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Chatting Travel With TV Personality Kris Smith

TV Presenter, model, athlete - Kris Smith is a jack of all trades. Originally hailing from the UK, the former rugby league player made the move down under in 2008 and has since carved out a successful modelling and TV presenting career in his adopted home. A long-time ambassador for Myer - a ... Continue Reading

Memphis’ Unmissable Experiences

This city loves its music. It protects its history. And it's really starting to like its beer. Travellers to Memphis need to know the basics of this Tennessee city nestled on the Mississippi River. It is a capital of blues, rock and roll and soul music, a gritty city where influential musicians ... Continue Reading

Wickedly Cool In Boston

No bucket list is complete without at least one trip to Boston, a city that's forever coming up with new ways to entice visitors to return. Sure, there's always Fenway Park, the Freedom Trail and those zany duck boat tours. But while you were away, the Cradle of Liberty sprouted some wicked cool ... Continue Reading

A Small Airline Making Its Mark In The Pacific

Flying an airline for the first time is almost as exciting as the holiday itself. Unusual I admit, but it's one of those things that gets the jet-fuelled veins of an aviation enthusiast like me racing. With the thrust of the jet engines, magnificent high-altitude views and welcoming in-flight ... Continue Reading

David Reyne Talks River Cruising In Europe With Scenic

Getaway presenter and seasoned traveller David Reyne is no stranger to touring Europe. Trading hire vans for luxury ships, the Scenic ambassador explains why he is captivated by river cruising, reveals his favourite European destination, and tells us his most memorable onshore experience. 1. ... Continue Reading

How To Save With Cosmos

Over 50 years ago, Cosmos decided guided tours shouldn’t have to break the bank. Instead they created budget friendly holidays designed to turn lofty travel dreams into a reality. Offering affordable holiday packages to savvy travellers who insist on getting the most out of their holiday, Cosmos ... Continue Reading

Family Adventure In NSW’s Central Coast

As a Queenslander it usually pains me to admit New South Wales has something better than its northern rivals. That’s a while away when it comes to rugby league. However, it gives me unbridled pleasure to say New South Wales has turned this maroon-blooded Queenslander with its stunning Central ... Continue Reading

Eat Like A Local In NZ

New Zealand lamb is renowned for its flavour and tenderness, but that doesn’t mean Kiwis take it for granted. Once, sheep outnumbered people 22 to 1; these days there are a mere 30 million woollies, but lamb remains as popular to dine on as ever. You’ll find it in many guises, from streets... Continue Reading

Quiz: What Does Your Plane Seat Choice Reveal About You As A Traveller?

Taking a trip is always exciting, and personal comfort is of the utmost importance when travelling. Whether you’re a centre, aisle, window or exit row type of person, your plane seat choice provides insight into your personality and inclinations. Take our quiz to reveal what your seat preference ... Continue Reading

Feast Your Eyes On These Thanksgiving Day Parades!

Turkey Day has arrived! There will be time to give thanks and there will be time to gather round the family table to feast ourselves into a food coma. But first, we must parade. Annual Thanksgiving Day parades have become a tradition for families across the US. Many brave the winter elements to ... Continue Reading

48 Hours In Cologne, Germany

Germany's fourth-largest city is an urban jewel with medieval streets laid out alongside the Rhine. Cologne is at its prettiest before Christmas, when festive markets take over its squares in a haze of lights and stalls. Six markets will fill the centre with the rich aroma of gluhwein during the ... Continue Reading

P&O Godmothers Name Pacific Aria & Pacific Eden In Sydney

Sydney Harbour turned on a stunning day for the official naming ceremony of P&O's latest ships to sail the Australian waters - Pacific Aria and Pacific Eden. A special ceremony against the spectacular back drop of Sydney Harbour was held on Fort Denison with invited guests and VIPs to ... Continue Reading

Travel Savvy With Model Georgia May Jagger

She’s one of the biggest names on the runway, a supermodel who has lent her face to countless top-tier brands. But as the youngest daughter of The Rolling Stones legend Mick Jagger and iconic model Jerry Hall, Georgia May Jagger was always destined for greatness. Following in her famous ... Continue Reading

Open Shutter: Iceland’s Mystical Scenery

Iceland is number one on most landscape photographers’ bucket lists and for good reason: it offers a densely packed blend of picturesque natural wonders that are unlike anywhere else on Earth. Ceaseless volcanic activity has shaped the island’s countless waterfalls, glaciers and coastal ... Continue Reading

Theme Park Madness in the USA

Everything is supersized in the USA and the same goes for their theme parks. World-record breaking rides are aplenty, with entertainment to suit the teens, tweens and everything in-between. Leave behind the daily grind and spend your days devouring Mickey-themed treats or laughing-out-loud at live ... Continue Reading

Homesteading For The Holidays In Montana

"I am much pleased at having arrived at this long wished for spot," wrote Meriwether Lewis (of Lewis and Clark fame), on his expedition through what became the American West. I read that line on a plane to Big Sky Country, more specifically, The Resort at Paws Up, a ranch resort in the northwest ... Continue Reading

How To Onsen With Confidence

The Japanese had been visiting the mountains on short breaks for hundreds of years before someone put two planks on their feet and discovered the joys of downhill skiing. For us Westerners, the tradition of bathing in public may seem a bit confronting, and the rituals a little confusing, but ... Continue Reading

9 Unusual Destinations For A Family Holiday

When organising a family holiday too many people are confined by the notion some destinations just don't suit. Sure, the Gold Coast, USA and London might have the obvious family-friendly comforts, but you're missing out by disregarding some of the world's most exotic places. Here, experienced ... Continue Reading

Make A Date With Sydney

Sydney is one of Australia’s most eventful cities with a festival, major event or launch seemingly on every day of every week all year round, meaning you’re guaranteed to partake in an exciting cultural, culinary or sporting event during your visit. Here’s some of the events you can enjoy ... Continue Reading

8 Partners For The Complete USA Holiday

On that first visit to the USA, we're usually drawn to the biggest cities – artistic New York, coastal Los Angeles or Honolulu's utopia. While these places provide the tango, visiting some of America's lesser-known destinations lets you slow dance with the country's diverse culture, history and ... Continue Reading