Top 10 Ways To Cut Your Business Travel Costs

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Published 21 June 2023


When you’re a small to medium business, every dollar counts, big time. Looking for ways to cut expenses is therefore essential, especially if you want to improve cash flow and your bottom line and we all know SMEs don’t have the luxury of a corporate slush fund to bankroll operations!). 

Fortunately, one line item on the P&L where you can save money is business travel. But only if you’re smart! To help, we’ve compiled our top ten ways for SMEs get the most out of your business travel budget, without sacrificing traveller comfort, safety or productivity.  

people sit in an office looking at documents
people sit in an office looking at documents
people sit in an office looking at documents

1. Make it policy

Setting up a robust travel policy is the first and possibly most important factor in saving money. For example, by establishing price caps, allowance limits, approval processes and booking guidelines, you can take control of expenses that can quickly get out of control. At Flight Centre Business Travel, we’re experts at creating and implementing travel policies, so talk to us about how we can help.   

2. Get the skinny

Knowing where to find the best deals and discounts can significantly reduce your travel costs. At Flight Centre Business Travel, we’ve got insider knowledge that’s the envy of the industry, so chat to us about how we can find the very best prices for you.

3. Book early

The sooner you book your flights, hotels and rental cars, the better. Early bird prices can be offered at significant discounts, while last minute prices go up and up the closer you get to your travel date. 

4. Be flexible

If you can, be flexible with your travel dates to avoid peak demand times and dates like Monday mornings and Friday afternoons.

Need help with your corporate travel arrangements?  

Our Travel Managers are dedicated, experienced and knowledgeable. When you work with Flight Centre Business Travel, you’re choosing peace of mind. Direct access to the same person, who gets your business – and its travel needs – inside and out.

person sits in hotel couch with laptop next to them and phone in hand
person sits in hotel couch with laptop next to them and phone in hand
person sits in hotel couch with laptop next to them and phone in hand

5. Stay smart

Make sure you get the balance right between cost and quality, so you don’t compromise on traveller productivity. For example, a cheaper hotel that’s further away from where you need to be might turn out to cost you more in terms of time and money.

At Flight Centre Business Travel, our HotelsPlus program ensures your accommodation will always be conveniently located, of a consistently high standard, and include everything you need for a comfortable, productive trip. Plus, the HotelsPlus program guarantees four value-adds (such as flexible cancellation and free Wi-Fi and upgrades) with each stay, including (in our opinion) the most important: complimentary breakfast!

6. Use reward programs

It’s a bit of a no-brainer but signing up for reward programs with your preferred airlines, hotels and car rental companies is a great way to save money. Earn points when you travel, and then redeem them later to reduce the cost of future trips.

7. Dine differently

The cost of dining out and picking up meals on the run can blow the budget fast. Consider taking your own snacks or light meals when you’re commuting, and it’s easy to cook your own dinner if you’ve selected accommodation with a kitchen. 

person stands with suitcase, bag and phone waiting to catch train
person stands with suitcase, bag and phone waiting to catch train
person stands with suitcase, bag and phone waiting to catch train

8. Go public

It’s tempting to just grab an Uber or taxi whenever you need to get around town, but public transport can often be a cheaper option. Many cities have fast, efficient networks of trains, busses or trams, and electric scooters and bikes are great too if the weather’s fine!

9. Keep a tally

Jot down your travel expenses as you go and watch the running total. Set a budget for yourself before travelling, and channel your inner CFO every time you whip out the credit card.

10. Watch the extras

Small incidental charges like wi-fi or bottles of water or parking can add up, so make sure you keep a careful eye on the small sneaky costs that are often ignored.

Keep these cost-cutting ideas in mind next time you’re planning a work trip, and soon you’ll be saving money like a pro!  

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