense. Some bastions, regardless of their external grandeur, have been home to tales of doom and gloom that are certain to fascinate and frighten, sending shivers down even the most sturdy of spines. Bran Castle, Romania In a remote corner of the Carpathian Mountains in old Transylvania stands ... Continue Reading

Chase The Sun: Beat The Winter Woes With These Beach Breaks

Swap the chill in the air for a chilled cocktail on a tropical beach this winter. In anticipation of the thermometer plummeting into the low 20s and beyond (heaven forbid!), take advantage of these travel packages to ‘chase the sun’. Thaw out - and sprawl out - on your ideal beach. Think idyllic beach settings such as Tropical North Queensland, Bali, Phuket and Fiji, or travel further afield and enjoy the Northern Hemisphere summer in Honolulu. Check out the latest beach accommod... Continue Reading

Queensland On A Plate

If you think you know what to expect when it comes to dining in Queensland, think again. You’ll find seriously edgy bistros and cafes championing local ingredients and casual dining, along with sophisticated food choices and friendly wait staff with efficient service, all bundled with exceptional local and regional flavours. The warm, welcoming weather, blue skies and relaxed living that is the Queensland lifestyle is echoed by its dining scene. Here are the top picks from across the ... Continue Reading

Chef Michael Moore Goes To Mammoth

Between the golden sands of the coast and the glitz of its celebrities, you would be forgiven for thinking California is all about its big city attractions. In reality, the appeal of the Golden State goes far beyond shopping strips and movie studios. Tucked away in the northern most reaches of this famous west coast destination is Mammoth. It may be renowned in certain circles for its premier late season skiing, but this rural retreat has much more to offer than just snow covered runs. This ... Continue Reading

USA Theme Park Unveils Wicked Cyclone Hybrid Roller Coaster

US theme park Six Flags New England has launched its new, hotly anticipated roller coaster called Wicked Cyclone. One of only a handful of hybrid coasters in the world, meaning it is made from both steel and wood, the ride is said to convey "the powerful force of Mother Nature." It stands 10 storeys high, reaches speeds of 55mph (88.5 km/h), features a 78-degree drop and two Zero G Rolls. Watch the coaster in action during a test run below. ......................................... Continue Reading

P&O Cruises Throws Buffet Dining Overboard

Bye, bye buffet … hello Pantry. P&O Cruises, in one of the biggest transformations in Australian cruising history, has banned the buffet on its ships. The traditional buffet will be replaced on P&O’s five Australian-based ships with the Pantry - a marketplace of fresh food outlets, not unlike an upmarket food court where customers order and are served their meals. The company is describing this radical move as giving customers the chance to “move away from putting as much ... Continue Reading

Consultant Kristie Albrecht Shares Her Whitsundays Experience

I was so excited to finally visit Queensland's Whitsundays, where I was ready for a little luxury. I flew from Brisbane to beautiful Hamilton Island with Virgin Australia. On arrival, our private transfer whisked us to the stunning qualia resort, where I was greeted at reception with a chilled glass of Veuve Champagne. Is there a better way to be greeted by reception? The next morning we transferred by ferry to the championship Hamilton Island Golf Club on neighbouring Dent Island ... Continue Reading

50 Shades Of Red: The Spiritual Outback

In darkness and silence, we drive around the perimeter of ‘the rock’. It cuts an imposing figure against the night sky, like a sleeping giant; a beauty spot on the face of the Red Centre. It’s the second morning we are up before dawn and it won’t be the last during our exploration of Australia’s heartland. Early risers are rewarded here. On this occasion, we’re braving the desert chills in the hopes of catching one of those famous Outback sunrises. As we make the short ... Continue Reading

Smorgasbord Of Shopping In Hong Kong

With more than seven million inhabitants squeezed into one of the most densely packed places on the planet, it's no surprise there are plenty of places to shop in Hong Kong. Almost half the city's residents live in Kowloon and the district's soaring skyscrapers hide a multitude of shopping centres and well-patronised backstreet stalls and malls. Once described as the world's busiest shopping district, bustling Mong Kok is a shopper's paradise, with entire streets dedicated to every possible ... Continue Reading

World’s 10 Most Unusual Gardens

With the world-renowned Chelsea Flower Show having recently packed away its colourful displays, we thought it would be a fine time to showcase the strange, yet mesmerising gardens around the world. From man-made giants and reconstructed dinosaurs, to waterfalls and sleeping flora beauties, these gardens showcase our creative abilities and inspire limitless imagination. 1. Gardens By The Bay, Singapore Gardens by the Bay is a park spanning 101 hectares in central Singapore. ... Continue Reading

