Premium Economy Class Flights

Flying Premium Economy is a great way to upgrade your included benefits without the price tag of a Business Class fare. With larger seats, express check-in and various other benefits depending on the airline.

At Flight Centre, our dedicated Premium Economy travel specialists can book your airfares at the best available price. Take advantage of our premium service and knowledge, and have your consultant also book your luxury accommodation and arrange your transfers, tours, travel insurance, car hire and more. For all your Premium Economy enquiries, call 1300 038 785.


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Our Premium Economy Experts

At Flight Centre, our Premium Economy Class travel specialists can arrange flights and accommodation to suit your desired travel style. While classes and services vary between airlines, most of the major airlines offer Premium Economy as a premium alternative to flying Economy Class. Check with your local consultant for more information.

What is Premium Economy?

Premium Economy flights bridge the gap between Economy cabins and Business Class comforts. Premium Economy passengers may either be seated in their own cabin, their own seating section, or in Economy cabins but with added benefits such as extra baggage, meals and more.

Benefits of Premium Economy

Premium passengers are privy to all the benefits of Economy Class as well as additional benefits and priority treatment. Seats are generally larger and can include greater recline, adjustable head or lumbar support, extra legroom and footrests. Often an upgraded economy meal is included, priority check-in, bonus frequent flyer points plus more.

Premium Economy class cabins also offer a higher standard of flight attendant care. Some flights also provide passengers with blankets, pillows, noise cancelling headphones and amenity kits to ensure the journey is as comfortable as possible. Meals, beverages and entertainment are usually complimentary.

Book your Premium Economy Flights

Premium economy flights offer the frequent traveller a practical alternative to Business Class. If you'd like more specific information about Premium Economy flights, refer to your airline for further details.

To book your Premium Economy fares or for more information, contact our Premium Economy travel experts on 1300 038 785.