The Power Of Rest And Relaxation: Why Employee Holidays Are Good For Business

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Published 27 April 2023


As a business owner, you’re always looking to get the most out of your scarce resources. And that includes your people, right? Well, yes, but one of the best ways to achieve this might surprise you.

In short, you need them to take more holidays.

Employees skipping holidays to focus on work is widespread - thanks to the pressures of high workloads, lack of staff or the perceived high cost of travel – and this can have a detrimental impact on your business performance, as well as your employee’s health.

Studies have shown that when an employee takes regular, quality breaks, without any work distractions, the advantages can be wide ranging. So, we’ve compiled our top benefits for you below, whether it’s a win for the business or employee. There’s also some extra info on our Corporate Benefits Program – one of the best ways to help your team take a well-earned break.

person sits in park on bench with laptop computer
person sits in park on bench with laptop computer
person sits in park on bench with laptop computer

1. Enhance Productivity

Holidays can leave people feeling refreshed and recharged, boosting creativity, motivation and productivity once they’re back at work. With a fresh supercharged dose of rest, they’re likely to be more efficient and be brimming with new ideas and perspective.

2. Employee Mental Health and Wellbeing

With this now a central responsibility of business, it’s always good to consider how you can help your people find renewed energy and strength. With a better work-life balance, people can spend more time on personal interests, or spend quality time with friends and family, all of which can improve mental and physical resilience.

3. Banish the Burnout

When people feel overwhelmed by work, they can end up suffering burnout, with long-lasting effects. This condition can be caused by a perceived lack of support, unrealistic deadlines, and consistently working long hours and weekends. Holidays are one of the best antidotes to burnout.

4. Improve Team Morale

Watch your workplace culture sing, thanks to people feeling like they are respected as humans and their needs outside of work are considered important. Also, happier, healthier employees tend to stick around longer, which is great news for your staff retention.

5. Easier On The Admin

Trying to co-ordinate staff leave is never easy, but when everyone has stockpiled holidays and wants to take them all at once, that’s a nightmare. By encouraging regular holidays you’ll free up the bottleneck and make it easier to have people on deck when you need them.

6. Save Money

Accrued leave needs to be paid out when someone leaves your business, so it makes sense to encourage employees to use their entitlements during the year. And don’t forget the hidden costs of absenteeism and health issues that can be potentially avoided.

Person in smart casual clothes sits with their feet in a pond, coffee in their and and looking at phone
Person in smart casual clothes sits with their feet in a pond, coffee in their and and looking at phone
Person in smart casual clothes sits with their feet in a pond, coffee in their and and looking at phone

Two Great Ways To Make Holidays Happen

1. Flight Centre Corporate Benefits Program

This program is your ticket to accessing discounts and benefits on holidays that you can’t find anywhere else. When your business is part of this program, your employees (and you!) can access:

  • An exclusive dedicated team of experts
  • Sign up and SAVE $50* per booking 

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  • Corporate purchase of Flight Centre Gift Cards

2. Bleisure

If your team is travelling for work, why not suggest they combine it with a little personal holiday time on the side? Maybe they could chill out in their favourite city, relax on the shores of an undiscovered beach, or take in a little culture in a local museum, gallery or theatre? It’s a trend that has been growing for years, and for good reason.

So, if you’re looking to get the most out of your people, maybe you actually need them to do less. Just encourage them to take some time off and watch them come back rested and recharged!

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