Expert’s Guide To Getting Around Singapore

Getting around Singapore can be chaotic if you don't know what transport options are available. Fortunately, the city caters to all types, whether you prefer train, bus, taxi or driving yourself around. This informative guide breaks down all the options, providing a useful overview and valuable information for when you're next in Singapore and are wondering what MRT or LRT stand for. Light Rail Transit (LRT) The light rail component of Singapore’s public transport network, the Light ... Continue Reading

Wales Opens World’s Largest Underground Zipline

Wales continues to develop as a leading adventure-activity destination, with the opening of the world’s largest fully underground zipline course. In the vast Llechwedd Slate Caverns, Zip World’s latest attraction is a 10-line course that takes visitors on an aerial adventure through five caverns, some big enough to fit 75 double-decker buses. The ziplines are interspersed with rope bridges, balance beams, tunnels and stretches of via ferrata: a mountaineering aid in which a harness is ... Continue Reading

Bikes, Kites & Horses: 8 Fun Alternatives To Skiing In Europe

For some it might seem blasphemous to visit a ski resort and not attach a snowboard or pair of skis to their feet. However, if you look past the two most popular activities, there's an abundance of exhilarating experiences that will make you do a double-take. From horse-drawn skiing to snowbiking, here are eight snowfield activities to undertake in the upcoming European winter. Ski Joering Where to do it: Les Arcs, France If you like the thought of getting on skis but baulk at the ... Continue Reading

There’s Something In Our Waters: Aussie Cruising Set To Sail

More than one million Aussies took a cruise holiday in 2014 according to the Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) Australasia. These new CLIA figures, released today, prove that cruising is being embraced by more than just the gray nomads with something for just about everyone. From adventurous expeditions to food and wine indulgence, there's never been a better time to set sail with a host of new cruise liners and itineraries now available for travellers. Cruising is a great way ... Continue Reading

Take A Bite Out Of Tasmania

The fertile soils of the Apple Isle and the icy waters of the Tasman Sea and Southern Ocean work cohesively to produce fresh, flavoursome produce that has put Tasmania on the map for foodies far and wide. It's no coincidence the island state is shaped like a heart – one taste and you're bound to fall in love. Hipper-Than-Ever-Hobart Australia's southernmost capital often surprises visitors with its relaxed and urbane vibe after they have previously navigated the labyrinth of mainland ... Continue Reading

Australians Spent More Than 10 Million Days Cruising In 2014

More than one million Australians took a cruise holiday in 2014, with passenger numbers soaring past the million milestone six years ahead of industry predictions. Jumping 20.4 per cent on the previous year’s figures, the record brands Australians as the worlds most enthusiastic cruisers. The tropical isles of the South Pacific remain unchallenged as the most popular destinations for ocean-loving holidaymakers, with New Zealand and other Australian ports making up the top three. Eu... Continue Reading

Consultant Debbie Wilson Shares Her APT River Cruise Experience

I was so excited to experience a river cruise for the first time. I flew Singapore Airlines from Australia into Amsterdam, where we spent one day exploring the city and its canals. The next morning, we boarded MS AmaDante, our APT cruise. I was on the Amsterdam to Budapest cruise over 14 nights. There is something magical about drifting down the great waterways of Europe – the Rhine, Main and Danube rivers. The slower pace of a river cruise really allows you to experience the sights and ... Continue Reading

20 Tips & Trips To Ensure A Fantastic Family Holiday

Some of your best childhood memories are those experienced on family holidays. Long summer holidays spent at the beach swimming and building sandcastles. Family hikes through lush rainforests in search of butterflies and fairies. Holidays give you a break from the humdrum – the running around, getting the kids to school on time, rushing here and there. With this in mind, Flight Centre has put together some helpful tips and suggested holiday destinations for your next family holiday.... Continue Reading

Uncovering The Golden Triangle Of Markets In Kowloon

On day one in Hong Kong my senses were assaulted by mounds of dried fish at an open-air seafood market. The next morning, they were overpowered by the perfumed bouquets lining Flower Market Road. This is the essence of Hong Kong – the beautiful, intoxicating contrast that makes the city what it is. Come February, the flower markets swarm with families frantically buying bunches of  blooms to attract good fortune for the Chinese New Year. But on this peaceful Tuesday morning, it's ... Continue Reading