How To Actually Save Money On Travel

31 January 2020
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We all want to save money on travel without compromising our wants and needs. To get the best deal, we send ourselves into a vortex of planning and research. Some may even create excel spreadsheets. It’s stressful and I hear you! Thankfully, you can combat this by learning How To Actually Save Money On Travel. 

1. Write a list

Sit down and write a list. Think about dates, places you want to see and things you want to experience. Also determine what your non-negotiables are. Planning your trip isn’t always about penny pinching and by considering what you’re willing to spend money on will allow you to focus on other elements where you can save. For example, you may be willing to take a flight at a less desirable time but your non negotiable may be extra legroom seats on all flights.

Woman with bright red shirt on looking down at a magazine planning Writing a list is key!

2. Actually book your annual leave

Sounds like common sense, right? But seriously, actually book in your annual leave. Doing this in advance will ensure that you are aware of your leave balances and know how much you expect to be paid while traveling. Because how good is still getting paid while being out of the office? 

3. Get expert advice

Now you’ve planned your trip and booked your annual leave, seek advice from a travel expert . They’ll be able to compare pricing to ensure you’re getting the best value and offer suggestions based on their personal experience in the industry, meaning you save money in the long run. A perfect chance to get all the expert advice you need in one place? World Travel Expo, conveniently making it’s way round the country in February and March 2020.

Woman talking to a customer with a lot of passion A bit of expertise goes a long way

4. Book in advance

If possible, of course. Flight schedules are released between ten and 11 months in advance and those that get in early snap up the cheaper airfares first. Similarly, hotels, resorts, tours and other travel experiences often release exclusive rates early. Leave things to the last minute and you could pay more than double or worse, miss out entirely.  

5. Protect you and your holiday

Purchasing an insurance policy is an initial outlay, but you future self will thank you for it if things don’t go to plan. Fancy spending hundreds of USD on medical bills? Or paying to replace your damaged iPhone after returning from Europe? Neither do I! So get your policy and potentially save yourself hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

If possible, plan to pay for your policy when you lock in your flights, so you’re covered from the get-go. Purchase it at the World Travel Expo and you’ll save even more.

woman out the front of a convention centre handing out free bags to people attending Head to World Travel Expo for more savings

6. Stretch your pennies further

With the money you set aside for your travels, chat to an expert and ask about ways you can stretch it further. Purchasing as much as possible prior to travel allows you to pay in AUD, versus another currency that may leave you with a bank statement full of international transaction and conversion fees. Yuck! Chat to your travel expert or check out Travel Money Oz for tips on cash and card payments suitable for your itinerary. 

So, ready to save some moolah? Get your free ticket to the World Travel Expo! 


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