The Norwegian Fjords are renowned for their haunting natural beauty and spectacular landscapes. Explore deep glacial waters shimmering in isolated mountain-fringed valleys from the comfort of your cruise liner.

Norwegian Cruise Ports


Highlights of Norwegian Fjords

A few of the highlights of cruising the Norwegian Fjords

  • A mere glimpse of Norway's breathtaking fjords is enough to explain why this is one of the world's most popular cruise destinations. The Geiranger Fjord is arguably Norway's most famous and flows past the brooding Åkerneset mountain, which towers over the valley below. The small towns of Geiranger and Hellesylt are ideal places from which to explore this UNESCO World Heritage site. A ferry connects the two towns but perhaps the best way to appreciate this vast area is by following the 'Golden Route' roadway skirting the edge of the fjord.
  • Another of Norway's most famous fjords is the Naerøy Fjord, a branch of the larger Sogne Fjord. Regarded as one of Norway's most beguiling natural heritage sites, the Naerøy Fjord is home to the picturesque village of Gudvangen. Take a trip through the engineering marvel that is the Gudvanga Tunnel to nearby Flåm, where you can enjoy breathtaking scenic views on the spectacular Flåm Railway, one of the world's steepest standard gauge railway lines.
  • While many of Norway's fjords are hauntingly isolated, the lively Hardanger Fjord has a long history of human habitation. Dotted with bustling villages and picturesque settlements, the lengthy fjord is actually the second largest in Norway. Beginning just south of the major city of Bergen, the Hardanger Fjord is one of the country's most accessible. Soak up the spectacular natural surroundings before heading ashore to experience some authentic Norwegian culture and cuisine.


Weather during the cruise season is mild to warm and the days are long and generally sunny. However in this latitude weather can change quickly and passengers should take note of the cruise line's advice on what clothes to take.