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Topdeck Travel

Wondering why you should let Topdeck lead the way? More like, why the heck not! If you think of yourself as fun-loving and up for a bit of adventure, then they’re the crew for you. And besides, it’s the classic Aussie choice! For over 40 years, they’ve been making travel not just possible, but easy for keen 18 to 30 year-olds – from checking out the epic sights of Morocco to standing on the edge of the Grand Canyon and taking in the incredible cities of Europe in summer and in snow. 


Topdeck Travel is a household name when it comes to memorable travel experiences for the 18-30 something age group. Founded out of London in 1973 when an Aussie by the name of Graham (Skroo) Turner organised a double-decker bus trip to Morocco. Now, 40 years later, the Topdeck ethos for fun and adventure lives on.


Why travel with Topdeck

  • Heaps of free time in tours
  • More meals and inclusions
  • No hidden costs
  • 40 years of experience
  • Inside local knowledge and tips


Popular Topdeck Tours

  • Coast to Vegas (10 days)
  • Egypt, Jordan & Israel (19 days)
  • Discover Winter (20 days)\
  • Kenya to Cape Town (43 days)\
  • Grand Kiwi (17 days)


High adventure the world over

Topdeck trip types include camping, festivals, sailing, skiing, gap years, safaris and more. Tours range from four days to 49 days, covering Europe, Africa, North America, Australia, New Zealand and the Middle East. Topdeck employs the help of expert local guides to share their local knowledge with you, ensuring a unique experience wherever you go.
Do you want to ski in the Austrian Alps? Make new friends at Oktoberfest in Munich? Sail through the Greek Islands? Discover the beauty of the Baltic or stand on the edge of the Grand Canyon? Travelling with Topdeck is about hassle-free travel with like-minded people, complimented by a responsible and passionate crew who have travelling down to a fine art.


Europe and beyond

Choose a multi-destination tour through every inch of Europe, covering the cuisine, history, culture and nightlife of 20 different countries. Or, set out on an American road trip that will take you from 'sea to shining sea' with stops in Texas, New Orleans and Memphis just to name a few. 
You’ll be treated to plenty of free time, good food and the choice of three-star hotels, camping or hostel accommodation. You could even end up sleeping on a yacht, in a castle or a bungalow.  No matter what or where you decide, know that with Topdeck it’s all about you.


Did you know...

  • Topdeck uses local and family-run services whenever possible