Beyond Business: Podcasts About Stuff You Should Know

9 April 2017
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Beyond the plethora of great podcasts that are all about strictly business topics, there are some other podcasts that cover a whole range of topics that tackle “Stuff You Should Know”. This “stuff” is general knowledge that centres on times when we are asked a general sort of question in a trivia quiz or by an enquiring seven-year old, and we tend to say to our self, “I should know this!” So now there are a number of podcasts that specialise in providing answers to those “How does a rainbow work?” Or what is a filibuster?” Or a bit more cerebral like, “Can you die from a broken heart?”

Can you die from a broken heart? Well find out from scientific research. (Image courtesy of Getty)

Answers to a huge range of questions like this, are provided, in an educational, friendly and approachable way in a number of podcasts, read on...

What’s The Point?

The weekly podcast, What’s The Point? looks at the way data affects our lives. Each week is a different tale of how the power of technology and our ability to collect and process huge amounts of data is making the world a better place.

Where does all that data go? (Image courtesy of Getty)

Using the tools of data journalism to explore the world and understand it in new way, host Jody Avirgan begins each episode by discussing a "significant digit" — that is, a number he finds interesting — with a person on the street – and then breaking it down into understandable chunks. To get a sense of these podcasts, try…What Polls Can’t Tell Us About Faith In America.

Culture Gabfest

Another great podcast is Culture Gabfest, which sometimes sounds like it is taking itself a bit too seriously but is still a great way to expand your thinking about pop-culture and art and to discover books, shows, and other things you might never find elsewhere, try...The Culture Gabfest 'Live From Broadway' Edition.

Lexicon Valley

Lexicon Valley is a show about the science and culture of the English language. The show is not for language purists, and focuses on English being a living thing, where the rules are just what speakers make them. The show looks at the histories of words like "hootenanny" and the future of everyday words that take on new meanings. The hosts’ love for their subject makes this linguistics show not just illuminating but also very entertaining, with a few aha moments along the way, try…Sarah Palin's Pronouns.

Listen to some galactic gems with Neil De Grasse - self confessed space nerd. (Image courtesy of Getty)

StarTalk Radio

The world loves ultimate self-confessed space nerd, astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson. This science guru has a radio show and podcast about his all-time favorite subject: the cosmos. The show calls itself "the first and only popular commercial radio program devoted to all things space," and that's exactly what it is. Tyson explores the latest news in astrophysics and answers questions that we mere mortals might not understand. He also sometimes talks about other issues in science, and Bill Nye is a frequent guest. National Geographic recently adapted the show for television. Try…Colonizing Mars with Bas Lansdorp and Tour of the Solar System.

TED Talks

TED Talks are still a great way to learn about new ideas in technology, science, arts, and innovation. The TED Radio Hour, Guy Raz the host, tells stories around themes like endurance and getting organized. If you love TED talks, you'll love this show, try the episode...Playing with perceptions.

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