48 Hour Destination - Berlin



Greer is off to Germany's thriving, cosmopolitan capital city, Berlin, where she meets up with fellow Flight Centre consultant and Berlin expert, Felicity. 

Starting at the iconic Brandenburger Tor, the pair get stuck into things fast and explore the city in a genuine East Berlin Trabi. Over the following 48 hours, they visit the Berlin Wall Memorial, Museum Island, taste traditional German food and even manage to make time to stop by the David Hasselhoff Museum...when in Berlin!



Day 1

10am Brandenburger Tor

Greer is super excited! It’s her first time in Germany. Local expert Felicity suggested that the pair meet at one of Berlin’s most iconic monuments – the Brandenburger Tor.



10:30am Trabi Safari

Felicity has a very traditional tour planned first up for Greer, seeing the sites of the city in an East German trabi, a resorted car from the 1960’s. They drive around the sunny city, checking out landmarks, the beautiful gardens and greenery, and of course check out the East Side Gallery, before heading to the Berlin Wall Memorial.


11:30am Berlin Wall Memorial

Here the pair meets, Sera who takes them on a historic journey of the Berlin Wall.  From the last remaining part of the wall, to some of the memorials that have been constructed, and the green areas that now play homage to the victims of the wall, Sera’s tour provides Greer with great insight into the city’s recent history.


1pm Distrikt Mot, Vietnamese Street Food, Berlin Mitte

Felicity explains that surprisingly, Vietnamese cuisine is BIG in Berlin. While it’s a little unexpected for Greer, lunch at quirky District Mot certainly turns out to be a fantastic suggestion! Felicity explains that the Vietnamese eatery has won 4 different awards for their signature burger which is a yeast rice bao bun surrounding a beef patty, pickled vegetables, coriander, soy bean skin and topped with a savoury caramelized fish sauce. Delish!


3pm Woop Woop Ice Cream, Berlin Mitte

Time for a sweet treat! The girls stop by this unique ice cream store, where the daily flavours and selected add ins are whipped up into a single service of ice cream right in front of them, using liquid nitrogen.



3:30pm Walking Tour, Berlin Mitte

Conveniently, Felicity has planned a little walking, after all their feasting! The girls walk through the streets of Berlin via Alexanderplatz, the impressive TV tower and town hall and the Neptun Fountain en route to their next location - Museum Island.


4pm Neues Museum, Museum Island

The pair approach and admire a collection of buildings that Felicity explains are actually five individual museums. Felicity has elected the “Neues Museum” (New Museum) where they meet Vera Blumenthal who guides them around, explaining the museum’s artefacts which include some of the most extensive Egyptian and prehistoric collections. A highlight in the museum is the bust of Nefertiti which leaves them both quite speechless.


6pm Hackesche Hoefe, Berlin Mitte

Greer and Felicity stop by this quirky, colourful alleyway that is filled with grungy graffiti. They enjoy a quick drink, before making their way to dinner.


8pm Kopps Restaurant

Felicity has planned a dinner to give Greer a little insight into Berlin’s booming vegan scene. She explains that Kopps is a restaurant that prides itself on sustainable eating, local ingredients and ultimately ‘making vegetables sexy’, Greer is in! The pair enjoy a modern take on traditional German cuisine in elegant surrounds. What a way to dine!


10pm Vienna House Andel’s Berlin

One last little stop for the day, to make the most of the late European summer sunsets. Felicity takes Greer to Skybar Berlin for cocktails that she promises are unlike any other, and that’s exactly what mixologist Fabian serves up. Sunset, cocktails and a view, what a way to finish day 1!



Day 2

8am Speedminton Game, Parliament House

To start the day Felicity challenges Greer to a quick match of Speedminton, a popular game among locals.


9am Charlotte & Fritz, Regent Hotel

The girls enjoy a relaxing breakfast of waffles, muesli, fresh berries and the famous Eggs Benedict at this beautiful restaurant, before taking on day 2. Felicity insists that while she is there Greer must try a latte macchiato, her favourite!


11am Boat Cruise, Potsdam to Wannsee

Tme for some sight-seeing – from the water!  The pair make their way out to Potsdam where they meet captain Herr Winkler who takes them on the river Spree through to Wannsee. They pass the spy bridge that was used to transport spices during the Cold War, as well as beautiful historic Villas, bridges and lakes.



3pm Urban Adventures Walking Food Tour, Kreuzberg

Greer and Felicity meet up with Petra from Urban Adventures, at her favourite currywurst spot in town. From there, the three walk through charming streets of Wrangelkiez, tasting their way through local classics and modern multicultural fare. They stop by a traditional pub for a true German beer and finish up soaking in the aromas of a typical Turkish spice shop, tasting freshly roasted nuts, dried fruits, sweets and Turkish teas.


6pm Simon-Dach-Strasse

Felicity takes Greer to Simon-Dach-Strasse so they can enjoy a drink where old-school Berliners mingle with hipsters, gourmands, and punk rockers. She explains that the crowds on Simon-Dach-Straße could not be more colourful, so they sit back and take in the atmosphere.


8pm David Hasselhoff Museum, Circus Hostel

On the way home, Felicity takes Greer on a little detour past the Circus Hostel, which is home to a little David Hasselhoff Museum.. when in Berlin! The girls have some fun taking a few selfies in this fun little space, dedicated to the Hoff.


Day 3

7am Dragon’s Mountain

To bring in the last morning, the girls head up to Dragon’s Mountain, to take in the views over the city, and of Teufelsberg, known as ‘Devil's Mountain’ where an old spy station still stands. The man-made hill was named after the Teufelssee (Devil's lake) and during the Cold War, there was a U.S. listening station on the hill, Field Station Berlin.


8am Gendarmenmarkt Square

The girls sit and enjoy a coffee and cakes in one of Berlin’s most historic squares where Felicity reveals the last item on their agenda – a tour of the city by air. Hitting the skies above in a helicopter is something Felicity has never done before, and she can’t wait!


9am Helicopter Tour of Berlin

They set off in style, enjoying a limousine escort, before taking to the air to see the city from above. Felicity is bursting with excitement while Greer watches on, taking in all the ground they have covered over the past two days.


10am Reflection

Walking down a footbridge looking back at the city,  Greer and Felicity reflect on all the new and incredible experiences they have both enjoyed in Berlin.







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