Shot of a family of four walking on the beach on Christmas. Photo: Getty Images.

Why An Aussie Christmas Is The Best Kind Of Christmas

7 December 2016
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For anyone who wants to argue that a white snowy Christmas is the best type, I’ll raise you a white sandy beach, white frothy waves, some coconut-smelling white wax on a white surfboard and, lastly, the most glorious white of them all, a white pavlova laden with way too much fruit. Now that’s a you beaut white Christmas!

In the land Down Under, we do things a little differently but that’s pretty standard most days of the year. There’s no Frosty the Snowman on Christmas Day but we do have his cousin, Frosty the Sandman, and what we don’t have in ugly sweaters we make up for tenfold with our paper crowns.

Though we still sing about ‘walkin' in a winter wonderland’, we’re more likely to be reaching into a cold Esky, and that’s just the way we like it. If you’re surrounded by family and friends under the blazing Aussie sun, sinking a cold one, then you’re sure to be living your best Aussie Christmas life, arguably the best kind that there is. So here are our top reasons why an Aussie Christmas beats all others.

1. Santas in shorts

Because they're the best kind of Santa.

2. Backyard cricket

3. Prawns

4. Barbecues

5. Christmas rashies

Who doesn't love a good Christmas rashguard?


#sunnycoastlife #christmasrashie #aussiechristmas

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6. Boozy Champagne breakfast

It's a well known fact that December 25 is the only day of the year when calories don't count. 

7. Pools

After Christmas lunch has been devoured and the washing up successfully avoided, it's time to hit the pool. After waiting 30 minutes, of course.

8. The beach


White Christmas, Aus style. #justanotherdayinwa

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9. Paper crowns

Because when you're dining like a king, you need the appropriate headwear.

10. Blow-up crocodile pool toys 

The original flamingo/swan blow-up pool toy.

11. Arvo siestas

12. Leftover prawns

All leftovers, really, but prawns especially.

13. Surfing Santa

14. ‘Rusty Holden Ute’ to the tune of Jingle Bells

15. Plastic trees

Unless you're from the country, in which case: gum trees.

16. Cherries

'Tis the season.

17. Complaining about the heat (we all love a good whinge but wouldn't change it)

18. Pavlova

19. Christmas crackers

20. Christmas cracker jokes

So bad they're good.

21. Scorching sunshine


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22. Crayfish

23. Mum’s good plates and cutlery

24. Running under the sprinkler when there’s no pool

25. Christmas beetles

26. Trifle

27. Full Eskies

Clear eyes, full Eskies, can't lose.

28. Christmas lunch served on a balcony/patio/anywhere outside

29. Carols by candlelight

30. Favourites 

If you're an Aussie, you know what this is.

31. Crawling through the bin for thrown-out batteries

Because they always get thrown out with the wrapping paper. Always. 

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Sam Aldenton

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