Apr 1 2015

5 Unforgettable Ways To See Japan By Train

Sarah Barrell

As synonymous with Japan as golden pagoda-topped temples and artfully arranged squares of raw fish, the super-sleek Shinkansen (bullet train) was built for the Tokyo Olympics in 1964 and celebrated its 50th anniversary last year. The original 515 kilometres of high-speed rail track from Tokyo to … Continue reading

Apr 1 2015

Uncover The Hidden Gems Of Melbourne

Gemma Cleveland

If you’re visiting Melbourne, or even if you’ve lived there your entire life, there’s a whole lot of loveliness to discover with Hidden Secrets Tours. A great deal of Melbourne’s character and charm is hidden away down laneways and special nooks; these unique walking … Continue reading

Apr 1 2015

Cruising For An Art Renaissance With HAL

Ben Stower

While aboard Holland America Line‘s (HAL) MS Oosterdam I was constantly lingering in front of various pieces of artwork, eventually coming to the conclusion that the ship had to be a floating gallery. Below are 13 works of onboard art that highlight how HAL was able to instigate an art resurgence in … Continue reading

Apr 1 2015

14 Days Of Discovery On An Insider Journeys Tour Of Vietnam

Alison Crisp

I have a real fondness for Vietnam. Like so many Asian countries it never sleeps. It has a constant throbbing life-force that shows no sign of diminishing. The hustle; the bustle; the continuous chatter of street vendors; and the never ending hum of motorcycles weaving … Continue reading

Apr 1 2015

Body & Board: Yoga & Surfing In Beautiful Byron Bay

Madhvi Pankhania

Bobbing on the surface of the glassy ocean I’m still fresh with the thrill of catching my previous wave. Our surf instructor is delighted too and offers one of his many teaching metaphors on this trip to Byron Bay, describing the moment when you … Continue reading

Apr 1 2015

Frugal Fares: London From $199* Per Person Return

Kellie Carty

Flight Centre is set to offer a world-first new cabin class for the frugal. Rising costs of living, fuel surcharges and ancillary costs all add up for would-be travellers. The brand new Cargo Class, housed within an aircraft’s cargo container, offers passengers a full … Continue reading

Mar 31 2015

Spending The Weekend On Tasmania’s King Island

Johanna Leggatt

King Island may not be the home of day spas and banana lounges, but this windy dot of earth in the middle of Bass Strait – the body of water separating Tasmania from the mainland – is not without its seductions. It’s home to … Continue reading

Mar 31 2015

25 Interesting And Fun Aviation Facts You Never Knew

Jason Dutton-Smith

Look up the hash tag #avgeek on Twitter or Instragram and you’ll see that there’s a world filled with airline and aviation enthusiasts. Call it a hobby, an obsession or anything in between, but this is one interest group whose reach has swelled beyond … Continue reading

Mar 31 2015

Short Film Explores Vienna’s Coffeehouses

Darrell Hartman

This is a film we shot last summer in Vienna. I directed and produced, and brought a great cinematographer named Orlando Gili over from London to shoot it. We had an awesome time soaking up the atmosphere in Austria‘s old coffeehouses, and retiring to … Continue reading

Mar 31 2015

Airports As Art Galleries

Tara Young

Sure airports function to facilitate air transportation to and from far-flung destinations on our planet. Yet they are also the forum for a huge range of emotions – emotions that can rattle around a vast man-made structure of concrete and steel. But across the … Continue reading

Mar 31 2015

Canberra Cool At The QT

Anna Howard

Last year, a chapter in Canberra’s political history came to an end. In its heyday, the Lakehouse Hotel was the hottest place to stay and play; a place where political parties debated and celebrated and leaders were made (and ousted). QT Hotels took over … Continue reading

Mar 31 2015

The Airline Industry’s Secret Handshake

Scott Mayerowitz

In America, businessmen shake hands. In Japan, they bow. But all over the world airline executives engage in a greeting that is all their own: the exchange of model aeroplanes. When airlines start flying to new cities, make deals with other carriers or finance … Continue reading

Mar 30 2015

The Mad Men Tour Of New York

Douglas Rogers

New York has Mad Men fever. The final season of the Manhattan advertising drama, set in the Sixties, will return Sunday, April 5 in the United States, and not since The Sopranos ended in 2007 has there been so much hype and anticipation around … Continue reading

Mar 30 2015

Pie In The Sky: World’s Highest Restaurants

Rachel Surgeoner

We take a look at some of the world’s highest restaurants, where if you can eat your lunch without throwing up a little in your mouth in the elevator on the way back down to the ground floor, you can consider yourself a ‘high-dining’ … Continue reading

Mar 30 2015

Brooklyn’s Mast Brothers Are A Modern Willy Wonka

Becky Cheang

If you walk down North 3rd Street in Williamsburg on any given afternoon, you may find yourself distracted by a sudden whiff of roasting cacao. It’s the scent of the Mast Brothers Chocolate factory. Follow your nose. You’re in for a treat. Don’t expect … Continue reading

Mar 30 2015

Food, Food, Glorious Food

Tara Young

Everyone now is about the food. And the Italians are soooooooo about their food. So what better way to embrace Italy than to do it through their culinary offerings. This was Infinity Consultant, Theo Papas’ experience when he spent a week-long tour in the … Continue reading

Mar 29 2015

Over The Top – Heliskiing In New Zealand

Craig Tansley

“I’d have thought after 13 years I’d get sick of this,” heli-ski guide Scott Walker shouts as a shiny black helicopter hovers above us. “But all it takes is the sound of the first helicopter of the season and I’m hooked all over again; … Continue reading

Mar 29 2015

John Malkovich Opens Up About Travel

Sophie Lam

“Returning to Shanghai, it was just a different world.” This was just one of the revealing moments during a recent interview with John Malkovich. The Hollywood actor, director and producer famous for films such as Burn After Reading, RED and In The Line Of Fire sat down with Sophie … Continue reading

Mar 29 2015

Float Above Melbourne At The Crown Metropol

Gemma Cleveland

Lazing in the pool area on the 27th floor of the Crown Metropol, you’d hardly know you were in the middle of the hustle and bustle of Melbourne’s Southbank. From this quiet and tranquil glass-tower haven, you can gaze out over the city as … Continue reading

Mar 28 2015

New Family Attractions In The UK

Rachel Dixon

Those travelling with the kids in tow will attest to a slightly adapted version of the age-old proverb ‘happy wife equals happy life’. For many, ‘happy kids equals happy holiday’ is far more appropriate. If you’re visiting the United Kingdom, one way to ensure your … Continue reading