Italian Treasures

13 October 2016
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From relaxed mornings to lakeside surprises, Trafalgar’s Best of Italy guided holiday was faultless, according to Travel Expert Stephanie Musolino from Flight Centre Parabanks.

What were some of the highlights of your holiday?

Watching Pope Francis talk to the crowd at Vatican City, visiting the colourful Burano Island from Venice, and having dinner at ‘Villa Il Leccio’ situated in the Chianti hills in Tuscany.

 Burano Island in Venice is a technicolour travel dream (image: Getty)

What was the most surprising moment of the trip?

It was the exclusive ‘Be My Guest’ Insider experience. On our last night, we were told to be ready in the foyer of our Lake Maggiore hotel for an incredible dinner. There was a boat waiting, which took us to a secluded island (Isola Madre, a.k.a. ‘The Mother Island’) in the middle of the lake, where Signor Telli runs his restaurant. We indulged in traditional Italian meals and enjoyed the last of each other’s company. It was a wonderful surprise.

 Get your first taste of Tuscany with a visit to Florence's fresh produce markets (image: Getty)

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Do you have any interesting or wonderful stories to share from the trip?

One amazing moment was the cooking lesson at Ristorante I Tre Pini in Florence with Chef Libero. We were able to make our own fresh pasta while tasting the local wine (Chianti) and listening to a beautiful woman sing traditional Italian songs. We then feasted on our creations and watched the sun set over the Tuscan hills. It was a day I’ll never forget!

What were your other foodie highlights?

Before our cooking lesson in Florence, we were taken to the local markets to buy our produce, which was so much fun. We also had a beautiful seafood dinner in Venice. Every meal is a highlight in Italy!

 Tuscan dreams... (image: Getty)

How did Trafalgar go above and beyond to deliver an amazing travel experience?

Our guide, Maria, was fantastic. She did everything possible to make her passengers feel comfortable and make the most of their journey. There were so many special moments and unforgettable experiences along the way. It’s a great feeling to be travelling and have everything taken care of for you.

How did your Trafalgar guided holiday differ from other tours you have been on?

There were certainly a lot more inclusions with Trafalgar, which means value for money. Some other tour companies don’t always include your day tours, and in peak season who wants to wait for four hours in a line for the Colosseum? Trafalgar make it simple and easy every day.

If you could sum up the trip in five words they would be…

Unforgettable, memorable, unique, simply amazing.

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