Virgin Australia's New Fares For You

1 September 2016
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Words by Carlie Tucker

Virgin Australia has announced their new Fares For You fare structure to offer customers more “choice, value and flexibility” when booking flights. This new structure goes into effect on September 7 with an aim to provide a wide rage of fares across all domestic and international routes.

Fares For You was created to ensure that each Virgin Australia fare type features a consistent and more tailored product, while providing a range of options for both corporate and leisure travellers. All passengers can expect to receive the same level of service, with domestic passengers continuing to enjoy complimentary food, baggage and entertainment across all fare types. 

The new structure will introduce nine new fare types, providing greater control over inclusions:

Economy fare types:

  • Getaway - The lowest fare for passengers with solid travel dates
  • Elevate - Offers passengers the flexibility and option to explore if travel plans change
  • Freedom - Full flexibility for guests to accommodate any last minute travel changes

In addition to the above mentioned Economy fares, those flying on Trans Tasman and short haul international flights in Economy can choose from two further options: 

  • Go - For passengers with solid travel dates and no checked baggage
  • Go Plus - For passengers that need checked baggage but want to save on other extras they don’t need

Premium Economy fare types:

  • Premium Saver - Provides outstanding value for passengers with solid travel dates
  • Premium - Provides more flexibility 

Business fare types:

  • Business Saver - Provides style and comfort for passengers with solid travel dates
  • Business - Provides style and comfort for passengers who need full flexibility

The Fare For You structure also includes the new Advance Seat Preference system, which includes a seat selection fee for selected fare brands on selected markets before the check-in window opens. These fares include:

  • Domestic: Getaway
  • Trans Tasman: Go
  • International Short Haul: Go, Go Plus, Getaway
  • International Long Haul: Getaway

The Advance Seat Preference system only applies on seat selection prior to the check-in window. If you select your seat within the check-in window (48 hours prior to your flight), seat selection will remain free of charge for all passengers. Charges also do not apply to Gold and Platinum Velocity members who are able to select their seat at any time prior to departure free of charge.  

Virgin Australia has also announced the addition of the Economy Space+ cabin for passengers seeking a bit more room on all domestic, short haul international and long haul international flights. This new designated seating is in addition to existing Premium Economy cabins. It allows passengers such additional perks as a designated check-in counter, priority boarding, a preferred overhead locker and extra legroom. Those flying long haul will also be treated to a guaranteed first meal choice and premium noise-cancelling headset.

Economy Space+ is available on the following Virgin Australia aircraft:

  • B777 (long haul international): first five rows behind Premium Economy as well as exit rows
  • A330-200: Row 28 (exit row)
  • B737-800: Row 13 and 14 (exit rows)
  • E190: Row 11 (exit row)
  • F100: Rows 12 and 13 (exit rows)
  • ATR72: Row 1

All fares purchased prior to 7 September will fall under existing fare rules for travel and the first change or cancellation. Any further changes will be subject to the new Fare For You structure. For any queries or concerns, please contact your dedicated FCBT Travel Manager. With keen insight into your business, they can recommend the fare that best suits your business travel needs.




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