Top New York City Movie Moments

31 January 2013
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There really is no place in the world quite like New York. With globally recognised icons and a constant cultural buzz on the streets, New York has long been a favourite backdrop for film makers. And why shouldn't it be? With the romance of Central Park in winter, the comedy of Broadway theatrics and the action amidst a sea of taxis, New York is a cinematographer's dream.

Imagine your name in lights and take a bite of the Big Apple with our top New York movie moments.

New York City Skyline The New York City Skyline

Breakfast at Tiffany's
Who better to deliver an ode to the glamour of New York City than style icon Audrey Hepburn? After a night on the town, grab your morning pastry and coffee and indulge in the epitome of window shopping outside Tiffany and Co. Ms Hepburn brings Truman Capote's character to life as a Manhattan socialite, quirky, vulnerable and a lover of the finer things in life - like the thrills of the New York's East Side. Leave your introversion at the door, put on your finest LBD and treat yourself to a delicious breakfast at Tiffany's.

Sleepless in Seattle
Don't let the title fool you, New York plays a big role in this timeless ‘90s rom-com. Sleepless in Seattle is a tale of two cities and two serendipitous lovers with the crescendo taking place atop the Empire State Building. There is an underlying homage in this film, which was inspired by the classic An Affair to Remember where Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr's characters were also destined to meet at the Empire State. Take a lift up to the observation deck of Manhattan's most famous edifice and channel your inner Tom Hanks for your own Sleepless in Seattle moment.

Fame holds a special place as a 1980s cult classic, offering a no holds barred dance off for the film's title number. Chronicling the lives of talented teenagers searching for their big break, Fame has been reworked, revisited and relived throughout the decades but it all comes back to that one show-stopping street dance. Head to Times Square to catch a theatre show where real life New York High School of Performing Arts graduates could be lighting up the stage. And while we wouldn't recommend stopping midtown traffic, if your choreography is up to scratch you can always join a New York City flash mob and dance like you're gonna live forever.

Wall Street
New York always has its finger on the pulse and nowhere highlights this more than the financial district's heart, Wall Street. The late ‘80s film of the same name offers a peek inside the lives of the unscrupulous power magnates with a poignant look at the bigger picture. Wall Street has witnessed the changes of a nation on the rollercoaster ride known as the New York Stock Exchange. Running from Broadway to South Street, the area itself is rich with history, not just stocks! Wall Street has a personality all its own and a highly addictive atmosphere. Suit up and make your way through the throngs of frantic bankers and brokers reminiscent of one Bud Fox.

When Harry Met Sally
Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan gave a very memorable (and vocal) performance at Katz's Delicatessen in this Nora Ephron classic. Delis in New York are what laneways are to Melbourne - a calling card of the city meaning your holiday is not complete without a visit to one. However, there is only one deli where you can go to re-enact the scene and, if you give it your all, earn a hearty cheer from the staff. Bring your appetite and bravado to Katz's Delicatessen on the Lower East Side and take a seat at the very table graced by Harry and Sally. To "have what she's having" order the colossal pastrami sandwich.

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