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How To Manage Your Travel Money In Greece

Heading on holiday to the Greek Islands or planning a trip to the Parthenon? The current financial crisis in Greece means now is a good time to exchange currency before you embark on your Europe vacation. Flight Centre has Travel Money Oz currency exchange outlets in certain stores, so we can let you know the latest advice about Euros and travelling through Greece. With the news yesterday that the Greek government is set to default on loan repayments, banks across Greece will remain ... Continue Reading

5 Surprising Things I Learnt About Hawaii

Love those insider city guides and lists about things only a local would know? So do we. Maybe you saw some of these interesting sights on your trip to Hawaii? Or perhaps you’re planning a beach break in Honolulu and are keen to know some insider information before you go? Here are some surprising things I learnt about Hawaii on my recent Oahu holiday. Mahalo. 1.There are chickens. Everywhere. Some countries have stray dogs. Hawaii has itinerant poultry known locally as jungle fowl. ... Continue Reading

Shark Diving At Constance Moofushi In The Maldives

The baby sharks that swam right up to the beach at Constance Moofushi were only a pre-show taster. What I was really there to see were the big boys, dozens of adult sharks in their natural habitat down on the sea bed. As divers will know, it is not always easy to get down to certain patches of reef. Strong currents that stream through candy-coloured corals can blast you off course, leaving you pedalling alongside alarmed-looking fish, both of you hopelessly trying to get back to where you ... Continue Reading

Tamil Nadu, India: In The Footsteps Of Linnaeus Tripe

By early March, in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu, the midday sun is so hot it scorches the feet of shoeless temple visitors. Going barefoot is a sign of respect and reams of coir matting are unrolled across the hot stones of temple precincts to save the soles of pilgrims’ feet being baked into nan bread. But in the Brihadeeswarar Temple at Tanjore I had gone off-piste, as it were, and was hopping around like Shiva’s dancing avatar, Nataraja, as I lined up angles and squinted at ... Continue Reading

Laura Linney’s Travelling Life

Laura Linney, the Mr Holmes actress, recalls the beauty and art of Japan, getting blood all over her passport at airport security and reveals her recipe for beating jet lag. She even shares some of her holiday hates and a key travel tip – make meticulous plans and dump them when you get to where you're going. How often do you travel? It’s slowed down a little bit since I had a baby last year but I travel a lot for work, which I love. I’ve been so fortunate. I’ve travelled all over ... Continue Reading

Additions To UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites

UNESCO, the United Nations' cultural body, conferred World Heritage status on several new sites on the weekend. Here is a list of some of the new additions, from historic vineyards, to industrial sites, ancient cities, religious spots and long-used walking tracks, traversing Europe, Asia and the United States. France: Champagne And Burgundy Vineyards The historic vineyards, wine cellars and Champagne houses of France, where the world's most famous sparkling wines and red ... Continue Reading

The Food Lover’s Guide To Auckland

New Zealand has well and truly jumped on the foodie train with local and international chefs setting up shop in the capital city. With a cornucopia of fresh, local ingredients readily available and a cuisine vision that integrates styles from around the globe, Auckland is quickly blossoming into a food destination. This is especially true of the fine dining establishments that are popping up across the city. Viaduct Harbour is known as being the epicentre for Auckland’s fine dining scene, ... Continue Reading

New Caledonia: France’s Most Idyllic Spot?

Imagine your favourite Riviera resorts magically transported to a South Seas paradise where 300 tribes speak mutually unintelligible languages yet all master perfect French. It’s a getaway as far from France as you possibly can get but our first days in Noumea, its winsome sun-drenched capital, gloriously redeem every kilometre we've flown. New Caledonia’s Grand Terre, girdled by reefs rivalling Australia's and the world's biggest coral lagoon, has more palm-fringed bays and beaches ... Continue Reading

10 Of The Best Ways To Enjoy Copenhagen … On A Budget

Copenhagen deserves its reputation as one of Europe's most expensive capitals. This historic yet ultra-modern city of the seafarers is home to art, literature, music, architecture and startlingly chic design. But don't be deterred by the cost reputation – here are 10 ways to experience the capital of Denmark without the prior need to raise a mortgage. Because the locals don't pay tourist prices – and neither should you. See The City From The Water As well as the pretty old houses and ... Continue Reading

Mind Your Bubbles And Nudes At The Moulin Rouge

Of course you've heard about the legendary Moulin Rouge in Paris. You just don't know if anyone actually goes there. They do, it turns out. Every night. Before you make your way to the red light district for yourself, here's what you need to know. POP! go the Champagne bottles — all night long — at the Moulin Rouge. As a lover of musicals and of all things Parisian, I could not turn down the opportunity to visit the Montmartre location of Satine and Christian's epic love story as ... Continue Reading

