Flights to Germany

Germany does so many things well, from high-tech engineering to fairytale castles and world-class vineyards. Flights to Germany not only take you to this fascinating and multi-faceted country, they put you in the heart of Europe.

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If you are travelling at high season, it's always best to be booking further away from the time of travel.


What to know before you fly to Germany?

In Germany,  you can find gemütlichkeit – coziness – in the thick of its cities and its Alpine farmhouses. The regions still have a strong character and pride. Millions descend on Munich each year for Oktoberfest and Berlin remains an absorbing capital that shifts and changes with mindfulness of history and a push to the future. Frankfurt is a highrise host to the world's largest book, consumer goods and musical instrument fairs.

Airports in Germany

Flights from Australia to Germany may disembark at Berlin (TXL), Frankfurt (FRA) or Munich (MUC) airports.


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