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23 April 2015
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When you are planning your overseas trip, don’t forget there are options beyond flying from your home port straight to your destination.

One way to turn a great trip into a dream trip comes with the multiple stops offered by a ticket around the world. Flight Centre’s Jason Dutton-Smith offers an expert view.

What Is A Round The World Flight?

Round the World flights take you, well, around the world. Instead of trying to piece together individual flights between points A, B, C and D, a Round the World flight is a seamless journey that makes its way in the one direction.

In simple terms, a Round the World ticket delivers a one-way, long-haul journey that allows multiple stops, all on the one itinerary and combined into the one fare. It's an easy option to combine multiple stops and add-ons, and fit all your travels into one journey.

 Combine Paris with LA on a Round the World flight (image: Getty)


The world is your oyster, just as long as you travel in the one direction – east or west – and return to your point of origin. Fares offer a combination of stops. You could choose one airline or an alliance, or use multiple airlines depending on where you want to go.

Prices vary depending on the number of stops. Some airfares may require you to travel over a certain number of continents with a minimum number of destinations, but – after all – this is all part of the appeal of a Round the World ticket. Pick your favourite destinations and start planning your global trek knowing a fare can be tailored to match.

Round the World is available across all cabin classes from economy, premium economy, business class and first class. Cabin class combination fares may also be available.

Why Book A Round The World Airfare?

Make the complex simple

Want to travel to America, Europe, South Africa and Asia all on the one ticket? Don't know where to start? Not sure how to find all the different flight combinations or know who flies between Johannesburg and Zanzibar?

A Round the World ticket can be as simple as three stops between Australia and Europe or seven stops covering multiple continents. Flights can be a confusing and tricky business, especially if you don't know your lay over from your stop over or transit.

A Round the World fare can make the complex simple and combine everything into one straightforward ticket with one total price. All you have to do is pack and go.

Multi cabin class combinations

Generally a Round the World airfare is in one fare class. For example all flights are in economy or all flights in business class. Depending on the carriers and direction of travel, multi-cabin tickets can be constructed.

For example, the first half of your journey to Europe could be in economy and the return half in business class. There are many combinations available and often when combined these fares can save you dollars compared to individual flights to put towards spending money!

 Add a first-class cabin on one of the legs of your journey


Frequent flyer benefits

With a combined Round the World airfare you may use multiple airlines as you jet-set across the globe. Many airlines are part of an alliance where frequent flyer benefits are reciprocal, meaning you can earn points and elusive status credits for the airline of choice.

This will need to be checked during the booking process as some restrictions may apply with some fares ineligible to earn points.

Value for money

Round the World tickets are great value for money. When compared with booking individual flights the savings can be substantial.


Generally Round the World fares are valid for up to 12 months from your date of departure. This offers flexibility if needing to change your tickets. It will depend on your carrier and the type of ticket, as well as cabin class. Check when booking.

Thousands of options

There are endless opportunities with thousands of flight and destination combinations available to suit your needs.

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What Types Of Round The World Tickets Are There?

There are several types of Round the World airfares. Many airlines belong to an alliance or have a code-share arrangement offering the flexibility of tailoring the airfares to your specific needs.

Some alliances include Star Alliance, oneworld and Sky Team, which offer a selection of carriers. Other airlines have agreements between select carriers where they code-share but still allow all flights to be booked on one ticket.

Alliance tickets

Most of the three major alliance groups have certain restrictions or rules for Round the World tickets. These generally include travel in one direction and the fare is calculated as the number of miles shown and the country of origin.

With Star Alliance, for example, the fare is calculated by miles flown up to 29,000, 34,000 and 39,000 miles with a maximum of 15 stops in all. This can vary by alliance.

 Choose the right Round the World ticket for you (image: Getty)


Code-share flight agreements

Some airlines have a code-share agreement which allows travel on their aircraft even if booked by another carrier. These reciprocal agreements apply to airlines such as Virgin Australia, which has code-share arrangements with airlines including Virgin Atlantic, Virgin America, Delta, Singapore, Air New Zealand and Etihad.

Air passes

Air passes can be combined for travellers extending their stay within a particular country or continent. Passes are available for up to 10 flight sectors. For example you could purchase a Star Alliance Asia Airpass and choose from up to 50 destinations across India, China, Japan and Cambodia, all for one set ticket price separate to your Round the World ticket.

What Types Of Itineraries Are Available?

Have you always wanted to live large in Hollywood? Or trek the islands of the Galapagos? Perhaps find your inner beast on an African safari? Whatever your desires, a Round the World airfare affords you the freedom to travel where and when you want.

There are two main options to selecting the airfare. First is a predetermined route from your travel consultant. Second is a tailor-made option where you decide your direction and destinations.

How much time do I need?

How long you stop in each destination is totally up to you. Most itineraries permit any amount of time in one destination.

Here are three itineraries we recommend to get you started:

(Examples ex Sydney)

5-stop Safari, Summits and Seas

Stopping in Vancouver, Munich, Barcelona, Capetown, Johannesburg

6-stop Alps to the Andes

Stopping in Bangkok, Zurich, Milan, Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires, Santiago

7-stop Urban Style Traveller

Stopping in Singapore, Dubai, Barcelona, London, New York, Los Angeles, Honolulu

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