48-Hours in Los Angeles

Follow Flight Centre consultant Greer Gardiner on the 48 Hour Destination as she dives headfirst into the city of Angles. Local Californian Kelly King has a jam packed itinerary and can’t wait to take Greer around the city of stars, but the catch is they only have 48 hours to experience it all. Here’s her action-packed LA itinerary to whet your appetite.


Day 1

10am, Griffith Park Observatory, Griffith Park

What better place to start the adventure than the Griffith Park Observatory, an iconic landmark that boasts some of the best views over LA. Kelly has been waiting here for Greer so they can get straight into things with a hike through Griffith Park. The girls meet up with a friend of Kelly’s – DW from Bikes & Hikes LA and his dog Tucker… this is LA after all! DW takes them through the dusty trails all the while sharing LA fun facts, his favourite hidden gems and pointing out famous landmarks.

11am, Plant Food + Wine, Venice Beach

Kelly has a tasty lunch in store for Greer, a 100% plant based restaurant in quirky Venice Beach. They sit down with Matthew Kenney, Plant Food + Wine founder, and he tells them a little about the sustainable, organic concept behind his establishment, inspired by the active LA lifestyle and warm climate. They enjoy one of the key dishes from the menu, a delicious fresh meal made straight from their garden.

12 noon, Cure Day Spa, West Hollywood

After a long flight and a busy morning, Kelly has organised a little pampering for the pair, in true LA style. She has booked them into Cure, a day spa that happens to be located in John Wayne’s old apartment, now converted into a luxurious haven. Greer is sold.

1pm, 71 Above, OUE Skyspace, Downtown LA

Downtown LA hosts the highest restaurant west of the Mississippi, and at 950 feet in the air, it certainly offers a meal with a view. Kelly and Greer dine on modern American cuisine over breathtaking views from Malibu out to Laguna Hills. After their wonderfully curated lunch, Kelly takes Greer out to the observation deck at OUE Skyspace, buttering Greer up with 360 degree views before she can realise what’s next.. a glass sky slide that wraps itself around the side of the building! The girls slip and slide and Greer can’t wipe the smile off her face.

3pm, Grand Central Market, Downtown LA

In the thriving heart of Downtown LA is a foodie mecca operates daily, serving up everything from craft beer to fresh produce, French cheese to vegan treats. The duo hit up famed Eggslut for another bite to eat, and sink their teeth into delicious eggy goodness. Next Kelly takes Greer for a stroll through historic Olvera Street, LA’s oldest street.

4pm, The Broad, Downtown LA

Hosting some of the most incredible galleries in the country, the pair head to the Broad where Trinity shows them through some of the exhibitions in all their colourful glory. Checking out some fascinating contemporary art like ‘Under the Table’ – a life-size dining setting by LA artist Robert Therrien, which makes Kelly and Greer feel like ants. They also admire the stunning ‘Tulips’ by Jeff Koon, and get lost in the experiential ‘The Infinity Room’ aka outer space.

6pm, Ace Hotel, Downtown LA

It’s time for a cocktail, so Kelly takes Greer to Up, the rooftop bar on top of the historic Ace Hotel. Located in the arts district of Downtown LA, the building was originally built in 1927 and founded by none other than 1920s icon Charlie Chaplin. They enjoy a mix of tasty tapas and a refreshing cocktail as they watch the sun set over the city.

Day 2

7am, Rooftop at W Hollywood Hotel, Hollywood

Breakfast by an enticing aqua pool on the sunny W Hollywood Hotel rooftop with city views. not a bad way to begin day 2! The pair get an early start, LA still has so much to offer.

8am, Santa Monica Trapeze School

Swinging like monkeys, the pair have taken to the skies. A stint on the ropes at the Santa Monica Trapeze course is something Greer certainly hasn’t tried before, and what a location! Sitting on the famous Santa Monica Pier, the pair swing, jump and squeal; what a way to see LA!

9am, Mojo Sailing, Venice & Santa Monica shores

The ocean is such a vital part of the LA lifestyle, so Kelly has organised Captain Jim to take the pair out on his yacht and up the picturesque coastline. It’s not long before their inner sailors are out, manning the decks, looking out port side and tying bowlines. Of course no sail is complete without a jump off the back, and the girls oblige with a refreshing splash in that glistening Californian water.

11am, Loteria Grill, Hollywood

Kelly has a tasty lunch in store for Greer – an LA institution run by Jimmy, who hails from Mexico City and originally started out with a taco stand in the local Farmers Market. His inspiration for the concept came from the ideal date back in his country, where tacos will make or break the possibility of a second date.. talk about pressure! Paired with locally sourced, fresh produce, house made tortillas and a character like Jimmy to liven things up, the rest, as they say, is history!

1pm, The Getty Centre, Los Angeles

LA’s number one cultural attraction, The Getty Centre is a museum that is free to visitors. Say no more, Greer loves a free attraction to share with her clients, especially one as notable as this. The girls meet Corey who walks them around the incredible, architectural feat of a campus, in and out of wings that each pay homage to a different era, artist or theme. J Paul Getty was the man behind the vision, a wealthy businessman who had the ability to buy up amazing art, now for the enjoyment of guests like Greer and Kelly.

4pm, Hotel Erwin, Venice Beach

It’s been a long day, time to head back to the water and enjoy those fresh sea breezes, with a refreshment of course. Hotel Erwin offers incredible views out over Venice Beach, a great spot for a sundowner as the day draws to a close.

6pm, Rooftop Cinema Club, Downtown LA

A rooftop, outdoor cinema – how LA! Kelly has organised a night for Greer at this unique outdoor movie theatre, in the heart of Downtown LA, with another friend Halima. They grab a bite to each from the street food canteen, then settle down with popcorn and wait for the blockbuster to begin.

Day 3

8am Surf lesson, Venice Beach

To kick off their final morning in LA, Kelly and Greer meet up with local Flynn and hit the beach. Kelly insisted that it’s not a trip to LA without getting onto a board at some stage, so a surf lesson awaits! Time to hang 10, get wet’n’wild and make the most out of these last few sunny LA hours.

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