Flights to the United States

The USA has always been a popular destination for travellers no matter what time of year. From the sun and surf to ski covered mountains and the big city lights, it’s no wonder Australians flock there in record numbers.

What to know before you fly to United States?

Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne airports all provide direct service to the US and domestic connections are available from most other Australian cities. Flight time is approximately 13 hours in each direction non-stop.

Connecting services are also available on several other international airlines and often allow stop-overs in the connecting city.

How much time should I allow between flights?

This will depend on which terminal you are arriving at and what terminal your connecting flight is departing from. LAX has eight different terminals and it can take some time to make your way to your next flight. Our expert consultants can advise you on minimum connecting times based on the airline you are connecting from/to and the terminals they fly from. They can also book you a through-fare, which means if a delay is experienced or your onward flight is missed for any reason, you can be quickly re-accommodated onto another flight.