How to Visit Sardinia, Italy on a Budget (Expert Guide)

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Published 18 June 2024


Welcome to Sardinia – a small island just off the coast of Italy that’s known for its stunning beaches, beautiful natural landscapes, quaint coastal towns and mouthwatering cuisine. With so much to offer, Sardinia is perfect for everyone – especially if you’re on a budget! 

Content creators & travel experts, Tegan Phillipa & Ned Kelly recently spent a few days visiting Sardinia, Italy. While they were there, they took us along with them as they explored some of the cutest little towns and shared some of their favourite budget travel tips!

Check out all the action:

Budget Accommodation Tips

One way to save money while travelling is to make sure you book accommodation that has a working fridge and kitchenette. This is a great way to travel on a budget because it means you can make your own meals and don't have to spend as much money eating out for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

If you book somewhere that has a fridge, you can make your own breakfast! - Tegan Phillipa
Tegan Phillipa, Content Creator

Another great tip is to book early and choose your accommodation wisely. Booking last minute will mean less choice - because everyone has already snapped up any great deals on offer! Plan your trip in advance and get in early so you can get the right accommodation for your budget!

Looking out from a balcony. The balcony is a tan colour with curtains blowing in the wind. Over the balcony, stunning green mountains can be seen.
Looking out from a balcony. The balcony is a tan colour with curtains blowing in the wind. Over the balcony, stunning green mountains can be seen.
Looking out from a balcony. The balcony is a tan colour with curtains blowing in the wind. Over the balcony, stunning green mountains can be seen.

Budget Food Tips

Another way to save money on food while visiting Sardinia, and any other destination, is to travel with a pop-up kettle! You can get them from camping stores and you can use them to prepare a whole bunch of meals on a budget. They are also easy to transport because they just pop up and pop down.

One of the items Tegan and Ned always travel with is a pop-up kettle. Not only can it be used to make coffee, it can also be used for two-minute noodles, oats, eggs and so much more! 

Budget coffee time... Our [pop-up] kettle and a bit of Blend 43!
Ned Kelly, Content Creator

Another way to save money while you travel is to head to the local supermarket and grab yourself some groceries so that you can cook your own meals at your accommodation.

To save money one night, Tegan and Ned had some left-over gluten free pasta for dinner that they had prepared the night before. They added some Greek feta and left-over olives to create a cheap but delicious alternative.

A bowl of homemade pasta with assorted vegetables
A bowl of homemade pasta with assorted vegetables
A bowl of homemade pasta with assorted vegetables

Budget Transportation Tips

When travelling on a budget, it is a good idea to think about how you are going to get around your destination ahead of time. This can allow you to find the best option for your budget and save you money.

When it comes to getting around Sardinia, there are several options to choose from. Sardinia is a big island, and it takes about four to five hours to get from one side to the other, so it is important to consider your options. Hiring a rental car is a great option for flexibility and convenience - just be sure to book in advance so you can get the best price. You can also use public transport such as buses or hire a scooter (however the terrain can be quite challenging - so we recommend you be a confident scooter/motorbike rider).

In our personal opinion, hiring a car, I think is the best option [for getting around Sardinia] and my hot tip would definitely be to pre-organise hiring the car.
Tegan Phillipa, Content Creator

Top Budget-Friendly Destinations In Sardinia


First up, is a town called Castelsardo which is located on the north-west side of the island. It's a cute little town with rainbow buildings on top of a cliff face. You can also climb to the top of the cliff face where you'll find a castle. The castle is only five euros to enter and offers some of the most stunning views you'll find.

Spiaggia Delle Vacche

If you're looking for a beautiful place to go that has a bunch of stunning beaches - then you must visit Spiaggia Delle Vacche. Pack yourself some lunch, find a spot and enjoy all the sights in this magical location.

Hot tip, don't wear platform Crocs.
Tegan Phillipa, Content Creator

Cala Luna

If you do decide to hire a boat or head out on a tour, one of the places you must visit is Cala Luna. The area is famous for a series of stunning caves dotted along the shoreline. Cala Luna is a breathtaking sight.

If you are planning to visit Cala Luna during your trip, Tegan and Ned's advice is to get there as early as possible. The local ferry stops here which means it can often get quite busy!

Grotta Del Fico

Grotta Del Fico is a system of caves that you can enter and explore for around 10 euros per person. The area is only accessible by boat, and there's a guy who hangs around the front on a boat and he will come by, pick you up and take you into the dock.

While Tegan and Ned, unfortunately, did not have time to have a look around - they have heard that it's amazing inside and recommended checking it out!

Cala Mariolu

Cala Mariolu looks like something straight out of a movie and is a must-see if you are visiting Sardinia. The area is breathtakingly beautiful and is the perfect place to come to if you are looking for a beach day.


Sardinia is filled with beautiful small towns - and S'Archittu on the west coast is up there as one of the best. S'Archittu translates to 'small arch' in English and got its name from a small naturally formed rock arch. The arch is a popular spot for swimming and jumping.

Rumour has it, you can jump off the arch... which I'm going to do right now!
Ned Kelly, Content Creator


Cagliari is the iconic capital city of Sardinia. This over 5,000-year-old city is the perfect final stop if you are looking to finish your Sardinia trip on a high!

We have just arrived at sunset, but I wish we had more time here because this city is so beautiful... and I know there's so much to see and do here!
Tegan Phillipa, Content Creator

If you are looking for something to eat in Cagliari on a budget, we highly recommend visiting La Piccola Pizzetta, where you can grab yourself a slice of pizza for just 2.40 euros. But don't stress if you're looking for some more traditional food - they also have a range of pastas for you to try!

Budget Activity Tips

Beach Hopping

In Italy, it can sometimes seem as if gorgeous beaches are as common as gelato - but the beaches of Sardinia stand out as particularly bellissima. If you're exploring Sardinia on a budget, then a couple of beach days are a must!

Sardinia is home to a bunch of free beaches that provide the perfect backdrop for a lazy day. From relaxing on the white sand beaches to cooling off in the clear turquoise water during the summer months - you'll find your bliss.

Rent A Boat

One of the best ways to explore Sardinia on a budget is to hire a boat. This is a cost effective way to experience Sardinia and see all the sights this beautiful island has to offer. If you are looking to get out on the water, then one of the best places to go is Cala Gonone. You can either get on a ferry, rent a boat, or even hire a skipper to take you around the island. have to... get on a boat... it's just one of those places that has to be seen to be believed.
Tegan Phillipa, Content Creator

Final Thoughts

If you are looking to travel on a budget, then you really can't go past Sardinia, Italy. With a bunch of free activities to do, a bunch of great beaches, cute little towns and stunning natural scenery - Sardinia could provide a cheaper alternative to Greece & Spain for tourists on a budget.

Feeling inspired to visit Sardinia? Book your holiday today!

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