Economy Class Flights

About Flying Economy Class

Today's Economy Class flights offer more luxury than you might have become accustomed to in the past. In a standard international Economy Class cabin, it's not uncommon to find ergonomically designed seats, complimentary meals and beverages with menus often designed by celebrity chefs, and personal seat-back entertainment systems with movies, TV shows, and games. Flight Centre offers the widest range of international and domestic Economy airfares at the lowest possible price. To book your Economy fares or for more information, contact one of our experienced travel consultants on 133 133.

Domestic Economy

While domestic Economy Class fares tend to offer fewer benefits than their international counterparts, particularly on low-cost carriers, you will still often have personal entertainment units and meals included. If you're flying with a budget airline or only travelling a short distance, such benefits may not be included in your fare but will most likely be available for purchase.

International Economy

The precise inclusions of an international Economy Class fare depend on the airline, the aircraft model and the flight duration. Aside from meals and entertainment, you might also receive an amenities pack containing items such as a blanket, pillow, toothpaste, toothbrush, socks and eyeshades.

Generally, the more expensive airlines will have more inclusions and benefits in their Economy fares than cheaper airlines. If you'd like more specific information about Economy flights, refer to our airline guide for details.