Insta-Adventure: Jason & Emilie At The Shangri-La Paris

6 October 2016
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Ah, the City of Light. It’s hard to think of a more romantic place. Our fave Instagrammers, @helloemilie and @jasoncharleshill, had the great good fortune to stay at the 5-star Shangri-La Paris – once home to Napoleon Bonaparte’s nephew, Prince Roland Bonaparte – where the only thing more stunning than the hotel is the view of the Eiffel Tower. Here Jason and Emilie share their thoughts on the Shangri-La Paris and the wonders of the French capital.

What was your first impression of the Shangri-La Paris?

Our first impressions were ‘Wow!’. It was one of the most luxurious and grand hotel experiences we have shared together.

Was it truly like Shangri-La – an earthly paradise?

It completely was and more! As soon as we walked through the doors it was like stepping into a palace.

What was your room like?

Our room was beautifully styled with a mixture of Parisian and Asian influence. The bathroom was a highlight – just imagine having a bath with the Effiel Tower right outside the window.

What was the view from your room like?

It was a view like no other, one we never expected and one we will never forget. The Eiffel Tower was right outside our window. Each night we fell asleep watching the glowing lights of one of the most beautifully iconic symbols in the world.

Did you check out any of the on-site facilities?

We had tea and macaroons in the Shangri-La gardens, where we shared a view of the Effiel tower, surrounded by beautiful roses and greenery.

What was your favourite aspect of your stay?

The hotel as a whole was amazing, from the welcoming staff, to the beautiful hotel and rooms, but it’s the view over Paris and, of course, the Eiffel Tower we enjoyed from the comfort of our room that we will always remember.

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Why is the hotel a good base for exploring Paris?

The hotel is really close to all the famous places we had always dreamt about seeing in Paris. We walked down the Champs-Elysees, across the Seine river and over to the Eiffel Tower all in a short afternoon.

What else did you do in Paris?

We visited Montmartre, an old part of town enriched with the feel of Paris 20 to 30 years ago. It’s such a beautiful little place. After dining in one of the small restaurants, we headed out to wander through the cobblestone streets and watch the local artists paint. Afterwards, we headed towards the famous Sacré-Coeur basilica overlooking Paris.

What made your heart sing in Paris?

Paris is wonderful in so many ways. It has a feeling that can only be experienced when there. It’s a place you learn about when you’re a kid, it’s on everyone’s list of destinations to visit and there is a reason why. The beautiful architecture mixed with the flavour of the local Parisian culture are infectious in a way that makes you feel alive. And just by walking the streets and taking it all in, Paris can make your heart sing.

What was your favourite meal in Paris?

You can eat yourself silly in Paris with endless great dining options, from high-end restaurants to cute little hole-in-the-wall cafes but sometimes it’s the simple meals you remember the most. We headed down to the local deli and sourced some ingredients for a picnic meal overlooking the Eiffel tower … how can you top that?

Is Paris best by day or night? Why?

Paris is beautiful at any time but our favourite would have to be sunset and watching the city turn into night. Seeing the light of the sun fade and the city lights of Paris start to sparkle is something everyone should experience once in their lives.

What was the most unusual thing you saw?

After exploring the city for most of the day, we decided to take a bike taxi to the Eiffel Tower to see the sunset and, to our luck, we stumbled upon a movie set that had transformed the area into a 1950s era. It was like we had stepped back in time and it was amazing to see first hand.

What’s your best Paris travel tip?

If you have limited time and can only see one sunset, you have to visit the Arc de Triomphe! It seriously has the best view of Paris all the way down the Champs-Elysees across to the Eiffel Tower. Go for the sunset and stay for the light show of Paris.

What was the best thing to photograph?

This may sound cliched but it has to be the Eiffel Tower! Being so big and you can basically see it from all over Paris, which gives you so many great opportunities to catch a unique perspective on the beautiful tower.

Next up: Jason and Emilie explore the French Alps.

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