6 Reasons To Hightail It To Brisbane Festival This September

This year's Brisbane Festival program is arguably the sassiest, sexiest, most shoulder-wiggling, hip-swivelling fiesta the Queensland capital has ever seen. At just six years old, the big-hitting Brisbane Festival attracts around one million arty types each year. Hundreds of performances take place around every bend of the Brisbane River, culminating with a bang – literally – when Sunsuper Riverfire sets the night sky alight in a fireworks spectacular that rivals New Year's Eve. Bri... Continue Reading

Pick Your Peace On A Quebec River

The St Lawrence River in Quebec is like a pastoral painting along most of its length, wild in so many places, gently settled in others — a sea of tranquility for the spirit no matter how rough the waters or dark the sky. You can pick your peace here. The choices are endless, from the outskirts of Montreal to Land's End in the Gaspe Peninsula (about 960 kilometres). Which side of the river is better? Which, on official lists of Quebec's most beautiful villages, is fairest of them all? ... Continue Reading

Patagonia’s La Trochita: The Old Patagonian Express

The train had been pootling along at less than 32 kilometres an hour when it stopped completely. There had been no warning, and there was no explanation. When it remained stationary for 10 minutes, there were no complaints. Instead, many of us stepped down through a gale into high grass to enjoy a view towards sun-brushed hills and snow-capped peaks, to photograph the train in the landscape or to have ourselves photographed in the cab while the crew were busy elsewhere. “What’s going ... Continue Reading

Sean Scott’s Cook Islands Photo Diary

The Cook Islands are without a doubt heaven on earth with lush jungles and palm-fringed beaches that overlook breathtaking turquoise waters. Aussie photographer and instagrammer Sean Scott and fellow instagrammer Sjana Earp recently visited the beautiful Cook Islands to experience island life for 10 wonderful days and we're lucky enough to offer a sneak peek into how they spent their time, from sunrise to sunset, through Sean's lens. Continue Reading

Adventures At El Questro Wilderness Park In The Kimberley

The Kimberley region of Western Australia is often described as one of the world’s last unspoilt frontiers. After a two-hour drive into the back of beyond, along the rough and dusty Gibb River Road, there was still no evidence of life.  You couldn’t get any more Outback if you tried. The Gibb River Road is a 660-kilometre,  unsealed and unforgiving dirt track, with deep river crossings, and the 4WD option of two routes that pass through the heart of the remote Kimberley region, ... Continue Reading

Celebrate 4th Of July With The Most American Things In America

Light those sparklers and don your red, white and blue because the good old U S of A is celebrating another year of independence! It's a time of BBQs, baseball, picnics, family reunions and celebrating by listing out the most American things to check out in America. So, without further ado ... Happy birthday, America! Old Glory An eternal symbol of the United States, you'd be hard pressed to find an American that doesn't own a flag in one form or another. Its 13 red and white stripes ... Continue Reading

Goldie on Phuket, Thailand

English DJ, musician, artist and actor Goldie – aka Clifford Price – moved to Phuket about six months ago and hasn't looked back. Here he talks art, music, yoga and the high notes of this beautiful island in the Andaman Sea, which is home to some of Thailand's most popular beaches. Me and my wife, Mika, were married in Cherngtalay temple on Phuket island eight years ago. We used to come back every year and eventually thought, why don’t we live here? So now we do! We built a wonder... Continue Reading

Diocletian’s Palace And Other Reasons To Linger In Split

Like Old Towns the world over, Split's historical heart is a fine place to get lost. Along its meandering marble streets, you'll find smart boutiques and restaurants jostling for space, as music plays, starlings swoop and washing lines cut through the sky above. With so many riches to recommend it, Croatia's second city deserves greater recognition and, thanks to the many new flights from the UK, it's sure to get it. Among the new links is a BA service from Heathrow, and easyJet routes from ... Continue Reading

3 Iconic Journeys Through India

Bedazzling in its diversity of landscapes and cultures, India is a travel experience where your mode of transport and en-route intrigues can be just as exotic as the destination itself. Melissa Rimac recalls three iconic journeys, from rural backroads to floating houseboats and heading for the hills. A Royal Revelation Picture this. You’re cruising through Rajasthan’s painterly desert, cocooned in a black Ambassador that’s pure 1950s. Every mirror is garlanded with marigolds and a ... Continue Reading

Quiz: Which Beach Break Is Best For You?

We all love a beach holiday, but it’s important that your vacation destination is everything you want it to be. Whether you’re searching for a relaxing break, an active getaway or a fun-filled, week-long party, we’re here to help. Take our quiz to determine which fabulous beach break is for you! Continue Reading