Swiss International Airlines

Swiss International Airlines

IATA Code      LX

Year Founded      2002

Destinations         102

Number of aircraft in fleet        91

Headquarters        Basel, Switzerland

About Swiss International Airlines

Swiss International Airlines, most often referred to as simply ‘Swiss’, is the national airline of Switzerland. The airport hub of Swiss is Zurich Airport, while Geneva Airport is also a major base. From Zurich, Swiss offers direct flights to and from international destinations such as San Francisco, Tokyo, Sao Paulo and Singapore. In total, the airline serves more than 100 destinations in 49 countries all over the world. The Swiss fleet is made up of six different aircraft types, most from the Airbus family of aircraft, with the Boeing 777-300ER used for long-haul flights and the C-series from Bombardier used on European routes. Swiss is part of the Lufthansa Group and is also a member of Star Alliance, the world’s largest airline network.

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