Flights to Las Vegas

You know you’re in for a good time if you’re booking flights to Las Vegas. The glitzy casino city in the desert knows how to turn on the glamour in many forms, from luxury hotels to fabulous shows and designer restaurants and bars.

What to know before you fly to Las Vegas?

As the entertainment capital of the world, there are perhaps more things to do in this city than any destination you’ve visited before. Your flights to Las Vegas will bring you to a dazzling, neon, 24/7 town, and here are few things to keep in mind: Tipping is a widely expected custom across the United States and a tip may vary between 15 and 20% of your pre-tax bill. In Las Vegas, it’s customary to also tip taxi drivers and tour guides.

You’ll need to purchase a US electrical adaptor before you depart, and if you’re planning on gambling at the casinos, it might be worth brushing up on some casino ‘lingo’ so you don’t miss any tips or tricks!

Airports in Las Vegas

You know you’re in Las Vegas when you arrive to find over 1,000 poker machines (slot machines) at at the airport. McCarran International Airport (LAS) is the primary commercial airport servicing Las Vegas, located about 8km south of the downtown area. A taxi ride from Las Vegas Airport to hotels on The Strip will set you back about AU$16 to AU$23, with the fare to a downtown hotel coming in at about $7 more. Shuttle buses from hotels are also readily available.