How To Fly Etihad Airways’ Business Class Without Breaking The Bank

3 February 2020
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Ever wondered what it would be like to live the luxe life at 40,000 feet, but your budget doesn’t stretch to a business class flight? 

Here’s a travel hack that will allow you to fly business class without the price tag: mixed-class airfares

Mixed-class airfares are a super flexible way to fly, allowing you to book different cabin classes on the one journey. Think of it like a pick ‘n’ mix – you can choose to fly a combination of either economy, premium economy, business or first class on the same fare. 

Mixed-class airfares are perfect for getting a taste of Etihad Airways’ business class cabin without breaking the bank. Fly one way in Business Class and return in Economy, or vice versa, for less than a full-price Business Class return ticket. So, for your next long-haul flight, here’s all you need to know to fly in style and save.

Where can I travel on a mixed-class fare? 

Anywhere an airline permits a mixed-class fare! Not all airlines allow a mixed-class airfare. If you have an itinerary in mind, run it past your Travel Expert, who will be able to look into airline fare rules and see if a mixed-class airfare is available. 

How do I book a mixed-class fare? 

With your Travel Expert (of course)! They’ll be able to use a variety of tools to check airline availability and come up with a few different airfare combinations for you to consider. Tip: To get the best value airfare, it’s a good idea to book in advance. 

Are there any restrictions? 

Yes, just as with any airfare. Booking a mixed-class fare also means a mix of airline fare rules. For example, if you fly to London in Economy, you may have a checked luggage allowance of 23kg, but if you fly home from London in Business, you might have 40kg in checked baggage available. 

Flying in different classes will also impact airline fees such as change and cancellation fees. It’s important to discuss these restrictions with your travel expert and plan ahead accordingly. For added protection, bonuses and a personalised travel experience, ask about our range of Captain’s Packages and Cover-More travel insurance

How much will it be? 

Cheaper than a full business class fare –  the costs will be approximately half of each combinable cabin class. (Note: These are not usually the cheapest booking class for each cabin as these aren’t usually combinable or flexible). How far in advance you book and which season you choose to travel will also affect the pricing. Remember we also offer Skye Interest Free Finance for purchases over $999.     

The lowdown on Etihad Airways Business Class

I recently flew business class for the first time, and it was amazing! My partner and I chose to fly Business Class on Etihad Airways from London to Brisbane for the last leg of our journey as we wanted to save the best until last. The priority boarding and fast pass through customs made the airport transitions incredibly smooth, meaning we could enjoy the lounge for longer. 

A man walking through an airport corridor with a sign that says fast track Getting through customs at London Heathrow via the Fast Track lane

The lounges in both London and Abu Dhabi have an impressive array of food and beverage options as well as seating areas to relax pre-flight. I was impressed to see dedicated areas for children, meaning families could feel welcomed. 

Two business class seats close together Our business class seats

As a couple, we chose two seats in the centre. If we needed to, we could always pop up the privacy screen. For solo travellers, the seats on the aisle offer more privacy. My height is roughly 165cm and I had plenty of legroom, in fact, I had to adjust my chair forward slightly so I could put my feet up comfortably. My partner, roughly 180cm, had plenty of room, too. 

Woman sitting in a business class seat holding champagne and smiling Cheers to business class!

The amenities were luxurious and we had everything we needed for a comfortable journey, including complimentary noise-cancelling headphones, individual lights, TV and seat controls. 

A photo of a meal in business class. Salmon with green beans, champagne and also bread. Delicious, fresh food served during the flight.

Our flight attendant’s service was outstanding and his Champagne-pouring skills were incredible. The a la carte menu offers an extensive choice of meals throughout the flights and when we wanted to stretch our legs, we headed to The Lobby, the exclusive business class lounge available on all Etihad airways A380 aircraft. It was a luxury on a whole new level.     

Two people sitting on a lounge on an aircraft looking at the camera smiling Checking out The Lobby; exclusive to all Etihad airways 4380 aircraft

The lowdown on Etihad Airways’ Economy Class

We chose to fly from Brisbane to London in Economy Class and our Etihad flight departed in the evening. Red-eye (overnight) flights can be uncomfortable adjusting to a different timezone without the comfort of a bed at your regular bedtime. However, there are plenty of extras in Economy, including headphones, blanket, pillow and an extensive entertainment system that allowed us to get comfortable. 

A row of three economy class seats Economy seats were clean and relatively comfortable

As someone of average height, I felt comfortable seated in the middle and my knees didn’t touch the seat pocket in front of me. My taller partner sat on the aisle and had a lot less room. Next time, we would consider paying more for an exit row seat for more legroom.  

A photo of an economy class meal. Chicken curry with rice, white wine, bread and a pudding Meal served in economy was tasty, the dessert was also good!

The food was some of the best I’ve had in Economy. We choose from three different main meal options as well as a choice of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. There were also plenty of snacks served throughout the flight if we were hungry. Dietary requirements can be accommodated as long as you order your meal at least 24 hours prior to departure. Your Travel Expert can also assist with arranging airline meals for dietary needs. 


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