Bus Tour

7 Sweet Games You Can Play On A Bus Tour

8 June 2020
Read Time: 2.1 mins

Whether you’re on a short visit like a 7-day California roadtrip or a mammoth 55-day Epic Adventures journey, we’ve put together a selection of sweeeet games you can play on a bus tour to make the most of time in-between locations.

Let the games begin!

A DJ playing for a large crowd

1. Guest DJ

What you need: MP3 player + music playlist + good taste in music (guess that’s relative)

Set up your own playlist and take a turn as the trip’s Guest DJ, especially easy if your tour manager and bus driver are in on it. Share your favourite music with everyone; get into some mad sing-a-longs and discover tunes you’ve never heard of from all over the world.

2. Two truths and a lie

What you need: small group of players + a good poker face

All 'getting to know you' games are great ice breakers with your travel companions. Two truths and a lie requires each player to tell everyone three things about themselves – two true and one false – then everyone must guess which are the truths and which is the lie. It’s easier for you if you have a theme, like public humiliations, for your facts. Plus, you score a point if you fool everyone.

3. Scavenger hunt

What you need: lots of players + stuff + pen/paper or good observation skills

There’s a few ways to play this. One is to divide the bus into two teams, say left and right, and from a list of items (think mirrors, food receipts, pens, condoms, foreign currency, toothbrush, eye mask, etc.) each team can scour the bus to search for the items. When found, each should be held up the item to the person keeping score. The side that finds the most items wins. Another way to play is to create a list of items each player has to procure at rest stops (maps, phone numbers, etc.) then go forth and acquire!

Two girls singing karoke

4. Bus karaoke/name that tune

What you need: a (good voice) + busload of willing participants.

Some buses come with music systems, lighting, karaoke machines and TVs just waiting for you to belt out your best Whitney, Rihanna or Adele. Like normal karaoke, it’s most fun when everyone lowers their inhibitions and really gets into the fun. No equipment? Start humming and get others to name that tune.

A close up of a hand of cards in a game of poker

5. Cards and board games

What you need: a deck of cards or your fave board game (obviously) + two-plus players

From Texas Hold ‘Em to travel Scrabble, you’ve no doubt got your favourite traditional games down pat. Spice it up and bring some newer games on board, like Cards Against Humanity, which, if you have not heard of, is known as the party game for horrible people. Basically, players fill-in-the-blanks using offensive, politically incorrect, rude or other inappropriate words or phrases found on playing cards. Pro tip: read your crowd first on this one!

6. Chain game

What you need: 2-plus players + some general knowledge

An oldie but a goodie. First, select a topic like TV shows, artists, celebrities or bands. If you choose US celebrities, whoever goes first might say Ryan Gosling, then it’s up to the second player to select a celebrity starting with G like Goldie Hawn and so on until players are eliminated when they can’t answer. The game continues on to the next player.

A group of friends playing Who Am I?

7. Who Am I?

What you need: post-its or labels + friends

20 questions, who am I – whatever you want to call it. There’s a reason why everyone knows it and that’s because it’s super fun. All players get a celebrity name stuck on their forehead and then have 20 ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions to guess who they are. On a bus, move around and ask new people questions and get them to tally what question you are up to on your label.