Flights to Cook Islands

In the middle of the Pacific Ocean lie the pristine and laid-back Cook Islands. Think mountains, dense jungles and sparkling beaches – flights to the Cook Islands will take you to an island paradise like no other.

What to know before you fly to Cook Islands?

Flights to the Cook Islands all land on Rarotonga, the country's largest island (but still a tiny speck compared to say Fiji). Raratonga is home to an incredibly diverse array of scenery, from the crystal clear waters of Muri Lagoon to the untouched wilderness of the Takitumu Conservation Area. The beauty and diversity of Raratonga is such that you could easily fill your entire holiday just on this island.

The second most visited island, Aitutaki, is also not to be missed. The island and its neighbouring islets surround an electric blue lagoon that really has to be seen to be believed. The island's star attraction, Tapuaetai (One Foot Island), offers the best possible vantage point for the lagoon. From Tapuaetai you can also walk right out into the lagoon on a sand bar when the tide is low.

Another unique experience awaits on the less-visited island of Atiu. Here you'll find the Anatakitaki Cave, a kilometre-long underground cave decorated with numerous stalactites and stalagmites. The cave is partially filled by a freshwater lake, providing some fantastic underground swimming opportunities.

Perhaps as valuable to the Cook Islands as its beautiful scenery are the friendly and welcoming locals. You can be sure every local will greet with you a warm smile and a laid-back attitude that will make it almost impossible not to relax and unwind while in the Cook Islands.

Airports in the Cook Islands

Flights from Australia to the Cook Islands disembark at Rarotonga International Airport (RAR). Rarotonga International Airport (RAR) is the main international gateway to the Cook Islands. The airport is located 3km west of the downtown area on the northern coast, in the district of Avarua.