Rex Airlines

Rex Airlines

IATA Code      ZL

Year Founded      2002

Destinations         60

Number of aircraft in fleet        57

Headquarters        Mascot, Sydney

About Rex Airlines

Regional Express Airlines, or REX as it is more often called, is Australia’s largest independent regional airline and serves New South Wales, South Australia, Victoria, North Queensland, Tasmania and Western Australia. Rex Airlines operates the world’s largest fleet of SAAB 340 aircraft, which seat 34 passengers, with a crew of three – 2 pilots and 1 flight attendant. The aircraft also come equipped with inflight catering capabilities for a simple in-flight drinks service. Passengers should note that due to the compact size of the planes, REX passengers are permitted to fly with up to 15kg of checked baggage and take two small carry-on items into the cabin, the combined weight of which must not exceed 7kgs.

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