A Topdeck European Trip - Simply Tops

18 April 2011
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Flight Centre staff member Jenny is currently living it up on a European Topdeck trip. She has emailed us a note and some photos from the trip so far to share with you. Jenny emailed this post from Switzerland overnight. Chances are she has probably arrived in the 'City of Love' by now AKA Paris.


I am having a wonderful time on my trip around Europe with Topdeck! I arrived a few days ago have seen so much already. I have travelled from Frankfurt to Munich with a quick stop at Dachau concentration camp along the way. Yesterday I travelled from Munich to Switzerland with a stop in a beautiful town called Lucerne, as well as an unscheduled stop in Lichtenstein (one of the smallest countries in Europe)! We ended up in Lauterbrunnen which is where I am now, wearing every item of clothing from in my bag.

The team at Topdeck who I am travelling with are excellent. The team is on the road for months on end and the bus becomes their permanent residence. They have such a strong passion for their jobs and the countries they travel to. Of course the team is  very knowledgeable and can pass on some 'local's knowledge'. If you have travelled to a foreign country before you will appreciate how much more enjoyable a trip can be when you come across some local knowledge. Those of you who haven’t, take our word for it! I feel like I am on a road trip travelling with a group of friends rather than an arranged tour (definitely doesn't feel like school camp!).

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