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1 June 2016
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Wander down the streets of Asakusa and you could be forgiven for thinking you’ve stepped back in time. Like so much of Japan, this bustling neighbourhood plays host to ancient temples and ageing shopfronts, on plots surrounded by modern skyscrapers and the stunning neon backdrop of Tokyo.

From the shimmering waterfront of Yokohama to the bustling back alleys of Osaka, Sapporo’s snowy climes and Kyoto’s historic neighbourhoods, Japan presents a charming mix of old and new, making 'The Land of the Rising Sun' the perfect destination for a multifaceted holiday.

Top Picks

Explore Tokyo’s most famous neighbourhoods...

  • Asakusa (for a trip to Senso-ji temple)
  • Shinjuku (a frenetic hive of activity)
  • Harajuku (the youthful fashion mecca)

Get outdoors and...

  • Climb breathtaking Mount Fuji
  • Go scuba diving in Okinawa
  • Hit the ski slopes of Niseko
Mt Fuji seen through the branches of a cherry blossom tree Admire the natural wonder of Mt Fuji in Japan (Image: Getty)

Enjoy incredible dining in…

  • Tokyo, for Michelin stars
  • Osaka, for unbeatable street food
  • Shizuoka, for sumptuous sushi

Embrace the local culture at...

  • An authentic Japanese tea ceremony
  • A peaceful Zen Buddhist garden
  • One of six Grand Sumo tournaments

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