Highlights of North America

If you're keen to cruise Alaska, the Pacific North West, California and Hawaii, you'll need to depart from the west coast. Itineraries may also include forays into Canada and Mexico. Similarly, an east coast New England cruise may also include a few Canadian ports and departures from Florida generally set sail for the Caribbean. Smaller lines usually have boutique, USA-only itineraries.

A few of the highlights of cruising the USA:

  • San Francisco is a flourishing melting pot of culture, cool and charm – a significant departure point/destination for visitors keen to bask in the glow of the golden gates. The prison island Alcatraz is at the top of visitors' lists for good reason; this is also a hilly city where exercise and sight-seeing are a good (pun intended) fit.
  • San Diego was an important Spanish military post and mission prior to being acquired by the USA in 1850. Now, set just north of the border between California and Mexico, its glorious white sand beaches are a mecca for holiday makers seeking sun and rejuvination. Sea World and the San Diego Zoo are 2 of the most noteable attractions here.
  • New England puts on a glorious show in autumn as the leaves across its wild, forested areas (and city parks) turn russet and gold. A cosmopolitan spark amid the north-east coast's enticing geography is Boston, cradle of the American Revolution. Docking here – or staying for a few days – gives you the chance to experience a thriving city, known for its entrepreneurial flair and historical beauty.


The season for these cruises is Spring and Fall so the weather will be cooler. The west coast can also be wet. So warm clothes and rain gear is essential.